Does anyone have an Earth ranged dps build?

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    I know the current FotM is the jackhammer spam builds, but can you make a strong ranged dps earth build? I am currently using a no pet ranged sorcery build that's not back but I do not love the animations. I was hoping to find an Earth variant. The crashing of rock sound effects were always so appealing.
  2. Tilz Loyal Player

    Only Earth Tank (not playing dps) here.

    For range I would go like

    - PI
    - AoE
    - SC

    Then you could check out the damage from the different ranged burst options. Also that ranged combo might work.
    For singletarget Pebble Blast does good damage. Heatvision might also be an option.

    If you need to fill up your loadout, you can also use Pet + Fortify

    EDIT: I would suggest you, to go to the sparring targets and play around. That way, you'll learn the power and get a feeling for the damage ;)
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  3. KlausKilowatt Committed Player

    For Ranged Earth Damage I'm currently running:
    Fortify Golem-Debris Field-Neo Venom Boost-Summon Crystal Golem-Upheaval-Heat Vision.
    Whether it's living up to it's full potential I still have to test. So far Upheaval seems to hit pretty well and Heat Vision parced a bit better than Striking Stones. The only thing that I'm up in the air about is Crystal+Fortify Golem and I will probably try swapping them with other powers but idk what yet?

    This is solid advice that I would highly recommend. I will probably do the same thing when I get home this evening and parse all the power one by one on both single and multiple targets, with and without the PI :)