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  1. Higgent New Player

    I am playing as a green lantern, and I have a problem with the dps role. Why can't flashlights have a good dps using only their power sets? Why should I use a lousy hit vision, darvish, neo-poison boost, robot assistant, grimarium verum when I play for a lantern? Damn, I createde a LANTERN that fights using its constructs, but in order to get a high dps score, I have to abandon it and be like most of the dps from the incubator, using the icon and super speed... what?? Where is the logic?? My artifacts are Strategist, scrub, trance. I play on the might. Guys-flashlights, how do you increase your DPS?
  2. Higgent New Player

    Guys-lanterns, tell me how I can increase the dps without using the above-mentioned iconic-powers and artifacts
  3. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    My first instinct is to say "stop worrying so much about the scoreboard." It doesn't really get you much of anything beyond bragging rights, after all. However, I have the feeling that argument isn't going to go very far. LOL

    The best advice I could give would be "experiment." Test out different combinations. Try going over to hybrid and using weapons that have either glowing Materials applied or using some of the Light weapon skins from the Marketplace. See which construct combos work best for you.

    Most importantly, test in actual content. Sparring targets don't seem to fight back, so practicing and testing in content runs will go far in seeing how well you are doing. Plus it will give you practice in finding strategies to use if a construct combo gets broken or interrupted.
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  4. Higgent New Player

    I haven't tried the hybrid yet, thank you, I'll try. No, I'm not chasing the scoreboard. I'm just offended by the fact that if people look at the scoreboard and see that you perform the least amount of dps, it means a kick from the group. Although I have 400 sp and 160, 200 artifacts, and I have tried to change them many times. Is it possible that the very power of hard light without the use of meta is weak at the moment?
  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You can’t ask for help and not say what you have been using. I don’t use heat vision or dervish and I’m always top dps. I do however use robot, and neo venom. I’m not going to handicap myself just to fill a cosplay. What loadouts have you tried? What artifacts do you use? What rotation do you use? What type of content do you normally run?
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    He said strategist, scrub and trance. I don't know what scrub and trance are.
  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’m assuming it’s trans, strat, scrap? Scrub/scrap? Trans/trance? At least that’s what I think.

    But still he still needs to explain what he is doing and why. Also what he normally runs is also important.
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  8. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    It would help to know a little more.

    Are you only using DPS gear?
    How many skill points do you have?
    What white mods (home turf) are you using?
    Are you trying to improve your AoE or single target damage?
    What level are your augments?
    Are you using multiple armories?
    What level are the artifacts your using?

    Assuming you've maxed skill points for DPS innates, multiple armories, have max augments, and have max artifacts you should be able to keep up with most other powers in most situations. Some content is better suited for other certain powers whether that's add grouping, in game mechanics, etc.

    From the testing I've done on a sparring target you should be able to get into a similar median average for 10 second parses whether you use movement powers or not. Some of the iconics are a little more beneficial but its not make or break. The parses fell within a + or - 5000 ish range. Doing around 20 parses with or without Dervish for example. The higher range was better with Dervish but it is also vulnerable to block so there's a trade off there.

    I would suggest using at least two Armories to DPS. One for Single Target and the other for AoE. Lights AoE performs best at melee range. I use Chainsaw, Whip Thrash, Light Weight, Light Blast, Robot sidekick, and Neo Venom Boost for my melee loadout. My artifacts are Transformation card, Strategist Card, and Grimorium Verum. If you don't have grim ranked up enough to apply the PI AoE then I'd swap chompers for Chainsaw. It'll help a little bit with getting strategist to proc anyways. Or keep chainsaw and use chompers for robot sidekick and use strafing run for your supercharge. It'll parse just fine either way since most of the damage comes from Whip Thrash, Light Weight, and Light Blast (when under 35% health) anyways.

    For single target you can get by 100% with just grasping hand and hand clap. Heat Vision will help strategist proc more but from the parses I've done it doesn't make or break anything. Again this is all subject to the content and how quickly the groups burn is. I use Grasping Hand, Hand Clap, Light Blast, Light Barrier, Robot Sidekick, and Neo venom boost (though sometimes I'll swap in Strafing Run depending on the content). Light's single target is right up there as best in the game. We'll have an advantage with the scorecard in single target boss fights.

    None of those use movement powers. Some could argue that the parse's are better using more movement and iconic powers... I haven't seen it enough to where it would make or break anything considering their may be other vulnerabilities using those powers. The biggest thing is how well does it perform in actual content. I do use the iconics but I've always used neo and RS since way back in the day anyways.

    Where the biggest advantage super speed has is how fast it is in combat and moving from one group of adds to the next. That shouldn't make or break anything but could be significant over the course of a whole raid if you were comparing against someone.

    If you are comparing someone try to make it as close to apples to apples as possible. Similar skill points, similar gear level, similar artifact level. In the end getting the marks and loot is all that matters. I generally only care about boss damage anyways since their can be a lot of other factors with the adds ( EoG spamming, combat speed, how the tank is pulling, PuG groups, etc).

    Last thing I'm assuming scrub is scrap of the soul cloak. I'd use that for controlling or if you are using Transformation card, Eye of the Gemini, and Scrap of the soul cloak. The super charges available to Light aren't great and unless your using scrap in tandem with EoG its not really worth it. It is viable for a 3 supercharge build. I'd go Chompers (unless someone else is applying dazed), Whip Thrash, Light Weight, movement super charge, pheromone bloom, and Neo. I know that doesn't solve the wanting to use Light power set issue but it works best with the cooldowns and that ballistic assault is a channel. Though you could use BA, and your movement mode SC and still get close to the same damage. It just doesn't "optimize". For trash adds that's overkill anyways.

    I hope that helps. Reach out if you have any questions or anything.
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  9. Higgent New Player

    Thank you for a very detailed answer. I use mods blast adapter, supercharge strafing run, escalating might, accelerated light barrier( barrier for troll armory), penetrating strikes, restorative hand clap, max damage, tumbling master. As for not optimizing, I agree. I changed the download many times and, alas, I didn't even come close to the desired result. Now my loadout is like this-ram, light blast, hand clap chompers light weight strike (for a quick set of superchargers) and strafing run. As you understand, I try to deal damage from a distance. And yes, you were right about my facts. This is a Level 160 transformation card, a level 200 strategist card, and a piece of a level 160 soul cloak. I also have 409 sp, of which I spent 295 on May and 30 on preparing for the shuriken storm. I understand that it may be difficult to compare myself with current dps players, playing only with my strength, but I really like playing exactly as a lantern.