DPS Content Relevancy Post Revamp (Issues)

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  1. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    Many players have already indicated that something is wrong with the game as it relates to our damage out, especially in older content. Some expressed this issue during testing, but it may have been overlooked. I tried to edit the video from my HH run today to clearly show all, that there's definitely an issue. I'm 201 CR as you can see in the video below, and I was actually smashed in this run when I should be able to do it by myself with relative ease (as I've done many times before revamp). Could I have popped a soda, supply drop or back-up? Yes, but should I have to do so at my CR? Absolutely not.

    The whole point of gear progression is to be able to actually "progress." It feels as if the entire game is now stat clamped. Many have claimed that people are over-exaggerating, and that people should learn mechanics. To those people I would say that mechanics have a role in this game, but not so much of an impact when I'm nearly 100 CR's above the NPC (yes, I purposely stopped picking up as we got closer to wiping, just running it to prove a point).

    I'd highly encourage others to post their evidence here without being too long about it. Please keep the feedback and criticism respectful, thx
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  2. SkullGang Devoted Player

    People on here are divided on this. Some feel even when you go do lower content you should struggle and the others agree with you. Whether this gets addressed or not I do not know but as it stands now I feel it is a problem overall even more so for those doing it at level.
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  3. OrbitLimon Level 30

    Maybe if we had two versions of content, "new clamped" and teleport to "old", only for overpowered, without marks as a reward. Just thoughts.
  4. DC REBIRTH Well-Known Player

    There will be no clamps. I do agree the older content is harder than the higher tier instances. Needs some adjusting
  5. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Shouldn't this be in the GU73: Content - Too Challenging thread?

    Well, even pre-revamp, T3 alerts and raids felt like too much damage for at-level characters.

    Post-revamp, looks like all levels from T1 onwards are affected. Looks more like there was already a tuning issue pre-revamp, but that was overshadowed by the pure burst damage of AMs, and now that AMs are gone, the underlying issues now surface.
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  6. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    Thx, I didn't know about that thread, I'll go and put my post there.
  7. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    Yeah... I will not be surprised if you don't get a bunch of responses telling you to "Get SP" or "learn mechanics" and blah blah blah. Because it seems that most people here are literally so self centered that they cannot fathom that thing called "new players" who don't have 300+ SP because they haven't spent half a decade on the game. To hell with them. It makes it more challenging for me. Me! Me! Me!

    Blah. Yeah. But for real you should go post it in that topic. So that it can be ignored like half the other broken things in the game.
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  8. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player

    I'd literally laugh in the face of anyone that said that to me...I've been grinding out SP's since FOS 2, and that was a challenging raid at the time that took nearly 45 mins per run.

    Part of the problem is that the folks commenting aren't actually going back to the lower raids to run content since they don't need to. Being in a small league, I'm forced to do so for proficiency items (102 gear). It doesn't make sense that running HH is just as difficult now as it was when I was at 133 CR.