Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - August 2022

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    Remember to be careful entering bodies of water if you have open or healing wounds. Always suit up with these new daily rewards! Each day you log in this month (before September 1, 2022) unlocks rewards - from stabilizers and source marks to Fate and Destiny currencies.

    This month's gear features the Enhanced Spindrift Style, designed to keep you safe and breathing in the water, no matter how deep you need to go.

    Log in at least 21 days this month to claim your very own Two-Face Inspired Mask. Ouch. Members only.

    Remember, you can subscribe to membership at any time during the month to gain all of the member rewards you are eligible for.

    So log in, reap the rewards, and have fun!


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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please note that August starts next Monday. On August 1. And that's also when these August Daily Rewards begin to become available. In August.
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Ohhh this is nice! :D
  4. Jaelia Committed Player

    Oh nice they brought this face mask back, looks really scary lol reminds me of chucky. :D
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  5. UT Firefly Well-Known Player

    OH MY GOOOOOOD !!!!!! the two face eye i never was able to get that ty so mutch for bring it back
  6. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Is this out now?????
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  7. TeenWuulf Well-Known Player

    But when does this become available?!
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  8. Sinister OutKasT New Player

    Sorry when does it start? doesn't seem very clear...
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  9. Zoe· YouTuber

    It's still July lol, August starts on Monday so this is when the rewards will reset and start a new month.
  10. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Are you sure? Where does it say that? :p
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  11. Zoe· YouTuber

    This is literally what Mepps said xD
  12. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Lol, I was just messing with Ted.
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  13. Zoe· YouTuber

    My Sarcasm detector failed me
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  14. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Can you change the color of the eye? All the pictures show it being the same color despite the toon's eye color
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  15. Brit Loyal Player

    Sigh. My subscription renewed 3 days ago, and now they tell me that there is no new style piece for August after taking my money.

    Can we just get an extra Fate Mark thinger for those of us who already have the Two-Face Face from being loyal customers for a decade?

    You know, instead of telling us that you do not value our longterm business and we pay the same money as everyone else but receive less for it.
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  16. Skoll Well-Known Player

    I mean… I would say I’m unhappy with another lackluster 21-day reward, but I’ve saved so much money on not renewing membership month after month now! The only worthwhile ones in my opinion were the Dr Fate helm and Blue Beetle style, you know, things people have been actually asking for. But it’s given me a good opportunity to buy other games and expand my catalogue which coincidently decreases my playing time on DC and giving my gaming hours some new spice of life! So good job? I guess.
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  17. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    I've been here since Year 1 and villains have always wanted a Two-Face mask. It had always beens second to Catwoman's Goggles. (Which we have.)
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  18. Skoll Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I guess that’s fair. Two-face is a cool villain and the mask is leagues above the two-tone cape box, lois lane style, mera hairstyle and perpetuas toilet necklace at least. I’d still count this on paar with something like the peacemaker helmet though. They honestly have never reached the heights of the Dr Fate helmet since the first month they started doing this and I’ve lost hope they will ever do something like that again. A Darkseid helmet… an actual batgirl helmet with hair being visible, a chest piece with a solid big emblem, the neck bare no weird textures they like to add that literally people have been begging to have for over a decade now, how about a material? We’ve had one aura, which was also just a recolor.

    So many things people are asking for in game and on the forums, yet we get things like the perptuas necklace, two-tone cape (which should be on character creation to begin with… they’re literally regular capes) and monitor slimline? Are they purposely looking at what people are asking for and deliberately going “….nah, we’ll do this random thing instead”? Because it feels like it.
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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    This is cool Mepps, thanks for this :) :)
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  20. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Kind of agree. The two styles at the top of my list are:

    Validus Head Style and Space Commander Luthor Helmet where you see the persons face and possibly hair style.
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