DPS absence of Dominance stat confusion.

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  1. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Hello, I've been thinking this for awhile now but why exactly did the Dominance stat get removed from PvE and PvP gear? In this particular situation I'll focus solely on PvE. If you look at our gear stats why is there restoration and Vitalization stats yet Dominance is excluded?

    Restoration is primarily a healer stat and Vitalization is a controller stat. It is stated that Vitalization does not help with passive power regeneration or power regeneration from weapon attacks. If so, then why is that even a stat on DPS gear in the first place?

    Same with restoration which is primarily a healer stat but in very situational circumstances can benefit certain self healing abilities. Most healers and some tanks can take advantage of this perk. However, this is also where my question comes into play. Say you are a power that has the ability to self heal (without the assistance of artifacts) and you are running a loadout that allows one to do good damage and self heal at the same time.

    The thing is, logically, if Dominance and Restoration are both needed for the increase of our base healing capability then isn't that locking us out of a potential self sustaining playstyle in DPS role? The lack of a dominance stat on DPS gear technically does lock us out of expanding different loadout possibilities. It's not game ending but I did wonder why there are these limitations on new gear after the stats revamp?

    Dominance is also what helps to increases our shield durability and duration. I thought the revamp was supposed to let us use or make any loadout we wanted?
  2. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    If dps had dominance then they would die more frequently because dominance makes you targetable. Since the tank can’t continuously spam its aoe pulls then you will get targeted when their pull is on cooldown since your constantly dealing damage. The dominance stat was to help tanks have stronger shields and some form of extra healing. That’s why tanks have dom on their gear and no other role has it because dom is not important to them. Healers importance is restoration. Trolls importance are vitalization. Dps importance are might and precision. Tanks importance is dominance to actually be able to aggro adds away from the rest of the team.
  3. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    If you have Dominance above certain treshold (which depends on the instance) your powers can apply crowd control effect to adds, which can be a problem - especially in Elite and Elite Plus content - because once they break out of those effects, they're immune to crowd control for a few seconds and therefore can't be pulled by the tank. It's bad enough, that controllers do that, if they use their debuffs before tank gathers the adds (which is why they often use B.O.P. Commlink in Elite and Elite Plus, which removes CC, or they play Quantum, debuffs of which don't have CC), but if every DPS gave the enemies immunity, even a lot of regular instances would be extremely difficult, if not impossible for average players.
  4. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    Um, no. Aggro has nothing to do with Dominance. Controllers have high Dominance and they're not constantly targeted, are they? You can get targeted for a number of reasons - the main one of which is being close to the enemies or using powers while in a tank role, others include doing a lot of damage, or healing. There are also old consumables (Provocation Agent and Mass Provocation Agent) which can make enemies hate you, regardless of other factors. Dominance is important for tanks, because it affects their damage mitigation mechanics, as well as allows them to pull and crowd control adds.
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  5. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    By your logic, what would be the point of a DPS having Restoration or Vitalization stats on their gear?
  6. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    You can still use healing powers, or recover power using weapons (with Hybrid focus) as a DPS, which will be affected by those stats. It's usually not a good idea to do that, but you can and - most importantly - it won't negatively affect the group, other than by you doing less damage. As I explained above - if you control enemies, because of high Dominance, it can seriously affect the tanks' ability to do their job. Also - although I'm not sure about it - I think Resto and Vit might have an effect on how much health and power you get from soders.
  7. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    No it doesn't. In the information in regards to Vitalization it clearly states that it does not effect weapon or personal power regeneration. I already stated this in my thread above.

    Also, Restoration and Dominance are both used for base healing potential so I'm not following where you're getting your information from?
  8. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I can’t believe this myth is still not dead. This has been debunked by devs over and over and over.

    The ability to “pull” Aggro and physically pull adds are two separate things

    Dominance has nothing to do with Aggro. I encourage yout to read the description in game of what dominance does. It says nothing about Aggro.

    A level 1 person in tank stance will pull aggro over a dps with dominance mods by simply hitting power. So long as a tank is using their powers they will never drop aggro. Boses do have scripted abilities where they attack another group member but tanks will be right at the top the minute that scripted attack ends by simply hitting a power within range of the boss.

    Tell your friends or whoever gave you this bad info that they are wrong
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  9. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    How do people still believe this….

    Dominance has NO affect on aggro.
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  10. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Dominance had no effect on aggro. But with enough dominance you're able to stun/pull (pull=/=aggro) adds. I've seen some DPS's using tornado pull, etc. in their loadouts. Which would just annoy me as a tank if dps are pushing around my adds.
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  11. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    You're right, it doesn't. I made a mistake when testing - I forgot that Vit augments also raise power stat and the power regen from weapons scales with that. I also just quickly tested soders and there does seem to be a correlation between amount of Vit and the amount of power you get from them, but it's difficult to tell for sure, because there's a heavy RNG component. And according to ObsidianChill's videos - Power Crits and Heal Crits do affect soders, so it stands to reason that Vit and Resto may also do so. But I'll be happy to be corrected if anyone's done more extensive testing.

    So what? You can have healing with 0 Dominance - it's clear from the description, where it states, that 30% Resto and 25% Dom are added. Heals in DPS role are crappy and - as a I said - usually not a good idea. That doesn't change the fact, that having Resto and Vit on DPS gear doesn't hurt anybody, but having Dominance above CC treshold - does cause unwanted crowd control.
  12. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Hold up!! That first sentence killed me. DOM IS NOT AGGRO! Dom is the ability to cc enemies and has shield/healing properties. If a tank uses a superpower then the tank has aggro for up to 12 seconds. A tank could be buck naked and cast a superpower with 0 dom and still have aggro vs a dps rank 396 with 15k dom.
    I suggest you make a tank toon and get to level 10 and read the description of what a tank is. This response is lacking scripted attacks and such but just a reminder: DOM IS NOT AGGRO!
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  13. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

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  14. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    There is a better understanding there when it comes to potentially pulling or CCing adds unintentionally. But isn't there no problem as long as your dom doesn't exceed a certain threshold? Each tier of content has an amount of Dominance that is either required or recommended so initially having under that amount should pose no problem, correct? Then there's the stat clamp in older content which basically makes us unable to have Dominance higher than the content would recommend as a DPS in DPS gear. So theoretically, we could have a good portion of Dominance on DPS and still not affect content if our Dominance doesn't surpass a certain amount. That or am I missing something?
  15. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    Yes, theoretically - I suppose we could. But I don't know what the tresholds are for clamped content, because On Duty descriptions only give suggested Dominance for endgame content, or how much stat piercing can affect Dominance in lowest tiers, so it's hard to judge how much Dominance could be on the gear. Especially that just with Dom augments, Skill Points, OP gear, base mods, Omega Compound and Bulldozer Soder I can have well over 40k Dom, which is above the treshold for almost all of endgame raids (except NU and RoE Elite and Elite Plus - and I think even that might be possible somehow). And treshold for LoD normal raid is less than 24k, which can be reached very easily as a DPS with enough SP, without giving up much damage potential, since just 3 pieces of OP gear give around 15k Dom.

    Now - a DPS probably wouldn't get much benefit from such a build, but if there was even a little Dominance on regular DPS gear - I think Tank gear might be obsolete and battle tanks could be quite over-powered. People can already run clamped content in tank stance with DPS gear, although I'm not sure, if that's effective for tanking raids, or just gives them some extra survivability as DPS. Battle healers might also be OP, if lower Resto of DPS gear was supplemented by Dom.
  16. LowFlyingMoon Dedicated Player

    I just walked into Prime Battleground in DPS role, in DPS gear, with 4 Dom origin augments ( average level around 310), 1 Dom adaptive augment, 3 pieces of OP gear and 340 SP in Dominance - no Bulldozer soder, Compound Omega, or Dom base mods - and I had just over 900 Dominance when clamped, which was enough for my powers to CC adds. So I don't think I would need a lot of Dominance on my regular gear before being able to do it with regular DPS spec.
  17. FoolsFire Devoted Player


    *Tank dies.*
    *I do Mass Detonation.*
    *Boss looks at me, "Oh, it's on!"
  18. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    And on the opposite side, detaunt consumables like shadow concoction and mass shadow.

    Dominance is a pretty ambiguous stat and if I'm being honest I've been wrong about it too in the past.
  19. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    What’s ambiguous about it ?

    It’s pretty straight forward about what it does

    It helps make crowd control effects stronger, and it strengthens your shields and helps with the heals

    It doesn’t do anything else.
  20. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    Clearly not, considering this thread exists.

    Content has suggested dominance, which some people might confuse as a requirement necessary for all players.
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