Double Station Cash

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by segundoblz, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. segundoblz New Player

    So, no double station cash weekend for foreign players?
  2. Gunny New Player

    Was not the first QQ thread about sales affecting some people and not everyone...

    Definitely will not be the last....

    Want everyone equal? Only way is no sales at all. Should they listen to you and do this, just know it is what you wish for ^^
  3. segundoblz New Player

    Or if I could buy station cash from anywhere and still get double cash not only from 7-Eleven, sounds nice? They did this some time ago. Stop shitposting.
  4. SuperBell Loyal Player

    And they will again. This is a promotion with 7-11. Maybe 7-11 has a bunch of Station Cash cards sitting on the shelf and they are trying to move them.
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  5. Alidar New Player

    I'm in he U.S. and a few hours drive to the closest 7-11 which is in another state, so double station cash isn't only being withheld from foreign players
  6. eg801 New Player

    I agree, they should have a wider sale than just 7-Eleven stores. At least extend it to people buying SC from the site using credit cards, then your location won't matter. All of the 7-Eleven stores in my area were bought out more than 20 years ago by another chain, I have no idea how close the nearest one is.
  7. ReggieLightning New Player

    Seriously though...Why 7-11?Everyone is familiar with Gamestop ._.
  8. Bishop New Player

    Whilst it does not ratify your situation, EU accounts currently have 50% off all weapon packs.

  9. DEATHbyLIGHT New Player

    7-11 is the $HIT, that's why.

    Why does it seem pc players get more sales? just wondering, not crying like SOME people
  10. aceCase Committed Player

    Well station cash isn't DCUO specific, it covers all SOE games so I'm guessing there more sales on PC because there's also more SOE games on PC? Just a guess I'm not sure though.
  11. Nitefelina New Player


    It's SOE as a whole. DCUO is just along for the ride. So that means our lovely DCUO team has nothing to do with this. They were probably sent a memo on Thursday telling them that starting on Friday there will be a double SC weekend with the 7-11 cards. That info is then thrown to us by them and done with. Go to 7-11 if you want it, or don't if you don't or just can't. Crying about it does nothing, this is 7-11 and SOE doing a partner deal that has NOTHING to do with DCUO.
  12. DEATHbyLIGHT New Player

    gotcha. makes more sense when its spelled out for me
  13. Breakforce Loyal Player

    This is probably not that far from the truth.
  14. Igote New Player

    The promotion is finished ? I bought now, and my stations cash not doubled :/