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    Running 2 nature healers in a raid has always in general been taboo for the DCUO community. It has limitations based on powers overlapping and overwriting each other. I believe i've solved this problem for the most part. I've been stuck in the dual NH raids a few times and through coordination with the other healers i've learned how to effectively exsist with other nature healers.

    Tip one : Blosom is a no no 99% of the time. If you heal by casting SG, Metab or Xpolly clipped with blosom you will really put a hurting on both healer's output and the trollers as well. Only use blosom in extreme situations and call it out to give the other healer a heads up.

    Tip two : Hive mind and swarm shield in both healers loadouts easily make blosom unnecessary if both healers can take turns and call out when using these two powers a lot of super healing and damage protection can be kept up almost indefinitely.

    Tip three : Xpolly and bloom. If you are only going to use blosom when things get scary, why not have as many stacks of pheramones up as possible. I'm handy with bloom so i usually let the other healer take Xpolly. Try to steer away from harvest because if i remember correctly, harvest and metabo actually share a pheramone slot instead of counting as 2 seperate slots (If i'm wrong i know SORE will bring it to light). I like using bloom because you can jump out of it if you have to while still leaving a layer of pheramones behind. If you are good with your timing then bloom is a powerful low power heal and tends to fill the whole group's health when it pops.

    Tip four : Supercharges. It's dependent on your playstyle so do what you want in that regard. I personally havent used Regeneration in a long time. Haven't needed it TBH. It is up to the individual weather or not to run Regen. One healer can run blosom & the other Regen if that's your thing.

    I ran Vengence like this about 2 months ago and even though the other healer had way les stats than me, the team never once had to worry about their health. In fact the tank complimented us both and said his mind was changed about dual NH raids and Ops.

    Well, that's basically it. Hopefully these tips can help some people dispell the myth that dual nature healing is impossible and a few less nature healers will be kicked from group before the raid even starts.

    P.S. How not to dual nature heal a raid : Tonight in FOS 1 i was stuck with a blosom spammer. He mainly used SG clipped with blosom and metabo clipped with blosom. The result were his healing out was twice as much as mine (dirty pheramone theif) and lots of random players going down when they shouldn't have. Needless to say, i'm glad i got outta there.

    So if you guys have anymore tips on the subject i'd love to hear from you.
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