Don't Bother Queuing the Seasonal Event if You're Sub-30

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JimsArcade, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    I've noticed this in the past couple of seasonal events... If your level is below 30 and you go solo via the On-Duty screen, the game now only queues you in when 3 other players near your level queue as well. Unfortunately, there is no stat boost like you get with the other seasonal alerts (shown visually with a translucent diving helmet, pumpkin head, etc.).

    Of all my alts, I still have one level 15 toon. And like the past 2 seasons, the system now only queues me with other 10-15 level toons. Without those seasons' boosts, you have no chance to complete the instance. Larfleeze takes no damage from toons of that level.

    With stat clamping, shouldn't there be stat boosting as well to make this an equally challenging alert for all levels?
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  2. Ivar New Player

    We actually wiped, all 30 but low cr. :eek:

    Suddenly that Larfleeze fellow started hitting like a truck.
    Ok we kinda ignored the spawning presents at first. But they only spawn adds anyway, right?

    Also no idea how to get that overload lamp achievement.

    So far I´m very unimpressed by my first Christmas DCUO party. :(
  3. inferno Loyal Player

    There is stat boosting for toons that are below 30. The GU patch even states that all players going into the instance will be clamped in between 30 to 34 cr. If you want to know by how much your level 15 is boosted, just look at your stats once your in the instance. It even shows how much your stats are boosted.
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  4. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    That's what I was expecting. I would check next time but I can't see myself queuing for this ever again on that alt.

    On all my other runs where we were clamped at 34, Larfleeze took an appropriate amount of damage and we finished in a reasonable amount of time. On the run with my lvl 15 alt (the other players were 11-13), we were able to whittle down the adds during the lantern phases. However, whenever we got to fight Larfleeze, he only took 1 damage no matter what we threw at him. During the 3rd and final stage we just kept attacking him to no avail until he wiped us all. If our stats were shown as boosted in the stat screen, they did not translate to the instance itself.
  5. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    There is a boost for pre30s in the winter seasonal. (those People will have a Snowman-head)

    But from a league-mate, who has multiple farm-chars around lvl 10 I know, that Queues for low-lvl-chars take a lot longer and that he usually Ends up in Groups full of pre30-chars.
    With the stat-boost that doesn't even make sense, so I guess it might be a bug.
  6. Sbel Devoted Player

    You have to use one of the presents to keep it from overloading. It's the front left one if you're facing in from the door. Use it, then carry it away from the lantern.

    Let it overload like you did, then don't die. You pretty much need a good healer and troller.
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  7. Sbel Devoted Player

    That sounds bugged. Did you try it again?
  8. DerekHale Active Player

    No more Boost with Snowman-head this event. Players under lv30 can't do this event anymore.
    I did this event for 3 years(never had a problem), and now i failed completely with my alt low lv (and yes we had a healer).
  9. Sbel Devoted Player

    You're supposed to be getting the buff. If you're not, start a thread in the bug forum, and send some green names a PM about it. They need to know this.
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  10. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I should try to run it once more just to post screenshots and throw them up on the bug forum. Today I did a run with my main and a lvl 25 character was able to queue with us... still without the snowman head to show if he's being buffed..
  11. zeroman New Player

    The villain of the year loves this. Everbody crying and complaining. Oh how the gods now feel mortal now.
  12. Alekimsior New Player

    I don't agree. It is doable. It just takes more time. It is also a pain if you don't have a balanced group. I ran this instance with a lvl 13 alt, who was a Earth dps, and there were 2 dps, 1 controller (none higher than me). Health regen was garbage, so I'd have to stop doing stuff to toss barrels close to the team. One of the teammates died, and he wasn't revived. So, in the end Larfleeze was receiving less damage. It took almost an hour to beat him.

    It's interesting to know stats were buffed for lower levels in previous Seasonals. Always thought the pumpkin head was simly for show.