DPS Universe Online- Too many DPS in raids these days

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JSnaples, May 11, 2015.

  1. JSnaples Committed Player

    I remember when we had 2 trolls, 2 healers, a tank (Rare when we had 2 tanks) and the rest DPS and we got through great.

    These days? Everyone is just trying to get top scoreboard while running with 5 dps, 1 troll, 1 tank, and 1 healer.
    Why? Because people want to just rush through content. The healer or troller struggling to hold the raid? Kick him and get a new one seems to be the mind set these days instead of "Oh, Healer struggling? No problem I can switch my role to help him out"

    Isn't the point of MMO's to HELP people get through content too? Using team work? Instead of just thinking of yourself and kicking them or calling them garbage?

    I had Quantum DPS telling me that they don't even need a Controller in instances anymore because they get power back which is the worst thing DCUO has done in my opinion..giving DPS power back

    When do you ever really see people needing a Tank or Healer loadout? It's mostly always a DPS loadout

    We can already heal back DPS powers with rage/fire and now giving power back with Quantum? How much longer before people just run raids with it full of DPS?

    It's bad enough we have no role based gear in PVP anymore..now everyone has DPS stats regardless if you want to be a support role. DPS DPS DPS DPS DPS IS THE WAY TO GO!

    DPSing is the easiest role to be quite honest, sure all roles are easy when you learn it but DPS these days can just slip under the radar for a whole raid while not even doing anything, just be the 3rd or 4th best DPS and nobody will suspect you of anything. FREE GEAR! FREE MARKS!

    I understand every role being able to DPS is a big issue for this, but it just seems like DCUO is advertising you to DPS..We need to fix this issue or else why not just take out support roles in the game?
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  2. Sore Steadfast Player

    I think the real reason is sky high restoration + sky high vitalization + power back mechanics + AM/WM animation times + supply drops.
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  3. Red Templar Dedicated Player

    My favorite quote ever on the forums, and I am putting it in my Signature.

    Yes it is. We always try to help people, and we don't really ever kick anyone. We actually stopped a Gates run when it came out to go through and help someone with a Controller load out, because it was their first time controlling and the didn't know how.

    Experienced players should always try to help newer players in the game. I have also found helping new players also helps me actually. I have learned a lot simply by being asked a question I didn't know the answer to, I researched it, I learned something new, helped them, and became a better player for it.

    My view is pretty much this, We all have real life stress and issues, people play video games for fun and a little escapism. We should always be excellent to each other and help each other out. You never know if those nice things you did for someone really brightened a rough day, or helped them through a dark time.
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  4. iTzKCO Well-Known Player

    SOOO pretty much everything right? Sounds about right.
    Support roles could start a strike. But we all know the community is way too divided for anything like that. Plus, people pay for this game. IDK anyone who you stop playing something they paid a subscription for.
  5. BlueMoon4U New Player

    I agree I wish DCUO would get back into the good old days when it was 3-2-2-1 or 2-2-2-2. However, I prefer power back AMs because I prefer AMs over WM. I cant stand WM due to server lag with timing power combos and the weapons that I do like have the worst WM combinations. So I prefer power back AMs so I don't burden the controller. IMO controllers should only worry about keeping the tank and healer topped up and CC.

    I Was never a fan of WM + power dps or old school clipping dps bc its so power hungry and if the controller is not on there A game or is simply a casual controller that power hungry mentality can be overwhelming. IMO the reason why there are very few controllers is because of the power hungry dps, spamming WM + instant power is extremely boring.

    This week I decided to try mental out again on a new toon and absolutely love it. The animations are awesome and the rotation is fluid and the power back is amazing. I am also looking forward to trying trolling. Mental just has this smooth flow of powers. The animations and sound effects are simply amazing. So I will be getting this new toon up to at least t5 b4 I decide to respect my main to mental... ATM my main is a rage tank but I kept my 98/99/100 controller gear from when I was quantum.

    I left the game back when WM 1st came out then came back with the introduction of AMs. I love AMs and hope the devs bring all powers to the quantum level with at least power back. Controllers will always be needed bc healers and tanks do not have power back AMs. And besides controlling will be a lot more fun if controllers actually did more than just spam WM + instant power. If I didn't have to worry about feeding power hungry dps's and got to do a lot more CC I would rarely dps.
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  6. blklightning New Player

    I miss the days of 2-2-2-2, or something like that. Sure, solo healing can be fun. But... it limits our loadouts. When solo healing hard content, we have no choice but to run as safe as possible. All of those other fun options that we can play with have to be set aside. Running w/ 2x healers allows healers to actually play their power.

    I rarely play the game any more. Finally have a life to live. But... when I do play, I really don't like the direction the game has taken in regard to running hard content. Healers and trollers have too much resto/vit. We should have to struggle to keep a group alive w/ 2 healers. That just seems so much more fun to me.
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  7. grendel007 Well-Known Player

    I used to play support. Sorcery healer then quantum controller. I quit because I was tired of power hungry dps complaining and kicking because I couldn't just stand there and give back power or heal constantly because they ran in and started attacking before the tank.
    I play to have fun not be put down by selfish brats. AM, WM, power back, high stats- none of that matters when a you hear is " you suck"
    I will never play support again except for a few friends, especially controller
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  8. Mr BeefCakesss New Player

    Doesn't bother me since I play every role.
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  9. Southbeatz Well-Known Player

    I felt even before WM, AM, GU47 and all the stat changes that it was not that hard to solo troll or heal going back to the days when Gates and Prime were new. It's all situational though as to which skills you use and when while playing a support role. If someone either cannot or will not put in some time to properly learn the role they chose to play then that's their problem. If someone is a casual player then they should not care as much about how the game has changed because it doesn't affect them that much unless they were asked to do more than they could in an instance.

    The absolute best way to avoid any and all of these types of issues is to meet new people that are like minded and maybe find a suitable league then it's just a simple matter of grouping up with these people to run content a certain way. When it comes to pugs things will always be whatever is the current preference for most.

    Far as this game having too many DPS, that seems to be a thing in most MMOs unfortunately. I prefer support roles so it doesn't bother me much but I know it can be annoying for the times I queue for something to DPS and end up without a controller or healer or on my healer end up with no controller and have to manage power as best possible. My opinion on DPS is it's fine to have more DPS than support roles as it's always been but if the 5-1-1-1 makes an instance too easy so much that the boss mechanics don't even matter anymore then that is when having too many DPS becomes a problem and takes some of the fun out of the game.

    I understand not all of us want to have long runs every time but the devs do spend time to add fun content and good mechanics to some of it but sometimes too much DPS can make the mechanics useless and the overall instance not nearly as fun as it could be. The only reliable solution is always to meet people and group up with certain people rather than risk pugging and potentially getting bad groups with players you might not want to run with.
  10. SilverBullet Dedicated Player

    I never cared how a setup is. Support roles also support 1 1 1 5 setup. Most support players i have met prefer to solo. I have seen more support players yelling at each other then any other. Trolls are number 1 at yelling at each other. It would be nice if players would ignore or kick a dps that complains about no power or dies on there terms. Then blames the heal or tank. emptys there power bar every second they can or attacks before a tank and dies. I see all roles play like this. Dps is number1. Players complain about spending to much time in instances. All roles do. This should help you understand more as to why dps role is getting more attention.
  11. Sore Steadfast Player

    Pretty much everything that makes power management not be a challenge. I can tell you that power management was very important in the T2 days. Now it is free. And because of that and high resto, so are heals.
  12. EP Ice Loyal Player

    You just went to the top of my Christmas list with this statement!! I absolutely love it!!! A million thumbs up for you!!!
  13. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Geez, if you're gonna list all that, you might as well throw soders in.
  14. winter13 New Player

    You forgot one...because most dps are subpar, and groups throw as many dps as they can find at the adds/bosses to get the job done. That is the REAL reason for so many dps in instances.
  15. ChuckLess New Player

    Maybe IF POWERS DIDN'T CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT we would see less solo support roles in content. Who wants to be a Sidekick?
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  16. Sore Steadfast Player

    I am mostly comparing to the T2 days when a subpar DPS gets kicked because you can't afford to drop a troll or heal to cover for them. Because frankly, you can afford to drop a troll or heal today. That means even if DPS weren't subpar, people would still opt to grab another strong DPS if they have that option. If one troll can supply power and one healer can supply heals, another strong DPS just means faster completion times and less risk.
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  17. Red Templar Dedicated Player

    Feel free to look up Red Templar if you are on PS, you can come and run with our League anytime. Nice people are always welcome to run and play with us, not matter their skill level, cr, or skill points. We can always teach fights, help raise CR, and help get feats for skill points. Those are easy things to help with. We just ask that people be polite, and realize that people of a lot of different skill levels play this game and are always learning, so treat everyone how you would like to be treated.

    We are not the greatest players in the game, but we are polite, and always have fun even when we wipe.
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  18. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    People always say that DPS is the easiest role, but if that were true, why do most groups need 5 of them to complete content?

    Good DPS are few and far between. Most of the time I am out dpsing (or very close) to at least one of the DPS in a raid, as a healer.

    I have to agree with Sore about the restoration/vitalization being too high. Don't get me wrong, I love having a lot of resto, but if we were to receive smaller boosts in the future whilst the NCPs were made to hit harder, it might encourage players to bring more healers. Giving NCPs mechanics where they are required to be debuffed would help with bringing 2 controllers, (one for Power over time and a debuff or two, second or instant power and a different debuff or two). I hate running raids with one controller, the bosses almost never get debuffed because they are too busy giving power (can't blame them) but it does make the raids longer. Three dps can do more damage to a debuffed boss than 4 (or 5) dps can do to one that isn't**.

    **I don't know if this is actually correct...will have to do some testing.
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  19. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player

    Amen to this...I would love to be able to use iconic drain more often but can't take the risk when soloing higher content.
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  20. Saami Loyal Player

    More dps in game = easier for support roles to find group.
    It is very to easy to get place in new raids as tank and if i want to tank some older content for fun. I make my own group.
    Also no scoreboard chasing. It is enough that instance get done.
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