Does anyone know if they are going to nerf prec DW/BOW dps??

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  1. L T Devoted Player

    Carnivorous Plants is balanced around being used while form changed. If you use it in human form you're losing out on 10% of your damage.
  2. De Hei Active Player

    yeah another great idea :cool:
  3. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    They have no plans to fix anything. The fix ur looking for is called a patch/artifact. They want to make money with it so keep ur eyes open for an artifact that is for staff,rifle,one handed, and so on. This might be our next weapon fix for our 4th artifact slot. And for power you'll get a power specific artifact for your fourth slot. U might ask where I get my info from but hell u guys know how we roll money talks. If they were going to fix weapons that would have been done before artifacts. If ur looking for any future buff to your power or weapon. You'll want to ask for a power artifact or weapon like which power or which weapon. The plan is to fix anything that needs a buff with an artifact
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  4. Rushsteel Active Player

    The developers have already stated they plan on doing a weapons balance patch. No time or estimate was given but they will a have a weapon balance in the future. They also stated that artifacts were created to have different play styles. So prec doing more dmg in s/t and might having more aoe dmg doesn't surprise me. Imo its prob intended this way and they might not nerf dw flurry but instead buff other combos n tone down dw flurry n smokebomb a bit.
  5. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Its only there for a place holder and for muscle memory. I stay form changed about 90% of the time. I run with my league alot so supercharge is always there.
  6. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Won’t nerf it. They will either find a lazy workaround such as adding another artifact that makes it so might>prec. To balance the weapon they need to look at 2 thinga: combo complexity, range and the time it takes to do a combo and adjust the dmg accordingly but they won’t do it since it’s bad for their business and they could me forcing us to spend more $
  7. pete pultinski New Player

    it's almost been to long ( given past history of SOE/DBG ) to think a nerf is coming. most of the first batch of artifacts had some sort of precisoon buff, then came VWD. the whining on the forums was almost instant, and has remained steady to date... yet no nerf.
    i get the initial outrage did not really single out any weapon, but it was not long b4 exploit in bow/dw was found.

    in the pug world, the more players that go the youtubemaxdps toon route the better. they allow me to be as unique as possible and still offer comptent damage / etc.

    imo, bow/dw is no different than HL pre jump cancel/dovetail or whatever revamp or like when RAGE first dropped. eventually some other combination of things will prove to be superior, and the weak will follow.

    don't be weak.
  8. Soke_Remy_Gambit Well-Known Player

    I use the same with my gadget toon. MA with Uppercut combo and do better damage then with I was using Dw/Bow combo. Heck even did more damage when I did Bow/Ma combo.
  9. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    On a single target, the uppercut absolutely does more damage than Bow Smoke Bomb. A leaguemate of mine who is also a super OP prec DPS didn't believe me so we tested it in the Silent School Alert. Our Boss damage was about the same with me having just slightly more in both comparisons, his Flurry shot against my uppercut and his smoke bomb against my uppercut. He said "so it's about a tie". To which I said "not really because you were getting a 3,200 prec buff from my cog artifact, essentially making it four artifacts against three". Mic drop...
  10. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    sure...anyday now...
  11. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Years ago when dinosaurs ruled...Fireburst was glitched. It was doing double damage. Meaning, instead of doing six hits it was doing twelve. The solution: Lower the damage of each hit.

    *shrugs and thinks "Duh!"*
  12. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    recorded gameplay from that era...
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  13. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Everyone isn't rich in game or in real life. You sound like a spoiled kid: "why cant you guys just max out everything then get a buncha armories durr its simple as that"

    People use alts.....using either might or prec has already been proven to give the most dps output.

    Now.....when has any standard combo or Weapon Mastery weapon combo ever used sc.....A combo is a button input to make the weapon work. A supercharge is a "tray power" that activates a power from your power bar....youre suggesting an entirely new game mechanic for one weapon combo....