Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - October 2021

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    October is here with the second full month of Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards. Each day you log in this month (before November 1) unlocks new rewards - from stabilizers and source marks to the new Fate and Destiny currencies.

    This month's gear features the Enhanced Hunter Style, upgraded and inspired by The Huntress herself.

    Log in at least 21 days this month to claim the new Lord of Chaos Accessory (member only). Remember, you can subscribe to membership at any time this month to gain all of the member rewards you are eligible for.


    How do you get daily rewards? Simple. Just log in. Open your quick menu, and select Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards at the top. In the window that opens, just smash that claim button. Most items are account bound, so you can move them between your characters with the shared bank. The exception is Source Marks, which you will want to claim on the character you mean to use them on.

    You can select each reward individually to claim it by itself, the claim button under each day's free and member rewards to claim those sets in bulk, or the claim all button at the bottom of the screen to claim everything available.

    PLEASE NOTE: When the next month rolls in, if you haven't manually claimed all of the rewards you are eligible for in the previous month, your remaining rewards will automatically be granted to your next character that logs in. That's right, there's no way to lose anything - except by not logging in.

    So log in every day, reap the rewards, and have fun!


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  2. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Thanks for saving me money on the way overpriced chest & head in broker
  3. BumblingB I got better.

    Did the daily refresh sync to midnight pacific now? Otherwise I'm going to be missing the first day's reward. :(
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  4. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    We've already gotten the enhanced Huntress not that long ago....
  5. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Awesome thanks .
  6. Eve YouTuber

    The accessory is cute! will fit a new themed character I have in mind.
  7. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    They really need to get that fixed .
  8. Magnificent Loyal Player

    For being a member I get a style set I already have.

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  9. L T Devoted Player

    Stop that nonsense! You know you totally want to buy my overpriced Head style piece for one of your alts! You know you want it!
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  10. Captain Shadowhawk New Player

    Are the good rewards each month always going to stop after 21 days with just Fate tokens after that for the rest of the month?
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  11. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    First: I heard no one ask for this accessorie but some of us ask more than once Mordru's hair.
    Second: This gear is not a better fit than the Laughing Knight for a Halloween theme and both are irrelevant due to the recent use of them. On AskDCUO, Mepps said there will be new gears in or refresh old ones but this one is exactly the same. I'm disapointed!
    Third: WHY???
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  12. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    The theme this month is vampires and vampire hunters.
  13. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    Yeah I know that's why I think the Laughing Knight work better for the theme, think of his Dark Robins and his persona
  14. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Nothing to do with vampires though.
  15. MaryMagdalene_DCUO Well-Known Player

    Mordru's hair would have been a better choice.
    His accessory isn't as desirable as the hair.
  16. XPerfectX Well-Known Player

    Huntress neither but let's agree to disagree ;)
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  17. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Yes, that's what they said. That way, if you can only log in for 21 days in the month, you don't have to worry that you're missing out on anything special on the days you miss.
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  18. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    Maybe people could take a second to breathe a bit.

    The Huntress Gear is fine, either you need the style or you just salvage it and take advantage of the 2x augment exp week.

    I mean heres a crazy theory, maybe this month its a reused style because they're busy with Episode 42. Theres no other existing style that fits "vampires" or "vampire hunters", which is this Halloween's theme. I saw someone suggest Batman Who Laughs? Pls proceed to read Metal or Death Metal, he has absolutely nothing to do with vampires. His theme is Sadist Twisted Batman. Huntress, who has Crossbow's as weapons, you know, the things that shoot wooden arrows and shows up in dozens of vampire movies and shows, fits.
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  19. Aren Sul Committed Player

    Yeah, I missed a couple of days' rewards last month because it's timed with my usual login (mostly 8PMEDT, sometimes 9). Took me a while to figure out why. I logged just after 8:00 one night, then just before 8:00 the next. So it saw that as two logins on the same day and none the next.
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  20. BumblingB I got better.

    Well, you get two sets as a member, you get one if you are free or premium. ;)
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