Double Solar Credits and New Rewards!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. SteHyatt Well-Known Player

    Are there feats attached to any of these?

    Also in future announcements like these can you mark next to each item which has feats attached please?
    • Magnetic Neon Chroma Pack
    • Titanian Aura (10 PT FEAT)
    • Shocking Fade Hair (10 PT FEAT)
    • Asymmetrical Tresses Hair
    • Futuristic High Top Hair (25 PT FEAT)
    • Henchmen Uplink Device: 31st Century Legionnaires

    It will also help new comers too (as the feats UI needs some major overhauling).
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  2. DarkGreece New Player

    In Greece from 16:00 pm until now he is still writing disconneted
  3. Deus Ex Machina Well-Known Player

    Really digging the rewards.

    Also without sounding like an entitled scumbag, does this mean triple marks are gone?
  4. XBlue Well-Known Player

    I take the ice aura from the left henchmen :)
    P.S: Would be great if you could get more auras for the actual powers. I don't need these parrot auras. ;)
  5. mrcheap Well-Known Player

    Wow I would love to get some of these things but my mains will still be needing to upgrade their gear. Do people know if normally you can buy these sort of items with alts and then trade them to other characters?
  6. 0verhaul New Player

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  7. Whazues Level 30

    sweet i will be looking forward to making a star sapphire lantern with that Titanian Aura
  8. Whazues Level 30

    it looks like the Magnetic Neon Chroma is more detailed by showing off the styles details more than the Steel Neon Chroma which just looks like a shiny smooth metal surface.
  9. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    These items are generally either account bound or tradeable based on the last few episode rewards. So you should be able to obtain them on your alts.

    Other than the metalic part, the tintable textures on them really aren't the same.
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  10. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The neon part has embedded FX in it rather than just being a solid colour. Zoom in and you can see little squiggly bits on the neon parts.
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  11. Synisterstrike Active Player

    To be fair, we've been getting asked if we want a side kick when rescuing those students. You are their mentor now lol.
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  12. Robster4949 Active Player

    Ok so double solar coins, but not time beacons. Guess my alts going without elite, full generator mods etc etc.
  13. TheWrecker Well-Known Player

    1st off I'm really grateful for anytime we get it bonus week. Secondly I think I speak from most players that are in the end game content That this is not the mark we need doubled. The time beacons are what it's hard to acquire And the only way you can get them it's from bounties. There are multiple ways to get the solar coins and honestly there's no need for them to be doubled because everything that takes that currency is reasonably priced. The item's acquired by the other currency are way overpriced And very difficult to obtain. I'm hoping it was just a type of and you left off that all currency and this episode was going to be doubled. Either way thank you for all you do.
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  14. Jcal Committed Player

    Yes, yes, yes! Saturn Girl's hairstyle!! I really wanted that and here it is. So awesome, thanks DCUO team.
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  15. Aethereus New Player

    XD XD XD... Terrible
  16. tukuan Devoted Player

    Agreed, some are under the styles category and some under the episode so it's a bit of a slog sometimes finding them all. I keep them on a spreadsheet but that's an ask for most people.
  17. tukuan Devoted Player

    I suspect they'll have a 2x beacon week shortly as a separate weekend. That said I agree that they should really be in the same week.
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  18. tukuan Devoted Player

    It's a bit inconsistent but in Wonderverse you could for most.
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  19. Heywiar Well-Known Player

    Yessss finally more POC and male hairstyles! Static's hair looks GREAT.
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  20. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Really? Beacons aren't lootl locked and can be ran all day and night at your leisure. Almost everyone I know has no less than 700 beacons at any given time. We only have 1 weekly raid and an alert for instances to get solar from. Compared to every episode, solars are at a severe shortage. But I do agree double both currencies should be held in the same weeks. Im pretty sure that is how the last episode worked?
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