Dominance speccing for trollers

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Echephyle, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Echephyle New Player

    Last night I played with a guy who's main is a troller with over 900dominance. He told me that with a very high dominance your debuffs last longer and also are more powerful. He's a mental troller and said there was a time when he turned a boss into a ghost for a few seconds. Is what he says true?

    I was always told that dominace works as a black and white for whether you can control the mob or not. If you're over 550 you can knock down ads in gates. If you're above, theres no benefit.

    Now according to the guy i played with, i should get my dom as high as possible to debuff better and possibly have some control effects on bosses.

    What do you guys think? Has this been tested and confirmed by anyone else?
  2. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    Dominance has never made debuffs last longer. It use to raise the damage needed to break out, but now all it does is effect shields. You are right in saying that once you reach the suggested you can do CC. As for the ghost thing, the orbital use to be glitched and knock down bosses and make them vulnerable to control effects. It's been fixed.
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  3. TheDark Loyal Player

    That person doesn't understand how dominance works.
    High dominance only contributes to increase your shield strength and is now part of the equation to increase your healing with some controller powers+mods/supercharges.

    Every debuff last around 8 seconds regardless of your Dom. Defense debuffs 7% and Damage debuff reduces total damage out (not just precision) by 7%. There is no info on how much the health debuff inflicts in PvE. No amount of dom will increase that percent and therefore cannot make your debuffs "stronger." Switch to Controller stance and your debuffs will apply and the time will not change. It isn't difficult to test this. Find a target, hit it with a debuff and watch the red icon of the debuff you apply under the targets name. Then count the number of seconds.

    If he turned a boss into a ghost is was probably when orbital strike was able to knock down bosses and reduce their CC resistance. You can't do that anymore.

    550 dom is the minimum right now to run raids and apply CC effects through weapons or powers. This will increase with t5 raids. Right now, it's recommended to have a minimum of 600 because sometimes "lieutenant" type NPC's don't always get controlled with 550 exact.
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  4. Echephyle New Player

    In other words, save the extra skill points for dps'ing instead of dom right?
  5. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    Unless you use shields and want to increase the strength. I would also suggest resto for shields.
  6. DrewCheech New Player

    Make sure you put points into cunning - it increases your chance of crit power out
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  7. Echephyle New Player

    I have been. That's my last thing to fill.
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  8. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    I dont go crazy on Dom innates. With the new skill trees we can put that into extra Vit or Power
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  9. REEEPR New Player

    I had enemies breaking out of my horrific visage in less than a second on strykers yesterday. Did they tweak the dom mechanics for encasements or something? Seriously, i was able to ghost the rioting prisoners for a decent amount of time, up until yesterday.
  10. BomombRook New Player

    I have a similar problem with the Gauss grenade, I have the right dom yet it does not stun or even put them on the ground.
  11. Kristyana New Player

    Try switching to DPS then back to your role. There's an annoying persistent bug where sometimes it won't update your stats when zoning.
  12. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    NO he is not correct. Dom was changed in GU 18 and you only need the req amount to get your CC to land. Some NPC will have a natural immunity to your CC. The only reason to have Dom that high is for shields(increasing shield strength) in an upcoming update it will have a minor effect to our heals(think white socket bubble shield heal). With your T4 gear and dom/vit4 in blue's you'll have 100 or more dom than required.

    Also as stated above dom never had an effect on how long the effect lasted just the damage possible taken before breakout. That is now changed. They will all last a min 5 sec's(I think) or until attacked and the effect is broken.
  13. Neptune New Player

    Just fokus on vit only.
  14. Quantum Rising Well-Known Player

    Changing dom's effect on CC'ing was one of the biggest mistakes SOE made to the controller role. Where once you could have had different varieties of controllers now everyone is just a cookie cutter copy. They should have made it so dom had MORE of an importance in cc'ing not less. i.e. 700 dom = +1 sec to cc, 800 dom = +1.5 sec, 900 dom = +2 sec. etc. etc.
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  15. Kristyana New Player

    I would LOVE to see some changes to debuffing reflect Dominance. It would be a great addition to the new raids. Start with a base debuff and make it so every 50 dominance or so adds 1% to the amount the debuff is for.
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  16. Bishop New Player

    That sounds an excellent proposition. Right now all a Controller truly has to spec into for public role grouping is Vitalization and Cunning. Even with U25 and movements thats 104SP. That's nothing, give me more to spend on and prove my worthiness.

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  17. thefirstlantern New Player

    High Dom will be needed for T5 alerts ! Stunning a crowd is a major part of trolling! The higher the dom the better the stun affect period. Controllers if you really want to see the if what I'm saying is true, go into Prime with 850 below dom and try to stun the healer drones I bet you that they won't go down on just one cast of your power . Now respec so you Dom is over 900 and try to stun the healer drones again and they will instantly hit the floor. My in game name is THE FIRSTLANTERN...Vit 1375 and dom 956. My advice is to be a complete troller. We don't have enough of those nowadays :)
  18. thefirstlantern New Player

    I also try to see what would happen if i was to drop my Dom but still remain over 900. Now my stats are at 1395 Vit and 912 dom and the only difference is when using a encase power the effect doesn't last as long. When i was at 956 dom I can encase something pick it up and throw what's trap in my encasement.
  19. Kristyana New Player

    As has been stated in this thread several times, this has been changed for over half a year. Dominance has absolutely no effect on how long the stun is good for but instead provides a simple yes/no check to see if you can land the stun in the first place.

    I will point out however that simply having the minimum dominance recommended for an instance will NOT mean you'll be able to CC everything in that instance. The bare minimum will let you control the small trash mobs, but larger mobs and larger adds will not be able to be CC'd.
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  20. thefirstlantern New Player

    Your right.. that's the point I was trying to get across :) I never spoke on how long when it came to stuns only the effect actually happening with is important for a troller.

    also it's true what you said about minimum Dom that's why I said go into prime and test what I said. if your under 850 dom your chance of the stun working is low on the first cast of your power...above 900 gives a high chance of stun working on a target on the first cast of your power. So be both agree High dom is important for CC. what's the sence of being able to only stun smaller mobs only. This is the problem with alot of trollers today. New breed trollers only care about is the TICK and forget about the Control part of trolling!
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