Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - April 2022

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    In a surprise twist this year, April is back! Great job, everyone. To mark the occasion, Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards will continue as well. Each day you log in this month (before May 1, 2022) unlocks rewards - from stabilizers and source marks to Fate and Destiny currencies.

    This month's gear features the Enhanced A.R.G.U.S. Operative Style, inspired by A.R.G.U.S. agents.

    Log in at least 21 days this month to claim your very own Investigative Journalist Pack. Members only. This pack features a matching top and bottom for the intrepid reporter on the go, inspired by the Daily Planet's own Lois Lane.

    PLUS, as an extra for everyone this month, log in to claim a powerful new Henchmen trinket with your Day 1 rewards, too.

    Remember, you can subscribe to membership at any time during the month to gain all of the member rewards you are eligible for.

    So log in, reap the rewards, and have fun!


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  2. Jcal Dedicated Player

    No... go back, must go back to the timeline of pain!
  3. Eve YouTuber

    Sounds good :)
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  4. Captain Shadowhawk New Player

    It was amazing how fast people were raging over a little thing like no "extra" daily rewards. Some people really need to relax.
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  5. Eve YouTuber

    Can we get screenshots to see what it looks like?
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  6. zNot Loyal Player

    Yup,Spoiled ppl
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  7. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    to be honest, even if there was no big reward at the end of the month, I'm cool. unless they're gonna give me the Wildcat style hand wraps I've been dreaming of, in which case, ta very much, devs! so long as I get me all me other stuff, I'm good.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Good work Mepps and good work on that April Fools :D

    Edit - for the previous thread, this is not an April Fools for clarity on anyone reading this that isn't Mepps
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  9. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I...... I can't even find the words....... o_O

    Unless this is an early April's Fool?? :confused:
  10. Proxystar #Perception

    You missed the previous joke one, where he said we were getting nothing, this one appears real ;)
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  11. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Can't say I ever expected a Lois Lane set but I'm not exactly complaining lol. A camera hanging from the neck like Jimmy has could be fun in the future, too. Gotta say I'm quite curious about these henchmen.
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  12. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Been out of the loop this past week or two...... so I probably missed a lot more. ;)
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  13. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Hmmm idk how sexy id look in lois clothing.. pic please mepps xD havent spent that $ yet, theres still a possibility
  14. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    Does this mean we're finally getting a nice pair of HEELS to wear with casual designs???
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  15. RunfromDanger Man Dedicated Player

    Excellent job. Looking forward to it--i think. Lol

    Really though. Y’all are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Even without the extra gift I’d love the daily rewards. The free gift at the end of the month is just that much better.
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Day one of April? Hmmmmm, methinks this 'powerful new henchmen' will be in the same vein as the unicorn variety we've seen before.

    We will see tomorrow.
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  17. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    "hen"chmen = they're all chickens.
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  18. greystar1223 New Player

    I don't usually comment on this section, but...REALLY? WOW. I was hoping it WAS an April Fool's joke, but nope.
  19. DCUO Post Loyal Player

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  20. Achikah All About That Base

    Though doubtful, I'm secretly hoping our henchman surprise is a base item, much like the Unicorn 'trinket' ended up being one. Again, doubtful, but I can dream. Excited either way, especially for the Lois Outfit!