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  1. xKumiho94 New Player

    Hey guys! Does anyone have Void Essence, not the material! Void Essence is the 3rd piece in the collection! It is the ONLY piece I'm missing i have been trying to get it since the Qwardian Capsules came out! No Luck :( ... it would be nice to FINALLY complete the collection and get the material that i want! Can anyone help me out? I don't have a lot of money, I'm working on it though... but i will trade anything that i have that would be equal in price if not really close in price for the void essence! PLEASE! I just want to finish this collection!
  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    My buddy got one over the weekend and made a post trying to sell it. Message me if your interested and I'll reach out to him. His thread is just a few days old. The poster was Battery Power.

    Edit..sorry, just messaged him. He did sell it.
  3. xKumiho94 New Player

    k thank you ! i'll just keep trying and see if i can find one or maybe get lucky enough to have one drop from a capsule!
  4. xKumiho94 New Player

    i finally got Void Essence! lol
  5. ShinyX New Player

    Anyone still selling it? Will offer 115M for it!
  6. Mrsnow28 New Player

    I am still trying to get Void Essence. Why is the Time capsules not dropping it? I have opened well over 100 Qwardian Capsules and nothing. Why are you ripping me OFF DEV TEAM! I have always been a strong supporter seeing as I have always budgeted to buy stabilizers every so often and then running the event to save my stabilizers so I can open a bulk amount of Time Capsules and I am yet to get Void Essence, Flaming Phoenix Feather just to name a few. I spend weeks saving stabilizers, weeks building money on the broker just to try and buy the collection pieces only to see the price on broker go higher and higher. Just put the Collection piece on the Time and Space Vendor and let me spend my money more efficiently. Your Time Capsule is just like gambling. You don't take the risk you don't stand a chance. YOU ARE SUPPORTING UNDER AGE GAMBLING!

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