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  1. kingofthebeast Active Player

    So now DPS want me as a healer to grab teleports and block doors as not to "disrupt the flow of burn" in gpe? What's happening to this game?
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  2. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Nothing happened to the game to cause that. There are players in every role who have weird ideas, and you just met one of them.
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  3. kingofthebeast Active Player

    I wish that were true, about it being only o e person who thought that way. Ran I to my third group today which made me finally speak on it
  4. zNot Loyal Player

    Welcome to dpsuo
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  5. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    The person I want interrupted least is the healer. You can’t DPS if you’re dead because the healer was stuck holding a rock and couldn’t pull a rescue heal, so the tank dies and all the things you’re pew pewing eat your face.
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  6. Controller Loyal Player


    Some DPS in this game, lol.
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  7. Controller Loyal Player

    I mean - they've (some DPS) have turned some of us into "Buff Controllers"....."Sweaty TAC Art Swappers".......Dog walkers, Cat walkers, lol..........

    Personally I've compromised on Buff Controlling. But as for what the OP of the thread mentioned?

    What's next, lol?
  8. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Am I the only one who thinks Healers (in absence of a Troll) should be the one getting those cogs? There is like nothing to heal at first boss, and tanks should be able to get through the fight without taking any damage (or at least survive 5s). Nothing should be damaging the DPS either. Or the Healer can pop a shield and get the cog if it's Jackal.

    I've played all roles in the alert, and it seems slower if a DPS has to do those mechanics. I don't see a clear benefit to having the Healer free in that fight when there's hardly anything to heal. There's a lot of DPS hate but I have to agree it gets annoying having to drop your rotation to get a cog and miss out on like 500k damage. The Healer isn't making that damage up, and they very likely aren't healing either (no one is losing HP). Even as a battle heal I grab cogs.

    Blocking the doors with slabs is unnecessary IMO so I don't do that, unless the burn is terribly slow.
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  9. Controller Loyal Player

    My main role is Controller, but in the vein of your post my answer is -

    Isn't this a TEAM game?

    If there are three DPS in the alert (or 5 in a raid), there should not be just ONE specific role that is dedicated to doing a particular thing.

    In some leagues if they wish to run like that? Fine, I guess.

    But I simply think that there's more to healing that what you mention. There's more to Controlling than some think. And one (or TWO.....) Dps hitting a switch or two shouldn't be that big an issue........
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    This is when I love being a tank or heal. Cause guess what...DPS's need us more than we need them. If I see DPSs ignoring mechanics and we didn't already agree we were ignoring mechanics (there IS a feat to ignore the portals after all), I'll drop in there, "Dpses...do mechanics". If they continue not to, or ignore pickups or whatever, sorry buddy...you are easily replaceable and you will be going, or I'll boogie out and find another group who will do so. Watch LFG for a while....You don't see a ton of repeat shouts for 'Need dps for GPE 1st boss' or '2nd boss'. Those spots fill quick when open. You DO see them however for Tanks or Heals because in a run like that, THOSE are the critical roles....not the burners. Probably half my runs in the last week have been as a tank or heal coming in at 2nd boss after they were failing. I'll take the quick 2 renowns and a few less marks to save time....sure. Super quick burn is nice, but you can't burn if you are dead or overwhelmed with adds.

    And I got plenty of love for my trolling people out there, but c'mon...it's an alert in DCUO. I love a troll in there, but it's not 100% required, even in an Elite alert. I'll take a good buff/debuff and shield throwing troll over a 2nd burner....but it's not mandatory.

    To everyone's credit...so far it seems like MOST dpses will do the mechanics without being forced to. Sweatys aside, at this point in the DLC the 'just burn your way through it' mentality hasn't 100% taken over.....yet.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm fine with a healer getting one if needed, but there are 4 cogs in the room. There is no reason that the healer (or tank or 1 DPS for that matter) should be trying to cover all 4 corners AND do their job...which is healing. Assuming the players are at all spaced out, anyone can grab the cog close to them, save maybe the tank...and yeah...I will grab one as tank too if I'm on top of it.

    If you really think healing is not that needed, why don't you run it with 1 tank and 3 DPSs? You'd be done lickity split.;)
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  12. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I usually tell the DPS to get the portals, I'll handle the slabs (shield before grabbing and you're good to go).

    If DPS don't do mechanics, NO GREENS!
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  13. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I may be in the minority here but I really don’t care who gets what cogs. The purpose of everyone in a group is to help the content go faster and smoother. I play every role so when I do content I believe everyone should take task based on what would help the content go faster.

    For example, when I heal it if there is good burn then adds aren’t an issue. So I will get the rocks. I prioritize the rock over the cog. If adds make it through then oh well. More things for the dps to kill. If the burn is slow than I’ll have the lower dps get cogs while I get the rock and allow the better dps to do damage. It’s not that hard for a healer to do the rocks. I normally grab jump and let go to propel the rock forward without locking me into holding the rock.
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  14. Controller Loyal Player

    Those two words, Deity - don't match every single time in DCUO, unfortunately..........

    The DPS that wanted the OP of this thread to do the switches may have had the content go FASTER...and it probably would have - with them solely focused on BURN.....

    But at what cost?

    Faster for the DPS....but not so smooth for the OP.
  15. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Agreed with Diety here. Although I don't pug a lot when it comes to alerts and my league mates, they are all down to do mechanics, even the tank grabs the cogs if its next to him lol

    Also, the first boss, we try to 3 dps - 1 tank it because if you are doing the mechanics, you don't require a healer and tank can totally hold his own.

    But yeah, it doesn't matter to me what role I am playing, I will be down to do the mechanics as long as it is safe for the group. :)
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  16. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I don't mind doing the cogs when I'm on one of my healers. It's actually more irritating having everyone run over to the cog when its clear to see someone is already doing it...and then the next cog spawns and everyone figures someone else is on it...

    equally annoying are pull happy tanks. gathering up a set of ads is a thing of beauty. gathering up a set of ads and dragging them halfway across the map...no...just no.
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  17. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I’d didn’t say smoother for any individual. Smoother for the group as a whole. This is something people tend to overlook in this player base sadly. Everyone tends to complain about what others should be doing and don’t really pay attention to how things actually work. A big example is strat. People tend to focus on its ability to deal massive damage in certain situations. Sparring targets make them look good and every dps video shows them being a must have. However not everyone runs things where these are ideal and in turn end up hurting their own performance because of it.

    In the example I gave earlier I explained how it can be smoothly done from a healing standpoint which is what I personally do as well. A healer could pick up the rock and carry it over to the portal. This would mean the group has to survive without constant heals for the duration which can put the run at risk in a pug group. Or the healer can grab the rock jump and let go. This would propel the rock toward in the direction you are facing which acts as a mini throw. This lets the healer not be locked into not being able to heal. And it’s not even hard to do.

    People are making this more complicated then it really is. This is already one of the easier dlcs and easier alerts. Just yesterday I joined a group that I though was doing reg. (Was in a hurry so didn’t wanna do elite). After queuing in I found out it was elite. Without power I couldn’t do much so I switched to troll. By the time we got to the first boss I was double the damage of the dps. So I had the dps so the mechanics since he was the least impactful player there. If he was doing damage I may have done it or had the healer do it. It’s not “you’re this role so you much do this every time”. It’s more about what would be the more efficient way to do it with what you have to work with.
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  18. Controller Loyal Player

    I think I understand what you are saying.

    So...."This particular DLC" may make it easier for a healer to do the switches or cogs in the alert - thus allowing it to be a bit easier for the DPS to focus strictly on burn....if I understand you correctly.

    If this is the case, then, I do have some concerns going forward - even IF what you are saying is true.

    So after 5-6 months of such a setup...where 3 DPS pour on damage and a healer does the switches - what would that do to the psyche of the player base?

    In a game that is ALREADY heavily dependent on DPS do you think this could perhaps foster some "Ignorant Assumptions" of what a healer (or Controller or even a Tank) could do in FUTURE CONTENT going forward?

    I'm personally not confident that all of the player base can "Reset" its mindset next March once the new DLC comes out....or it's going to be a learning curve.

    I do realize that there's a Learning Curve with EVERY DLC, so my concerns may be a bit moot. But not by much.
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  19. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Several times yesterday people left because everyone wouldn't go all dps.
    Have always found the smoothest alerts or raids are when all roles are
  20. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    That unfortunately is always a possibility. People go towards what they “know” is best. Some people may believe the same as the OP pug and believe it’s always everyone else’s job to do mechanics. That has been a part of the player mindset for a while now. That’s why I’m always clear to say that what is best now may not always be best.

    For this alert, the absolute best set up (yes I tested lol) is 1 tanks (battle tank works better), 1 dps in troll role (using the defense debuff), and 2 dps. It goes even smoother if one of those players uses clarion. First boss lowest dps gets portals, last boss lowest dps gets earth cog (others can be ignored). This is the best set up right now. However, everyone “knows” that 3 dps and 1 EoG healer is best. So that’s what everyone asks for. Since this is the set up people are used to this is what everyone wants to run.

    I’ve told you before that I troll without cog or tetra. This is for the very simple reason that the people I normally run with aren’t the best dps. But I enjoy running with them. My regular troll set up (not battle troll or dps in troll role) can put out damage. So the overall burn is better with me trolling my way instead of buffing the group. Sound weird, but this is the most optimal set up for the people I run with.

    This is something I think the community has trouble with. Find what actually works best for their actual situation. Instead most try to build towards something that they don’t actually do.
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