Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - February 2023

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  1. Whazues Well-Known Player

    maybe or maybe you can look at it like this astro slimeline is a better way to make a copy Orion character to match the actual Orion more closely than any other slimeline
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  2. Whazues Well-Known Player

    pretty cool unfortunately i dont have the funds to even do a month membership so i'll just stick with the non member style rewards for the time being
  3. Whazues Well-Known Player

    not all the slimelines cover the hands just look at the sleeveless slimeline and several others this Astro slimeline is starting to help balance out the slimeline covered hands and uncovered hands
  4. Whazues Well-Known Player

    the collar is to show that is the slimeline that Orion has worn for his whole time of being in DC comics
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  6. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Let me tell you the number of Orion characters I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Less than 10. That’s how few I’ve seen. Pretty small demographic to cater to for this style.
  7. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player


    Devs: "Here, have a new Slimline Style!"

    Players: "WE DON'T WANT THAT STYLE!"

    Devs: "ThEy DoN't WaNt ThAt StYlE!!!11!!!!" :rolleyes:
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  8. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    The Devs sometimes are like some EEViLLLL Djinns/Genies.
    Or some people will compare them to some EEViLLL Monkey's Paw.;)

    Sometimes...... even when they give us what we are asking for..... they still manage to not give us what we want. :eek:

    Yes.... people have been asking and asking for more slimlines.
    But no one was asking for a slimline with a huge collar around the neck.
    Heck..... Quite the opposite.
    Lately people have been asking for a slimline with the open neck like the Champion slimline.
    Or a Slimline with a BIG emblem.
    Or a Slimline with only 1 color channel.

    So yes..... people have been asking for more slimlines.... but no one asked for something like this.

    It will be great for people who want to create Orion..... and maybe something else I can't think of right now.... but for most people.... not really what they were asking for. :oops:

  9. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Ok so I got the Astro helmet and I have a pretty good approximate of Orion….
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    Now I’m just waiting for the rest of the suit
    by the way. Will the suit come with these boots…..
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr

    or do we have to get those separately?
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  10. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Well that answers that!
    Here's my New God Character MAESTRO MIRACULOUS decked out in full Astro gear!
    [IMG]ORION by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    and here he is with Orion on New Genesis...
    [IMG]ORION meets a fanboy! by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    the boots are built into the pants but the seam isn't color variable. aside from that slight nit-pick it's a pretty solid ensemble (although I'd love to have an enhanced version or an accessory that attaches Orion's Battle Rig over the body
    [IMG]OrionRender by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
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