Dom buff for tanks capped at 2000?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Random Hero, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. russ4ua15 New Player

    Only ice tanks have numerous enough shields to make resto equal to dom.
  2. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Gear wise I'm not changing anything. Dom+health in everything for my earth tank. Whenever this gets fixed I don't plan on going back and re modding gear.
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  3. Incredible Wrecker New Player

    Thank you for your response and help with this sir.
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  4. russ4ua15 New Player

    Something as simple as a hard cap shouldn't take long to fix. You should have fixed the bugs with rage and earth after SM event was done. Not right when everyone was trying to beat that next round.
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  5. Korlick Loyal Player

    · Tanks
    o Increased the Dominance cap to 8000, which should be out of reach in normal play.
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  6. Random Hero New Player

    good stuff now i dont have to remod. where did u find that Korlick?
  7. TheDark Devoted Player

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  8. Random Hero New Player

    Much appreciated, Glad that this is finally being fixed
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  9. russ4ua15 New Player

  10. Irmensul Well-Known Player

    Thanks Korlick
  11. 6000Degree New Player

    Thank you, if someone on test server can test this for a final confirm, this thread can be closed/deleted
  12. DRy New Player

    I confirm,
    on test my Dominance +3100 (with mk VI)
    my Défense is +3100

    Thanks Mepps
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  13. Franchise New Player

    Why is the cap raised to 8000? why cant it just be unlimited? so when tier 8 comes out we have to revisit this issue?

    and is this possible for this to be fixed in server hot fix rather than wait for gu 39? This bug is very crucial to non ice-tanks at the moment so I was hoping for an immediate fix especially when SM won't be up much longer.

    But I am glad it has been addressed
  14. 6000Degree New Player

    The cap is in place to avoid exploits like the generator one to make numbers overflow.
    8000 should never be reached for years by normal play, so it's not a game-limit anymore.

    I would like this in an hotfix too, but I guess GU39 is not far away anyway.
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  15. Random Hero New Player

    I agree with this. It would be nice tanking SM with my full dom buffs available to me and since SM is going away with the arrival of GU39 i would love to get this in a hotfix ASAP or maybe extend SM out an additional week.
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  16. Newsflash New Player

    There's an inference from Mepps' update notes that a hard cap may still be in place for Controllers since he specifically referenced Tanks.

    It would seem logical that a Dom cap was put in place for both classes at the same time (probably Alpha/Beta). Only way of testing that I can think of is analysing the healing ticks of either Triage (HL) or Battle Display (Gadgets) but there would be a ton of variance to weed out.

    Props to Random Hero for getting this issue fixed.
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