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  1. ForumJunky New Player

    Well if i cant kick you, (all RAGE TANKS) then reset my raid or pay me 2 continue, becuase that what is going 2 happen n well i going to do it on my 115 CR RAGE TANK n well idc becuase the devs will see they made a mistake. :)
  2. RoxyStormbringer Dedicated Player

    If people post this kind of stuff in group chat then I can't wait to see the suspensions and bans the Devs will drop on the griefers. Honestly, our community has gone to hell since T4. Back in the T3 and below era we actually worked together and had a lot of fun doing it. The days of spending hours in FoS2 with friends were a lot of fun, in fact, I don't really recall anybody complaining about things like they do now.

    The kicking of people that started in T5 was ridiculous, and it's about time that they finally removed it. As a community we need to learn to work and play together, those that have no desire to do that should really consider finding a new game. MMORPGs are played for fun and are supposed to be played with others. If you want a semi group game, I'd suggest Assassin's Creed Unity or Dragon Age, because at least those can be played completely as a solo game, but you have the option to play with 1-3 other people when you want to.
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  3. Ramonater New Player

    Bans and suspensions by the devs? lol that will never happen, trust me. And yes there will be lots of negative repercussions to this decision to remove the kick option, what OP said is in fact true, people will say pay me or ill screw it up for all 7 of you. Imagine getting to final boss thrones or cerb and the tank all of a sudden asking for money? you have 2 options at that point 1) leave, regroup and start over 2) Pay him. Now i know this scenario is a bit extreme and i doubt many player will stoop this low however imagine if you are with great group, heals are great, power is great, Burn is awesome , 1 tank taking out the essence in about 15 secs while the other tank cant hold ares and adds. then what? should 7 people pay the price of the tank that cant hold adds?

    Just an example but i am sure you get the idea. I am a Tank myself, so please tell me who and what will stop me from being "that guy"? lol
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  4. lukelucky Devoted Player

    t5 i remeber people getting kicked for leaguemates very often for the last boss loot. i hate to say it but i do believe the loot as rewards inspire this. other than that the only time i see people kicked is due to performance and that is fair.
    so much of this mess the devs created IMO because the game was great. not bad now but for sure pre t4 was the best era to me
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  5. Omega Boy Committed Player

    I'm sure some will do this. This is the worst case scenario. There's not much the group can do, but pay the guy, place him on ignore, & start shouting about it in LFG. After that, they can file a ticket for griefing. We got along ok before kicking was around. I honestly don't remember that many griefers. (Other than ninja looters-and that problem is no more).
  6. Ramonater New Player

    i see lots of people hating on "tanks for hire" and i really dont get it. I am a tank myself and i constantly get tells to tank this or that and most of the time i am loot locked so i sometimes reply ill tank it if you reset me because honestly i am sick of running that content and dont want to reset it for myself because i dont want to run it, but if i was paid/hired to run then yeah i will do. I see no harm in that. The way i see it, my time your money. Its not like tanks are asking for PSN cards or real world money
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  7. Omega Boy Committed Player

    Pre-raid, it's fair game. At the last boss, it's a bit of a jerk move.
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  8. Ramonater New Player

    by the way i love you for your honesty lol, we should team and and shout 2 11x Cr tanks for hire for thrones lol
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  9. Ramonater New Player

    yes 100% agree with you there, pre raid its all good and fair but dont hold 7 people hostage at last boss bro, that's a richard move if you know what i mean lol
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  10. TrueArchon Dedicated Player

    I don't see this as being a problem. With deserter penalty chopped down Jason Voorhees style to a mere 60 seconds, this will be a non-issue, if the player is causing grief early on in the raid/instance. You can still vote to disband and the majority vote for that will put the smack down onto the erstwhile jerk, and skirt around the deserter altogether, and then kick the moron from the group once outside. Not only that, if everyone leaves, it will take more than the deserter-minute just to find the replacement...then just re-queue. If the group makes it far into the instance, to say... Hades...well, you've come THAT far, just see it through. The problem will, at that point; lie within reconfiguring method and tactic, as opposed to kicking the one being most deficient.

    Now on the other hand: it may be that certain varieties of a special sort of asinine jerk can and will deliberately perform poorly in a blatantly obvious manner, to sabotage the group. It will be tough, but disbanding no matter where in the raid you are will have to be done.
    So how to "take care of business", with those unsavory sorts?
    Let's just say there are ways to use LFG, Shout, Tell, etc...that may leave a certain sort of lasting impression on certain players' ability to get picked up for a run...just sayin'.
    That was the way it was handled before. And it worked well enough.
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  11. ForumJunky New Player

    I am going to take advantage of the devs messing up the game so much and o can't wait :)
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  12. EP Ice Loyal Player

    And yet again the community is finding a way to make a situation much worse than it already is and then want to blame the devs for it! SMH
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  13. ForumJunky New Player

    Your right! But going link dead because your internet crash PR had a family thing you had to do is a dick move since we can't just kick you.
  14. ForumJunky New Player

    I just don't understand why you take vote to kick out lmao
  15. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    I am not really worried about people "holding me hostage" but more about people who rage quit or just leave because they need to and don't disconnect properly and are link dead... That's where I feel this would become an issue the most.
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  16. ForumJunky New Player

    If the devs mess up and your not taking advantage of it, then what's the point in playing lol
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  17. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    So basically, you're ******** your pants about how people might hold your group hostage and your resolution is to do that anyway instead of seeing what happens?

    Great logic (Y)
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  18. MrBeefCakes New Player

    Do what you gotta do:)
  19. LogicLaughable New Player

    FINALLY! Something to combat ninja invites. As a tank, I am sick and tired of people 'ninja inviting' me. It's incredibly annoying when I am trying to run content. My responsibility is not to clear your content for you... (aside from my league)

    If you ninja invite me to throne, you are gosh darn right I am going to hold your entire raid hostage for a reset.

    Finally some payback for one of the more annoying behaviors of DCUO players.
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  20. guardzman New Player

    You are not taking advantage of the devs you are being a poor sport to those that worked equally hard to get to the final boss and ruining what may just have been their best moment in DCUO .
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  21. LogicLaughable New Player

    ...which is exactly why they should not remove it.
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