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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Flair, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Flair Well-Known Player

    Looking for some advice. I've always been happy to Hunt exobits when I needed some extra money. Now however, because of bytes dropping in time capsules, the price of bits has gone way down. Can anyone offer some advice or point me to a New thread that talks about the best way to strengthen my bank account.
  2. Here2Help Devoted Player

    1. Pray to RNGesus.
    2. Open Time Capsule. Find something nice? Skip to 4. If not, continue to 3.
    3. Open another Time Capsule. Return to 2.
    4. Sell it.
    5. Repeat.
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  3. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Farm collections. The ones for style feats sell decent
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  4. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Complex materials have gotten pretty expensive. You can run old duos for gear to salvage.
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  5. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Exceptional recovery kits.

    You know where they drop?
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  6. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I'm only offering,

    when you get R&D plans you have already collected, check the vendor 1st for the price u will get then check on the broker for what they go for,'

    There are people placing R&D Oly plans on the broker for 15k and below losing money right and left, the broker fee and the difference in price of the vendor.

    Oly R&D plans get you 23+k sold to a vendor.
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  7. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    I know how to make some ingame cash, too bad I'm not telling how because then everyone will do it and then it wouldn't be as profitable for me :rolleyes:
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  8. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Probably sells cards.
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  9. Derio Steadfast Player

    Complex materials, rare collections, booster bundle auras, mods, time capsule items.
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  10. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    Spend a day on Arkham or Stryker's Island, farm collections from there.
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  11. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    And then list them on the broker for 15k like everyone else has started doing now -______-
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  12. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    They should invent jobs in this game, being a superhero/villain is expensive. Or just let us rob a bank.
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  13. Flair Well-Known Player

    B Boy echos my point. A lot of the items I used do make decent money on are becoming rather devalued. It's almost as if some super villain is behind the scenes deflating mod values on purpose!!! Complex are still selling well though. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming if you have any more!
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  14. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    The problem with certain farmed items is, once others find out they significantly reduce the value of those items.

    As an example, if I farm those collections and list them for 100k each. To me that is a reasonable amount, I'm not ripping anyone off and others farming the same are posting in that range as well, from 80-150k.

    Then xxsuperhero56xx comes along and finds out that it's a way of making money, farms them even more because he's got nothing better to do than try to buy a green aura, and keeps posting them over and over for 15k. And he'll keep posting them for that amount for months because to him that's what his time is worth, and for us it screws us over completely.
  15. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    1. If you have legendary just sell your replays
    2. Buy all of a certain item of the broker and sell it for more than it's worth
    3. Spam all the missions that drop trade able iconics
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  16. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    Seems to be a trend, I know a guy who's girlfriend scams players for 20/50mil a pop by getting on voice chat with her fake accounts, transfers all the money to him and then ditches the accounts.

    He makes 100m a week easily that way, and he admits it openly. They both have all the auras, materials, high CR's through buying resets and 70SP :)
  17. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    They should introduce an auction system: people will fight over an item, you end up making more money.
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  18. Butterfly Boy Committed Player

    You mean like every other MMO that has an actual economy and auction houses? :eek:
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  19. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Actually, stock markets are the latest now when it comes to "actual economy". Simulating eBay in MMOs is the past already.
  20. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    How does that work?

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