Dom buff for tanks capped at 2000?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Random Hero, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. russ4ua15 New Player

    Ice benefits the most. Earth and rage - not much at all.
  2. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    How did you come to the conclusion that I did? Obviously that number is from a Healer but even that high it still helps shields and heals. Since Restoration does not boost Health or Defense for even Tanks the fact that it helps a Healer should help Tanks and Controllers just the same. If you look at Dominance it is shared with Healers as well helping their heals and increasing shield strength of shields like Hard Light Shield. It is reasonable to say that shared stat has the same effectiveness caps and I stated the number to show that putting points in Restoration should not be wasted even for Tanks and Controllers.
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  3. russ4ua15 New Player

    Resto is good for ice but the other tanking powers don't get as much from it.
  4. Lacedog Loyal Player

    Earth is back to being capped at 2k for out dom to defense buff. The hot fix reverted us back to the problem before gu37.
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  5. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I know several healers with well over 6000 resto, although I am not sure they have tested it to see if it actually helps them or if it too has a cap. Since I have been playing around with my fire tank, and loaded him up on resto, 3750 or so, because of the dom limit, I was just being curious when I saw your 5000 number if it happened to be in a non-heal stance.
  6. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I'm a troll and I pop a bulldozer to get my dominance over 2000, so my TK shield is extra tough. Are you guys telling me that over 2000 dominance will not go into how tough my TK shield is?
  7. 6000Degree New Player

    Yes, you are wasting a soder.
  8. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    are you 100% sure?
  9. Lacedog Loyal Player

    the only thing i am sure of is for earth, it is capping our dom:defense at 2000. anything more than that is not being utilized. as far as shields go, that needs tested before any conclusion can be made.
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  10. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    this has been an issue for earth for a while, so for now, I'm gonna believe that dominance for trolls/ice tanks is working as intended (to lengthen CC time, and increase damage mitigation of shields even after 2000 dominance).
  11. russ4ua15 New Player

    I tested shields and they get the full benefit of dom. It's only about 500 extra shield strength for me though. So, my tests might be inaccurate. Someone modded fully dom could give a more definite answer
  12. Franchise New Player

    my rage tank is also capped 2000 and my dom is 2390.

    Im getting 1333 buff per add when I should be getting 1593 buff per add. You see how much health I am missing out on? It is ridiculous
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  13. Random Hero New Player

    Hi all haven't been able to log in for bit on my internet at home so I'm posting from my phone. If anyone could suggest a solid theory on how to test Dom affecting shield strength I'd be more than happy to test it on my ice tank and quantum troll when I get home and post the results.

    Also thanks for support and please continue to let people know to like this thread. The new raids are coming soon and I'm sure every tank ( and possibly troll) wants to go in there using their full potential.
  14. russ4ua15 New Player

    I used the combat log in duels with a league mate. Careful with WM though, it doesn't show up correctly in the combat log.
  15. Random Hero New Player

    ^^ This sounds like a good idea, thank you. Quick question if I recall correctly ice shields had a 3 hit max at least in PvP. Is this true or still applying?
  16. russ4ua15 New Player

    Not still true. During our tests my shield took five and six hits
  17. ApacheTribe Well-Known Player seem to be more current on these earth tank issues. How do you specc considering the dom cap? Just wondering before I respec.
  18. Incredible Wrecker New Player

    Silence from Mepps, Spytle or anyone else. This is what frustrates myself and many others. The Dom mix up isn't that big a deal. You acknowledge it, fix it and move on. This silent treatment we get repeatedly over issues is deafening. Just be straight up. You would have way less negative feedback and animosity if you would do so.
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  19. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    tanks! drink restoration soders now and use your SP for resto (lol).

    I think the devs should check all caps... I bet there is more than just a dominance cap, we just haven't reached or noticed it yet...
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating what's going on here. Thank you for the reports.
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