Does negative feedback effect future updates?

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  1. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    Like many other MMOs PvP is a hit and miss with regards to how popular it is; I really enjoyed PvP in DC before the changes many years ago and a lot of other players would agree.

    Hopefully it can be looked at in the future and with that i think a lot of customers would return to the game.
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  2. GermanM Committed Player

    Update Iconic´s and Movement modes, please.
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  3. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Would you have said that the same thing before PVP population dropped? Currently there are a lot of powers especially movement powers such as super speed. Even if "doesn't have to make money", the effort into such task is too much. There's no hope for new powers when existing powers have been needing an overhaul for many years now.

    Artifacts and Allies are passive income to this game and given the fact that the new episode is going to take a few months until a new episode is released just means there's going to be times where things such as existing powers are going to need "some love"
  4. Panderus Senior Producer

    Don't know, I don't have that data and it was a long time ago. Rumor around the office though it was never really that popular even with the larger content drop that focused on it. PvP takes a whole team to maintain and keep feeling fresh, it's hard for most games to keep that up.
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  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    That's a bit of circular logic though. There's not enough of a PVP population to justify the effort because PVP has been ignored for so long. So PVP is now continuing to be ignored because there's not enough of a PVP population to justify the effort.

    Long ago, when it was a focus and more balanced, PVP had the population to justify it.

    The primary problems with PVP is the lack of power balancing for PVP of later powersets, the removal of the RPS system, the insane cost of PVP gear (which is a barrier for people wanting the ability to swap between role and DPS, which becomes especially exponentially more true the closer you get to the highest tier) and the lack of any aspect of further character expansion for continuing to play (new gear, content, powers, abilities, etc).

    If you want to see more PVP population, at least start rotating in a 10x Marks week (similar to the Legends event).
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  6. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Ouch that was kind of hurtful lol before PVP was dropped I had fun and this was when... Darn I forgot his dev name but his toon was called milkman or something, anyways it was fun because devs and players would participate together. Honestly devs back then were more engaging towards players than they are now but I understand (i think) why that is and it's no one's fault for that. As for getting love to powers even if it will take 2 years to finish I or we would like some deets so that we can remain hopeful because as of now it's not. No PVP, reused maps, and everything else, powers are broken such as super speed. Thanks for replying, I always appreciate that.
  7. Magnificent Loyal Player

    That rumor is horribly incorrect. There are still a few of us here who have been around since Beta and we remember PVP being every bit a viable option for our gaming time as was PVE. The speedhack killed a lot of enthusiasm (especially as it lasted so long), but PVP bounced back once it started being actively policed (although never back to its former level as lots of players simply left over the hack and never came back).

    Also, the most popular online games are PVP. Neglecting this aspect of the game is to purposely ignore the majority of the online gaming world (especially when an original, dedicated aspect of this game was PVP).
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  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply with your thoughts however they're coming off more as excuses than reasons. You have a huge section of gameplay (PvP) that prior to 2017 used to be exciting, fun and popular. Now it's riddled with exploits, cheaters and largely ignored by both developers and players. I for one would like to get back into PvP but not in the state that it is in currently.
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  9. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Here's an idea: What if they just added a section of the same Arenas but without the restrictions? So players can go all out like in Open World. Players seem to still love doing that, and since they seem to prefer dueling nowadays over arenas anyway because of it.
  10. Kreachure Committed Player

    You don't have much of a pvp population because you refuse to work on PvP. Don't flip this hahaha. Hard to be engaged in PvP when there's NO NEW ENGAGING CONTENT OR FIXES FOR YEARS LOL. Where's the accountability here?
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  11. kingofthebeast Active Player

    If thats the case then unlock all pvp feats. By your own admittance its deliberately ignored inspite of it being over run with exploits. How am i to finish the feats?
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  12. GermanM Committed Player

    Also SuperSpeed and Brawling.
  13. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    Players don't seem to understand what actually is required before they say "more new powers" "fix pvp"

    There aren't even any developers left from PvP so it would be a MASSIVE undertaking because they would have to learn the foundation of Tunso's combat system from the ground up. Not to mention every single PVE update that has happened for multiple years impacted PVP with adverse effects.
    1) Immunity, a core component to PvP is completely wrecked
    2) you have combos that cannot be interrupted as a feature like rage/light which doesn't work for PvP because there is no counter window
    3) shield absorption and self healing trumps all, which is why you have mental/atomic/fire having massive advantages over any other power in 1v1.
    4) Counter Taps changing from 3-5 and weapon combos that cannot be countered. The developers can't even do a weapon pass correctly or in general and we would need them to completely look at weapons again in addition to powers to make pvp work correctly
    5) RPS system being removed by Jens Anderson without actually being asked for by the community which had actually added role requirement elements to PvP (while it would need to be tuned)
    list goes on...

    DCUO has never been able to fully separate PVE from PVP so any updates that are made for PVE carry over to PVP and adversely impact PVP. IF the devs have the tech to completely separate changes so they don't function/do function inside arenas then fine, but if they don't there is ZERO point to even think about working on PvP. The last time counter immunity was worked on a developer took a group of pvpers and had them work on it together testing (before he was let go from the company) and that is what it would take again
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  14. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Keep in mind the highlighted part there while true are not MMORPGs or in this genre. They are Battle Royale, FPS, etc. MMORPG PVP doesnt fit this mold. I can atm only recall WoW's PVP system as being still the most popular and the PVE Raiding World First streams still provide better viewers than the PVP seasons.

    I would certainly like to see a bump in PVP with it being a new map or something. The balancing act with Powers to work IN PVP is another headache.
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  15. Kreachure Committed Player

    Thank you sir.
    Glad we have Obsidian Chill, a player, to explain the complexities of reworking PvP since the devs would rather make backwards excuses and not have a real conversation about it.

    If anything, if its too overwhelming to rework it right now, at least start fixing glitches and exploits. That would be a good start. I already take 6 hours to Q into PvP. It would be nice if I wasn't greeted by orbitals and speed hackers but oh well.
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  16. Tolly Committed Player

    I think you underestimate this community far too much and if you think there is not much of it, if that is the case, it may be because you have put it aside for too long...

    It's funny to read that, because Daybreak didn't miss the years to have the opportunity to do that...
  17. Wallachia Devoted Player

    And this, children, is a core example of dumb feedback that will always remain ignored.
  18. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    “Does negative feedback effect future updates”: I will explain how the company I work for handles this for our clients, which most likely is quiet similar to how Daybreak / Dimensional Ink goes about it, but that would have to be confirmed by one of their employees.

    We will aggregate the different inputs on a product’s reaction from various sources (Social Media reaction mainly using Reddit or that client’s own forum if they have one, Surveys, and direct customer interactions) and then bounced that against sales results.

    We evaluate what customers liked and did not like about the product to help our clients understand how to improve the product. Our clients have invested millions in $$$ and years in time to develop their products so they want the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) as possible from it.

    If there is a negative reaction to the product, we help them to quickly identify why their customers are reacting negatively to it and what can be done to reverse their customer’s perception of the product. Again, time is of the essence because the longer a product is receiving a negative reaction, the greater the likelihood that it’s (the product) reputation will be permanently ruined thus costing our clients potentially millions in lost future profits. Perception becomes reality. I realize this is a very succinct explanation but I wanted to convey the basics as quickly as I can in the shortest wall of text possible.

    So if the OP of the title of this thread is asking if negative feedback is listened too, I would say yes it is so that improvements can be made to the future updates. Every company wants their product(s) to be loved by their customers; this drive higher profits in the long run and builds an emotional affinity to the maker of the product(s) by their customers.

    OP, I hope this helps to answer your question.
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  19. NeoSelkie Active Player

    I think PvP is one of those things that can be harder to quantify, depending on what kind of data those rumors came from. Personally i haven't done PvP since WM/AM were introduced all those years ago, but when I did it wasn't just que ups. I had a lot of fun participating in open world PvP fights in Gotham and metro just for the fun of it, and if the only stats being countered were instanced PvP then that wouldn't be counted.

    I have no doubt PvP was always not as popular as PVE content, but I would also argue it was an important part of game health. Old school PvP gave players something to do between content drops that was measurably different from PVE content which also helped reduce burn-out/getting bored.

    It can also help with community building as having content that you are engaged in and working together as a team can help players make new friends. Sure this happens with PVE content, but for normal players only running some raids once a week, its not as much of an opportunity as queuing up together over and over running PVP content together.
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  20. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Maybe just grant everyone the pvp feats and get rid of pvp if you're not going to fix it or maintain it.