Dps vs heal gearing

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  1. Stormisshaman New Player

    Just curious if other find it easier to heal in dps gear or dps in heal gear. I am a new player using electric and i dont have the resources yet to roll two gear sets.
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    A DPS in Healer gear will do trash damage. A Healer in DPS gear will do trash heals. If you don't want to obtain gear for both roles than pick 1 role and stick with it.
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  3. Berza Committed Player

    I have plenty of experience in what is called battle healing, which is mainly healing with dps gear and using weapons (electric has not damage+heal powers that perform good), and my advice is don't do it unless you have a lot of SP (400 minimum), you have a combination of artifacts on 160+, a lot of experience at healing and you are running content that is not hard. Never run raids as battle healer unless you are not the only healer or everyone in group is 80-100 cr points above recommended. Don't run alerts if you are the only role or everyone is at least 50 cr points overgeared. As TheLorax pointed above your heal will be almost trash, and you will stress a lot with low reward, not too much faster because your damage won't be really high.
    But I won't try to make you forget the idea, it's really fun when you are able to do it.
  4. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    focus on what you plan on doing in group instances.

    if you enjoy healing focus on being a healer and get healer gear first. you may be dealing less damage in dps mode but for open world stuff and solo missions you should be fine. attune weaker drops to dps and swap them out when you dps.

    if you enjoy dpsing focus on that. tune weaker drops to healer and swap them out if youre group needs a healer n a pinch.

    if you dont have an armory make sure to set both roles loadouts. may not be as handy as an armory but when you hit up on the d pad to switch roles youll be partially ready. you wont be able to respec skill points for your off role but the only thing youll have to do is quikly swap out some gear.

    keep in mind youll probably go further as a healer in group instances as there is more of a demand. dps are a dime a dozen...or ten bucks if you fotm.
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  5. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    No resources? Even a F2P has enough inventory space to house the gear:
    - 28 slots in main inventory.
    - 12 Bank slots, housing non-tradeable Nth metal.
    - 9 Shared Bank slots housing non-tradeable Nth metal.

    A full set of support takes up 14 slots. You can't place your support gear (already attuned) in Shared Bank, but you can keep in Bank or Main Inventory. So 28+12-14 = 26 slots left for other things.

    For Artifacts, you don't have to get the full set of Support Artifacts. You could have 4 Artifacts (Solar Amp, Soul Cloak, Gemini and something else). You can get by on Soul Cloak and Gemini for Support role.

    If you only have 1 Armory, you can still get by. Just set that Armory for a full Support role spec. After that, you respec to a full DPS spec. If and when you deem it necessary or want to go into Support role, switch to your Armory. After you finish said content, then respec when you need or want to go into DPS role.

    If its Nth metal resources, then you have to hoard all available Nth metal always and only fortify when:
    - there is Double Artifact XP weekend.
    - you are running out of inventory space on your inventory alts (if you are Premium or Member).

    If its about Seals, you can kinda get by on fortifying without using Seals (Preservation or Completion) up to Rank 120. You just need to invest a lot more game time to have enough Source Marks. Any fortification from Rank 140 onwards basically needs Seals of Completion, because using Seals of Preservation for Rank 140 and onwards is not worth it.

    If you want to dps, then dps, and invest your Nth Metal/Seals etc for DPS only. You can still keep a set of Support gear for emergency situations.

    If you want to heal, then heal and invest your Nth Metal/Seals etc for Healer only. You can still keep a set of DPS gear for situations where the dps is just absolute trash.

    Once you can dps at a competent/effective level, then being a Battle Support is only about investing more game time so you have sufficient SP to have a proper Battle Support spec.
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  6. myandria Item Storage

    I dont have 2 sets of gear for any of my toons; I prefer to play roles. For example, all of my healers only have healer gear. When I use them, my toons will be in healer role when I join a group/PUG raids. When I queue for solo, event missions, seasonal event missions, work alone in the open world or queue for a duo (unless I am asked nicely to switch to healer) then my toons will be in DPS role with healer gear on. I compensate for the lack of damage with pets to help get through the mobs. DPS players are a dollar a fortnight and many are very *competitive* about the leader board. For me, it is not worth the headache to obtain and use DPS gear.

    It is easier and cheaper if you pick one role and stick to it.

    "Roll" for two sets of gear? How do you do that? I thought all you had to do was pick the non-role gear from the gear box rewards or choose the non-role (DPS) gear from the vendor.
  7. Brit Loyal Player

    I only do one set of gear (whatever role I prefer playing) until I reach the endgame. What I will do with characters who are actively working on the final episode is this.

    Play through the Elite raids and earn my renown, purchasing my Elite gear in my chosen role.

    Once that is completed, I will purchases the non-elite version just for the feat, and will purchase it in the opposite role.

    If I have a character unfit to be running the Elite Raids for renown, then I will purchase the regular tier set for them in their chosen role, and use the atunables in the opposite role.

    In either case, there is always a "main role" and then one that is decidedly off-spec, which will be most noticeable in the fact that my Augments and Artifacts have not been leveled nearly as well for that role.

    If you absolutely insist on playing both roles, and you absolutely refuse to Armory two different sets of gear, then purchase your Support role. The logic is this. When you play as your support role, you will most frequently be the only one fulfilling that role. All pressure will rest on you. If you are inadequate, the entire group will fail. You simply cannot heal or tank some endgame raid in your full DPS gear with DPS augments and artifacts, and be able to sustain the group. In contrast, when you DPS, there will frequently be other DPS as well. Don't get me wrong; when you're playing in the wrong gear, you are a handicap to your group. But in many cases, other quality DPS can step up and make up the difference, so your shortcomings do not necessarily always equate to failure. I find particularly if a player queues into an alert or raid as a Healer/Controller/Tank and we already have one, and when we ask them to change to DPS they do so, the group will generally be pretty forgiving if they're lagging lower down the leaderboards. It's kind of a case of "He's a Healer trying to DPS. Cut him some slack."
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  8. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    I am in the same boat. I have a set of Healer gear, and that's it. I do have an Armory with a different SP allotment for solo grinding and Damage. Do I top damage boards? No, but I manage to stay in the middle of the pack... and my personal shield and priority heal still rock and keep me alive! ^_^
  9. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    My personal opinion is that new players should venture out of their comfort zone and try all 4 roles, learn as much as possible and then specialize accordingly depending on preference level.
  10. The Nightcrawler New Player

    To the OP. I only run one set of gear also. If you are might based, when I did the math at the end of JLD, there was only a 2500 Might difference between Dps gear and role gear. I always buy tank gear. The biggest change in Might is going to come from skill points spec, augments and artifacts. Base gear stats are relatively the same. If I want more dps I start by changing my leg augments, and respec’ing My skill points to Might and power. Obviously you should change your loadout as well. But dps’ing in healer gear isn’t that big of a Might loss as long as you change the other things mentioned.
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  11. Stormisshaman New Player

    Probably should have clarified that I am very new to the game as in I have like 50 source marks.... The limited number of 4 mans i have healed for there was absolutely no point in healing. I understand in end game content hybrid anything will most likely suffer. My question was aimed more towards these earlier game stages.
  12. Stormisshaman New Player

    Roll with as in keeping to current cr sets not rolling for them lol. Sorry for the confusion.
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  13. Stormisshaman New Player

    Btw thanks everyone for the responses. Wasnt certain Id get much info beyond "do the one you like". Good community is good!
  14. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    Ok so crazy thing happened today. A while ago I made a precision sorcery rifle guy and put everything into dps, gear and artifacts sp. Never intended to run heal but I did make sure the loadout was good just in case a day ever came where I needed to as a last ditch effort. He’s cr 144 sp 64 and today was the day he had to go heal on False Idol event. I shockingly got over 6 million in heals at the end. Not sure how that adds up compared to real healers but I was impressed. I think I can run both equally, oddly. Maybe it was jjust the troller that enabled me to do it but I’ll have to keep taking a look at that and see if this continues.
  15. Berza Committed Player

    Don't spend your Source Marks in gear at an early stage of the game, getting scalating gear from Death of Superman, last DLC event, the vault and you current tier is pretty easy, just be sure to run anything you can.
  16. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Everyone's stats are buffed in event content.
  17. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    Right I understand I’m buffed but shouldn’t I just be buffed to what I would be with dps gear that made me 264? So when I hit 264 I should be healing like this.
  18. Berza Committed Player

    If you are in Healer role you will be buffed to what healer stats should be, no matter what gear you wear.
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  19. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Your gear isn't buffed, your current role is buffed.
  20. Critical Massacre Well-Known Player

    Well considering I mostly run event with my alts this is still pretty useful. It’s fun to be be able to step into that role if needed I’ll probably do it more often now that I know I can for the event since they are always short healers anyway.