DPS Power Stats 2020?

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  1. Dr.EvilZ New Player

    I know this has been answered for 2019 but what about 2020, from 1-10 rate all power DPS, looking to get into a new power so this will help (without gear, or with gear i guess doesn't matter)
  2. Exatal New Player

    Eager for info on this as well.
  3. Kroye Loyal Player

    Me three.
  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Circumstantial question. Single Target, multiple Target? Weapon or pftt?

    Multiple Target, 1st would be electric in my opinion, the damage output against many adds can be tremendous.

    Gadgets does some really nice damage, rage is still powerful in the right hands and can be devastating with dmg. If you learn the mechanics of celestial, it's very powerful until you miss a combo.
  5. L T Devoted Player

    Might based

    Tier 1: nature, gadgets, rage, earth
    Earth falls to t3 if you can't melee-- but you almost always can these days. Don't try it in the next sm though.

    Tier 2: celestial, hard light, munitions, atomic, fire, electric
    Tier 3: quantum, water, ice
    Tier 4: sorcery, mental

    I feel like sorcery and mental -- especially mental-- ought to be much better but nobody has figured out a good way to use them. Projectiles are annoying in DCUO.

    Precision looks a bit different.
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  6. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    If Fury just would not do Pulse Beam but some other combo Sorcery would be a lot better.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I would personally put munitions in T1
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  8. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    I always have a little laugh when I see threads like this and it’s why I have never once done a clickbait top dps powwers video on my channel because most of these T1 or top powers players want to use will need at minimum $250-500 worth of artifacts to actually achieve that damage players are desperate for. So the question you need to ask yourself isn’t what power is the best, it’s are are willing too fork over your entire paycheck to get the true potential out of the powerset casue if you are just going to sit with <140 rank artifacts this question is fruitless
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  9. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Read the OP's statement, or better yet read between the lines.
    "(without gear, or with gear i guess doesn't matter"

    They are looking for what to choose. Standard "Pick whatever you like" is better than condescending.
    C'mon man...one time or another you were a newb too
    Give them some honest opinion, not rhetoric
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    I could care less about your reading comprehension about what the OP actually meant or didn't with respect to artifacts but like I said the most important question to ask when answering his question isn't about what he wanted precision or might, isn't about what support role he likes, it's how much money you want to spend on artifacts. There is no condescending attitude unless you want to read between those lines yourself, its simply stating a fact. Most of might single target depends on heat vision which you'd need at 160 to any decent damage, will also depend on the transformation card and some will depend on the Grim which would need to be at 160 if they wanted to use it for aoe. Rage or earth will depend on soul cloak, I don't need to tell you this but that is what everyone who asks these questions wants to leave out. Go dps against a prec dps with doomspin when you don't have a strategist and the other has one at 200 etc its a giant difference especially on aoe and there isn't anything you can do to make up the dmg.
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  11. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    ^ Exactly this.
    Pretty much all powers can do decent damage with a couple grand $ invested into artifacts. Like Obsidian said, most powers can only excel if they have artifacts for all situations. All instances vary as well as your groups so to maximize your damage potential you'd need to adjust accordingly.

    It's not really about your power per se, it's about having a lot of cash invested into at least 6 different and decently ranked (160-200) artifacts to swap out for different situations to maximize your dmg for aoe or single target.

    There're a lot of factors that determine your dps, can you melee? is it single target? Do I have infinite supercharge from the healers? Can I run heat vision safely? Do I need to be mobile? Am I going to be standing max range without moving next to 5 other dps? How often can I use my supercharge? How good is my supercharge? Can I spam supercharge? You get the idea... To answer these questions, you can't just have 3 artifacts that will do everything for you. Sure, there're some powers that have much higher potential in certain situations than other but you still need the right artifacts. Not all powers are going to be using the same artifacts for single target or aoe. For single target, most powers will do better with solar amp, some will be better with grim and some might be better with scrap or gemini depending on a situation. Just because something is good doesn't mean it's good in all situations and that's when $ and artifacts come into play
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  12. Zonedead1 New Player

    I find it absolutely hilarious that no one has figured out how to use mental I'm 292cr and I've been whipping and keeping up with 296 and 292 prec dps , I dont see the elites posting loadouts much anymore I guess they have learned their lesson and no I will not be revealing my loadout or doing any comps so someone can record my loadout
  13. Mazahs Loyal Player

    See your answer makes more sense than his original I laugh BS.
    You can answer it mulitple ways
    Might w/ artifacts played at maximum which would include
    Melee vs range. / ST vs AOE
    Might base zero artifacts
    Prec...so on and so forth.

    People tend to forgot, not everyone has been playing ad long ad Chill or myself. OP asked a ? and Chill made fun of them.

    Not cool
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  14. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    My might artifact tier list based on versatility & damage potential.
    Tier 1) Transformation card, grim, scrap, gemini. -These are the artifacts I would never consume into anything else.

    Tier 2) Strategist card, solar amp, philosopher's stone. -These are supplementary artifacts that you'd swap in for single target. In most situations depending on your power set these three will more than likely perform better than at least one non specific artifact listed under my tier 1.

    Feedback on single target might based on countless hours on test+ownership of rank 200 artifacts that I listed under tier 1 on live. Take it with a grain of salt though because it will vary from power to power, instance to instance, personal experiences and load-outs.
    In some cases solar amp> grim
    In some cases and in conjunction with trans card, Strategist card> Gemini, Scrap, Solar Amp but rarely Grim.
    In very rare instances, solar or philosopher's stone> transformation card
    Rage gemi
    In rare instances, gemini> solar amplifier or strat card (Group set up and power dependent.) Debatable but can work for rage max range running vindictive+neo venom to get gemini procs
    In some cases scrap> solar amplifier
    Haven't found instances in which gemini>grim. Can see instances in which scrap>grim though.
    In very rare instances with having infinite supercharge I can see gemini being better than solar, scrap, strat card. (Supercharge spam and instance dependent as well as power set dependent.)
    Running trans+strat vs trans+scrap, trans+solar or trans+grim is somewhat of a toss up and is completely dependent on your power set, supercharge and PI dependent.
    Tier 3: Dead King, Omegahedron, La-Mort. These are the artifacts you'd want to level if money is burning a hole in your pocket. I found no real use in these and would never even consider leveling these up on live. La-Morte was somewhat promising with 35% finishers being buffed but I've yet find a power set that would benefit from having it since it doesn't even remotely outweigh the benefits you'd get running a tier 1 or tier 2 artifact.

    Prec flurry:

    Transformation card/Grim and a third is somewhat of a toss up between strategist card and venom wrist dispenser but I wanna say that strat is better.
    In most cases except for maybe gadgets strategist card is better than the wrist dispenser.
    Gadgets is the only prec that I think is best running transformation card/grim and vwd.

    I'd say for pretty much all prec powers except for gadgets in terms of damage it's Trans/Strat/Grim>VWD/Grim/Trans or Trans/VWD/Strat. Grim is definitely better than VWD with maybe gadgets being the same only exception again
  15. AV Loyal Player

    Since raid trash clear is never an issue and dervish and vortex are a thing, I feel like the only might scenarios worth considering based on elite content are 1) ranged non-split; and 2) whether it's a stationary tank & spank vs "douchecanoe bosses that run all over." I just extensively ran through ranged might for every power for these scenarios and they're all much closer to each other in the ways that matter than people generally believe, with the difference between most powers on the dummy balancing out a fair bit in actual practice (with the notable exceptions that Nature is pure cheese right now, bound to have its exploit fixed and ranged might ST Rage obviously falls behind the pack vs a training dummy). Of note:

    - Fed green circles and if allowed to run its rotation uninterrupted, no one should be losing to anything while playing Elec. Circuit Breaker is simply potent af and Elec has one of the hardest hitting ST loadouts even without it, and it's barely more involved than the simplest of rotations.

    - Vs a training dummy, HL can have the single hardest hitting ST rotation in the game but compared to other powers, will see a bit more a DPS loss if its rotation gets interrupted. Also very fun.

    - Fire is above average but with several key advantages that are either unique to fire or very rare amongst the powers, making it an extremely consistent performer in all content. It's also very balanced for both single and multi-target within the same loadout without either aspect suffering in elite boss fights.

    - Mental, Celestial, Munitions, Atomic, Water, Ice, Earth, Quantum, and Sorcery are all close in output, very slightly behind the aforementioned powers but with absolutely **** simple "if you have a working brain cell you can effortlessly sustain max output" rotations with the caveat that: 1) Earth and Sorc have slightly weaker non-pet output but well above average pet output that not only balances them out but allows for slightly better output while dealing with raid mechanics; 2) Quantum's non-stationary target ST is good but it's stationary target Time Bomb ST is obviously better (much like Elec's stationary multi-target is superior); 3) For Water reach the level of its peers it depends upon its 3 Bubble dmg procs, which can (rarely) get overwritten before they happen; 4) Munitions is very close to Fire in terms of feel but not quite as versatile; 5) Ice ST actually hits pretty hard and is above average at avoiding damage loss while dodging mechanics, so despite being generally reviled it's one of my favourites in terms of overall balance;

    - Without sacrificing in other ways that'll bring it down or staying in melee range, for Rage to keep up it depends on two things: 1) all three Redirected Rage damage ticks proccing on the desired target (good luck); and 2) Channel Hate's mobility letting it dodge mechanics without losing DPS (something Fire, HL, and Munitions can also do at peak and, if needed, Ice can do for a slight DPS loss). It's also the only power that has to use Tornado Pull to pull this off, which is tragic.

    - Gadgets has access to both a solid **** simple rotation that will deliver very consistent DPS and to more advanced rotations that are more at the mercy of raid bs but with higher max potential.

    There's really only two "tiers" (I guess three if you count the corner they put Rage in) and most of the powers that are "top tier" get decently balanced out with the others in practice in content that matters. OP should play what they wanna play or what they like the look/feel of.
  16. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Power stats ? i am with cr 296 at 80k power
  17. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Agreed on most except for maybe not having tier 3. All powers can parse similar numbers using best suited artifacts but I'd put sorcery below everything else. It can do nice parses but it just doesn't really have a good supercharge and will probably rely on neo for dmg. Sorc doesn't really compare to powers such as light in terms of overall damage output despite both running neo as their supercharge. I would also put atomic as tier 3 because of lack of damage on single target but as atomic you would at least be able to spam atomic blast more frequently to try to keep up with tier 2 power sets. As far as parses go, I'd say atomic is weakest and to maximize the damage you'd need to be acro running zip tie+heat vision. Rage is very weak as well compared to others and will probably have to run zip tie for single target.

    Imho Tier 3 on max range single target would be sorc, rage and maybe atomic if you don't get supercharge. If you do get supercharge I'd put atomic in tier 2 with rage and sorc remaining in tier 3 with their bad max range supercharges and subpar damage output. Other candidates for tier 3 with little to no supercharge in would be electric, earth, water and ice since these are much weaker when compared to powers such as light, celestial or gadgets and the only thing they have going for them is their supercharge. In terms of raw damage with no supers water, sorc, electric, atomic, rage, ice can all do similar and consistent damage if you adjust your artifacts
  18. AV Loyal Player

    Sorc's ST boss damage is good, which is all that really matters, it's just not great in lower end content cuz things die to burstier powers before Sorc can get a notable chunk of its damage in; that's not to say its performance will be bad, it's just that if two equally skilled players join the alert and one is Sorc, the Sorc player has an uphill battle. It's good for consistent burn on things that'll live long enough to feel it but suffers against ubersquishies, like in the Alert. Atomic can just do HV>Particle Beam>Geiger Beam>Particle Beam>repeat forever w ranged tap clips between everything (and can clip weapon buff to up that markedly as well) and does fine. Legit the only power with a noteworthy gap outside of the margin for error for ranged ST comparison right now is Rage. Everything else is close enough the difference vs the dummy is essentially academic and the powers that hit the dummy harder (with an exception in some circumstances, if the user plays their cards right) are more susceptible to the chaos of actual combat and the powers that hit the dummy a lil softer are less susceptible, so even that balances out.

    Every power but Elec, for ranged purposes, should be using Neo. Some powers have passable options that instantly deal a good chunk of damage safely, but even those are vastly outperformed by Neo cost:cost and time:time, as it should be. Buff options will always have greater damage potential than instacasts. I know people like seeing Biggun and Call of the Deep crits but they are overall losing a significant amount of DPS vs if they'd used Neo. Their overall damage curve would be more consistent as well and they'd also spend a lot of time being effectively unkillable to any non mechanical 1-shot due to the +90% def perk.

    Every might power achieves max ST output with the same artifacts and max raid trash aoe output with the same (different) artifacts, same as Prec with it's BiS picks. No need to switch it up for every power, unless taking advantage of channeling to do lossless temp swaps.
  19. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    I know sorc can do great damage. In tank and spank scenarios however it's going to be different because you can easily use 2x 5k supercharges including neo with any other power while maintaining supercharge. Sorc on the other hand... Sorc falls short in that aspect because the only thing it has is neo venom boost and full supercharge bar way before neo is back off cool down. Earth, atomic, ice can all run an additional supercharge with neo venom boost without wasting neo. Ice can run ice elemental with blizzard in it. Earth can pop neo+emtomb and still get value from neo venom boost. Neo used before dropping another strong 5k supercharge is very very strong because neo amplifies supercharges. Atomic can use its blast as soon as you have supercharge. You get the idea. Water and electric are best imo in tank and spank situations because of dehydrate&circuit breaker are never wasted and do great damage. In terms of overall raw damage output sorc is very similar in terms of damage output. It is tier 2 for sure. But, it's just all about supercharge usage and overall damage output in raids.
    Tank and spanks are very common now and while overall damage output on sorc is good it's not better than other powersets with good 50% supercharges. If sorc outparsed most of them by at least a thin margin in longer fights just like light or celestial or fire do then I'd say sorc is great but it's a game of supercharges&raw damage output.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    Most powers have to give up a pet to do that or use a sub-optimal rotation in addition to not saving 5% SC on one of the casts. Eg. (Test numbers) say someone's 5000 SC does 110k dmg vanilla then it will do ~160 w Neo, now say they have 25k non-pet DPS: 25000x0.45x15=168k. They're giving up a lot of non-SC DPS and a notable amount of free SC to do something that underperforms. Even if it crits, all of your other crits will scale just as hard and 2x SC activation will lose in the long run. The only power that comes out ahead like that is Rage spamming neo berserk in melee range. And that's all with very conservative test figures. You're also giving up 15s of +90% def in addition to the DPS loss.

    The upside of doing that is that it's guaranteed dmg but Neo is pretty reliable in most fights. It's not worth it. Even on the few powers where the optimal ST rotation only requires three powers, I'd rather have a free clip in the extra spot.