Dom buff for tanks capped at 2000?

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Random Hero, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. Random Hero New Player

    Hi I am a fire dps / tank on the usps server. In tank stance I have 12361 base health with 2530 Dom. This should yield me me 25,343 buffed health with base health being multiplied by 1.6 and my Dom being multiplied by 2.2. However, my buffed health is at 24,177 which is my base health multiplied by 1.6 and added with 2000 of my Dom multiplied by 2.2.

    The reason I find this concearning is because this means that as a fire tank I have 530 Dom that doesn't do anything for me but help my heals ( which would be better be better with restoration mods anyways) . Everyone's input is appreciated. Thanks
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  2. DPRINCE New Player

    I just started tanking 2 weeks ago so idk
  3. 6000Degree New Player

    I confirm the bug is still present on live.

    For example, I should get:
    11575*1.6 + 2.2*2090 = 23118 HP, instead I get
    11575*1.6 + 2.2*2000 = 22920 HP

    Please fix this, otherwise there is no reason to have more than 2000 DOM.
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  4. Korlick Loyal Player

    I really dont know if this is a bug or intended, but hopefully, we will get an answer soon from people on the test servers.
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  5. Random Hero New Player

    yeah i really hope this is NOT intended otherwise its gonna be hell remodding all my dom/health to resto/health
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  6. Korlick Loyal Player

    According to the stats provided by Devil from the Test Servers, this problem remains the same.
    Im starting to believe two things : 1) Its working as intended and nobody knew about this dom cap. or 2) The devs couldnt fixed yet...
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  7. Nemesir Well-Known Player


    Server Downtime 02.21.13 - Game Update 23!

    Fire and Ice Update

    The Fire and Ice power sets have been updated! Each set has had improvements made to some of their visual effects, audio effects, and even a refactoring of their power interactions. This also includes some brand new powers and better power descriptions! See below for a list of specific changes to abilities.


    Fire has been broken for more than 1 year and 4 months and counting.

    2nd Challenge:

    I challenge the devs or Jens or Mepps or anyone from DCUO Heads to play and Tank Survival Mode as a Fire Tank and broadcast it live on DCUO Twitch TV so that each one of you from DCUO Corporate and Development Department as well as the entire DCUO Community may witness how broken Fire is for a very long time.
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  8. 6000Degree New Player

    Remember to upvote the 1st post for higher priority
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  9. Random Hero New Player

    That's pretty sad. While I usually try to give the devs the benefit of the doubt but this is a huge disadvantage due to the fact that as it stands now we have absolutely no further use for dom.

    Thanks all for showing support lets keep upvoting this and try to at least get an official response.
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  10. Korlick Loyal Player

    Well...we can still use the Dom to buff our worthless self-heals

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  11. Random Hero New Player

    Also , while I did only post on how this affects fire tanks please bear in mind that at the very least this does affect rage's health buff and earths defence buff as well. I'm even wondering if the Dom cap extends to our healing and ice's shield as well as controller shields but those are a little more difficult for me to test .
  12. Random Hero New Player

    While this is true you have to remember that due to the 1:1 ratio that calculates our healing restoration sp and mods yields better stats than Dom does
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  13. Korlick Loyal Player

    I know i post was a joke/sarcasm lol
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  14. Random Hero New Player

    Just to update all who may read this thread after some very light testing it may seem that dom in general is capped at 2k.

    The way i tested this was by soloing the the Obot and healing myself with only burnout since it is a single tick burst heal and easy to keep track of while fighting. At the half health mark i popped a bulldozer 6 and saw no visual difference in in the heals from burnout.

    This was only a quick test to see if it was worth looking into more in depth but so far it seems that this may affect more than I initially thought. If its true then it would be that dom after 2k has no affect on anything whatsoever. I'll be doing more testing a little bit more in depth soon and will post my highest, lowest, and average non crit heals both before and after colas
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  15. Random Hero New Player

    This is probably due to the fact that as ice your defense gets a flat increase of 90% when a power is activated rather than scaling off of your dom or resto. Hope that helps.

    On another note i just finished testing my self heals and it seems that dom over 2k doesn't affect anything on fire whatsoever the same may be true for ice's shields i'll have the test results for heals up soon
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  16. DRy New Player

    I confirm the bug
    I'm earth tank is my dominance is block 2000
    2000 or 2500 my defense is the same

    I am still awaiting a response from the support
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  17. Random Hero New Player

    Yup yup. If I can think of a sound theory on a way to test shield durability for ice I'll test it on my ice toon but for now I'd probably assume it won't have Amy affect when over 2k Dom since fires heals stop scaling with Dom at 2k
  18. 6000Degree New Player

    With DLC11 and IL94 gear on test, this bug should be much more evident.
    Maybe someone could point testers to verify and upvote this bug report, us PS users can't write there...
  19. Random Hero New Player

    Alright so i thought I'd go ahead and share my findings on how dom affects self heals for fire. To test this I went into the T6 duo Supply Lines in full tank stance and recorded the heals with burnout. The reason I chose burnout was because it is a single tick burst heal and was easy to keep track of. I self healed with it 20 times with normal stats and 20 times using a bulldozer 6 cola which i would think would make a decent increase in heals. My stats with this tank set up were 2422 base dom with 2287resto and on the cola it was 2854 dom with 2287resto.

    With base stats burnout healed for ( 2422 dom )
    1460 average
    1575 highest non crit
    1332 lowest non crit
    3465 highest crit

    With Bulldozer VI cola ( 2854 dom )
    1439 average
    1572 highest non crit
    1324 lowest non crit
    3508 highest crit

    I feel that with the extra 432 dom it would've produced a huge difference but as u can see from the numbers the heals were all pretty much in the same range. Thus in conclusion i am led to believe that dom over the 2k mark is capped from doing anything what so ever for fire tanks and quite possibly everything else in game that scales using dom. THIS NEED TO BE FIXED OR AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE WORKING AS INTENDED. With the new DLC on the horizon as well as higher gear tank sets will really not gain much with this bug in place. It is also worth noting that controllers will probably be reaching the 2k dom mark with the new set of gear as well.

    Thanks for reading and as always support and input is always greatly appreciated
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  20. TimeManipulator New Player

    Dom has nothing to do with your heals, I'm also a Fire Tank. Raise your Resto if you want stronger heals and use tac mod for the chest which receives 10% more heals. I've got just over 2800 Resto and I heal myself quite well. Dom is for control aspects of your powers along with bonus for Tank role.
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