Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - September 2021

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I just got the 21 days award, it drops at 5pm Pacific time. I think thru just disabled scrolling past the weeks because some were getting rewards early.
  2. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Question about Doctor Fate's wares: what exactly is in the Seal of Preservation Cache [x3]?

    Feels like twelve SoP is a little too good to be true. Is it nine SoP - three caches with three SoP inside each one?
  3. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    It's just three single SoPs.
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It's just 3 SOP as Jafin said. Meaning each one costs $1.67 of your $5 Fate with loyalty or MP cash for .50 cents still unless you absolutely need those 3 SOP and don't need SOC anytime soon. Save the Destiny tokens for SOC which are priced correctly.
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  5. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    At last, the Helm of Nabu. Pairs well with Power of Zeus, Power of the Source, and especially Enhanced Adaptive Android eye styles.
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  6. SuperCanuck New Player

    Good to know, I've been hanging onto a Power of Source because wasn't sure who to use it on!
  7. REpu1se New Player

    For some reason, even though I haven't skipped a day it is showing me two days behind. And I haven't just logged in to get the daily rewards either. I'll still qualify for the helm, but I hate that I'll miss out on the extra day rewards. Every little bit counts.
  8. ALB Dedicated Player

    The new dailies x people with multiple alts. It almost seem like tge devs are trying to get rid of alts
  9. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Wowser! I sort of can't believe that. 35 Source Marks is half of the 70 Source Mark -> 1000 MC bundle. 35 Flawless Nth Metals is about half of the Perfected Artifact Pack -> 1000 MC. 1 Seal of Completion -> 500 MC.

    So... three Seals of Preservation, huh? Come on, y'all.

    Even eight Seals of Preservation (two bundles of four) would be acceptable, essentially foregoing a dollar of the Destiny Token's supposed $5 value.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I've brought it up now on several threads. No response from a dev on whether they are just bad at math or the intent that no one would use them for SOPs except the very desperate. Cause that's the only way I see someone doing so. 2 4 packs or 10 singles would definitely be better and more in keeping with a $5 'value' on the destiny tokens.

    It's actually even worse than just being bad at math. The fact it's a 3 pack when 3 packs didn't exist in game already (a 4 pack would maybe been a natural mistake), means that someone looked at the list of items, was deciding how many SOPs to put in this new pack and purposely picked 3....then coded a new item in the game for it.
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  11. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Got my day 20 rewards yesterday around this time. Just logged in and there is no day 21 rewards available to be claimed?
  12. El El Committed Player

    Im not getting reward day 21 still stuck at day 20.
  13. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    I normally log on after Midnight, Eastern Time, so I have several hours to go before mine should reset. :(
  14. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    For some reason, Day 21 and the Nabu helmet are not showing up on my Fate rewards. The bonus days aren't showing, either. :eek:
  15. ThunderGunExpress Well-Known Player

    It's not like you didn't have 21 days of warning.

    You were warned about the days disappearing from day one. You've assured us it's a visual bug, and that still may be the case...but the fact that we can't currently see "Day 22" and don't know if we should hit the "Claim" button or not, not knowing what it is we are or aren't claiming, is pretty disheartening and was completely preventable. Particularly since this seems to be the system you're basing your membership on. Here's how having foresight and being proactive could've fixed this, if I can make some constructive suggestions to improve your system.

    1. It would save both you and us trouble and it would save us from flipping through the weeks if you posted the entire calendar month on the page. This would've been the obvious thing to do to me from the very start. Someone with better artistic skills can whip something up if they'd like, but it can be traditional squares or simply a list of the days in row form, having both free & premium and member benefits showing.
    If you're really smart about it, since you're using the "Helm of Nabu" as a selling point...I used to purchase my membership by the year. This month it's Nabu's helm, but for all I know, next month it can be Swamp Thing's pile of leaves. By posting the entire calendar month, if you want to entice players for membership, being able to flip the screen by the month, showing what the rewards for the next 3 months or so would be, could be an enticing prospect for signing up. The gear you could have some "TBD" sort of icon or whatever...but you could make it more enticing if you wanted to, in my opinion.

    2. We all are pretty much aware of how long the month is or can readily access that information.
    Rather than having a countdown of when the month ends at the top of the page, especially if you can make it so it can be clearly seen in one shot at full view...have a 24 countdown clock for when the claimable day begins. People have been upset that they don't know when the day resets. Why not make that abundantly clear? I see no reason why it can't count down 24 hours to the second, with so many things, like Resurgence capsules and base mods being on timers. But any daily clock would be better than a monthly clock that is pretty redundant.

    I hope that's constructive, but if anyone thinks they're bad ideas or have better ones to improve the quality of life of this system, have at it.
  16. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    I've also logged on every day - it's tricky because I'm in Australia and I have no idea what reset point they are using (if I log in one day in the morning or afternoon, then in the evening the next day, have I missed anything?). I didn't see day 19 when I logged in yesterday, but it was there this morning, and a while later day 20 was there as well. But that's all. I can't see anything beyond 20. My time zone converter says it's 6 pm on Tuesday 21 in SF - it's 11 am Wednesday here. Until Daylight Saving Time switches over, midnight in SF is 5 pm next day here.
  17. Clintelligence Level 30

    A silly nuance.

    The attuneable gear caps at 280.

    Having a full set of gear that is 280 is not sufficient to actually qualify for the new Episode.

    The attuneable gear does not bridge the gap successfully. It should be a cap of 297, like the attuneable Time Capsule gear. The attuneables on the daily login are still based on the stats from the previous Episode, running one full Episode behind.
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So today I logged in on a few accounts I hit day 21 on yesterday and found that DBG gave the the greatest bonus gift of all. No day 22 I get 9 days back this month I don't have to worry about logging in to collect a dopey reward.

    Thank you DBG for the generous bonus!
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  19. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Same. Cannot page past day 21.
  20. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Check if your claim all button is green, it gives you the daily coins at least, unless you got something saved on previous days that you don't want to claim yet it's better than nothing.