Do you notice that you kill the tanks of DCUO?

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  1. Slow Burn Active Player

    I'm not sure what you are talking about? There are plenty of Tanks (even on the EU Villain side, which I am told is the worst of all possible worlds, if you're not on XBox or Switch), and from the times I've definitely gone DPS because a way better tank than me is on point, there is no shortage of good tanks either. Could you be clearer about what you mean, please?
  2. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    Tanks are around oh yes some are away but alot are around but will not tank when the end result is if the Elite match goes south they will come down hard on the tank. I've seen it happen also people will tend to stay within groups of people like friends and or league mates they know and trust will have there back. They have those two or one friends who are crazy op healers they have awesome op monster burners and that power/Buff troll making things sweeter and they have one or two buds who are beast tankys ready to have there backs.

    Also people work or play other games or have school so time could be a thing to if time isn't on your side who will waste it on a group of LFG people they don't know like that for a few hours of stressful nonsense when it goes south and the blame the tank.

    All in all go easy on tanks teach and teach and have fun. I've seen Elite runs that go bad people start fighting and it turns ugly and leagues fall apart sometimes over it lol I will never understand that plz no drama is worth it over Any game it's not that serious.
  3. Slow Burn Active Player

    The OP mentioned Elite runs once. I don't think he's talking about the space any of you are when you bring Elite into it. I feel he's talking about the rest of it, not Elite.
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  4. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Tanks take all the blame when things go bad even when its not the tanks fault so its no surprise that people don't want to tank anymore. Its also not easy to learn to tank because people are too quick to kick when you're trying to learn how to tank a new raid or just figure out the role so most people just bail on the whole idea of tanking.
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  5. Bubbla Active Player

    So I’ve been tanking elite content regularly for quite a while. Here are some thoughts on it. As most have indicated, the best tanks have a core group they run with (some larger some smaller). It leads to way less frustration. When I decide to pug a run, I do it with the understand that I will go in with prayer that are great and players that are horrendous. I say that because if you are tanking elite (or even reg), get used to taking some abuse and learning to filter good advice. There are usually a player or two that don’t mind helping (I usually do it via tell). This game has had (all mmos do) toxic players in them since the beginning and it’s unlikely to change. The reality is, unless you are really solid I would stay away from pug elite runs. At the end of the day, people show me who they are and I know who to run with. Those toxic players get less and less people to play with that way.
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  6. ALB Dedicated Player

    Are you a villain? If so, it's hard to get a group period. Especially looking for trolls
  7. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Mechainc in this elite raid its not something that you learn in 5 min. and most people wana do it fast . You need to pay attention specialy as tank ( you miss lunge you got heavy dmg in yours face) tank is hardest role to learn and the blame is always on 2 sides wife and mother in law !
  8. Tolly Committed Player

    actually it is, it's mainly aimed at the elite content, because that's mainly where the problem of lack of tank is. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to make it clearer, but I hope that for those who are used to the game, it will make sense ^^
  9. spikeat Well-Known Player

    I'm a veteran tank. All the CR skips have caught up to themselves. There are so many below average players that keeps entering end content that it's tiresome. I hardly tank for random pug groups anymore because I don't see any progressions in new players. As I've been tank for a long time I can tell whether the collective damage of a group is good or bad and I can say a lot are sub par. You can't judge players' ability by their CR or SP anymore in this game. I've seen low CR/SP players outperform their counterparts. There are a lot of dps who think they are good in this game but I've ran with enough groups to see how large the margin can be.

    There is also an uptick in bad healers. There are times where I have to wait more than 5 seconds for a heal. I can save myself a few times with tank abilities but the cool-downs eventually catch up to me with bad healers. It just tells me they are not monitoring the health bars as actively as they should be. In elite I'm constantly taking damage from boss and adds so the heals needs to be consistent.

    Tanking itself is not hard once you have it down, but it can get repetitively boring and annoying when you combine it with slow burns and bad heals. If we're talking about the current elite raid, as long as the core (tanks/healers) of the group is good then there isn't much issue. Whenever I enter the raid and notice it's a league run, red flags are set off everywhere. I've noticed that league runs play with different formations than standard pug runs and are a lot more unsuccessful. They are used to playing together and playing a certain way and are afraid to hold any of their members accountable. So whenever I see a league run, the first thing that comes to mind is an exit strategy. I can tell how good the burn is within a few seconds from pulling a group of adds and how successful the raid will be within 5 minutes. If they wipe once or twice then I just leave. I can join another group and the difference can be night and day.

    Often I just run with a few select friends to get the elite raid done nowadays. Most of the players in a pug group doesn't know mechanics or the abilities of the bosses, sub bosses, or adds that's been in the game for years. I'll just let them figure it out on their own.

    Why would anyone want to play with incompetent players?
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  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Slow burn really is terrible for this raid especially since most groups are running with just 3 dps. Add in attrition and my lord can it be a slog fest. 1st raid in a long time where you don’t want a single toon to be carried. Either everyone comes with their A game or it’s going to become a wipe fest once the healers and tank start nodding off. Even the regular raid has a decent level of difficulty. I’ve seen tanks get folded 10 or more times and group wipes are very common. Seems like even the devs agree that the player base has gotten softer and needed a wake up call to how the game used to be. Personally loving it.
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  11. spikeat Well-Known Player

    Good dpses will definitely bring down the mechanic repetitions. I'm sure we will see solo tank for this elite raid in another episode or two.
    Whenever I finish my dailies on my main and have free time, I will log into one of my CR350 toons and blind queue the current regular raid. Mind you they only have 80-120 arts, 150 sp, no allies and just killing time. What I like about the queue is the dynamics of the players in a group each time. I often don't talk in these groups and remain silent just to see how the group performs and completes it. If someone explains a mechanic incorrectly then I'll chime in a little. I've seen a lot of the support roles just getting by without being proficient.

    In my last run the tank went down 3 times during the first bosses before we wiped. I laugh a little cause I'm sure the tank had no idea why he was dying every time we picked him back up. I helped him lunge every staff sprayer on the second time around and we got through it, but I'm also sure no one knew what I was doing. Somehow I always manage to end up 2nd or 3rd leading dps in these groups. I spend a lot of time picking up to make sure the group doesn't wipe. But we usually beat it in an hour and I can tell everyone put in their best effort to get it done, GG all around and a sigh of relief.

    Hopefully one day the devs can figure out a way to get all the players to know their roles so we can just focus on mechanics in end content.
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  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I’ve heard of solo tanks already but haven’t seen anyone do it. We tried with a fire tank and it was going ok but it just falls apart eventually with so much overlap. I’ve also heard of 3 tank groups so clearly there’s options haha. 2s been making it easy on us, well one for the 3rd fight and other tank only switches if a full health tentacle grabs the main tank.

    In reg, yeah I play pretty much the same way. Just keep my mouth shut till I need to open it. Lots of hostile groups and “rookie” tanks are taking a beating. No pug group will ever do 2 tanks or 2 heals or both double roles unless forced. This comes close to being forced in some groups. Troll debuffs help a lot of course but half the time, the troll only qued as a troll and stayed dps. Good times.
  13. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    My two cents:

    Tanks are the least common role and at times the only one frequently needed two of in a difficult instance.
    Tanking itself is also extremely unenjoyable if the group doesnt perform well (unnecessary wipes or lack of damage/heals/power etc.).
    I have 3 characters I play very frequently and two of them are tanks now, since I figured that healing is so trivial nowadays, anyone can do it.

    Tanks are also always under pressure. Theres no safe spot i can chill in for 1min if I wanted to, unlike trolls or healers can at times. Theres no blind Lo rotation i go through like a dps does. Tanks always have to pay attention, be ready and look out for the unpredictable if youre not familiar with the mechanics.

    With all of those aspects combined, you have the most active role in the game but due to its nature, its not a fun role. The only fun/enjoyment you can get is after you complete the content you play.

    How to make the tank role more enjoyable:

    I have actually no clue. Making battle tanking almost anywhere possible except elite+ could be an option but that would make it extremely trivial.
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  14. spikeat Well-Known Player

    I'm not the greatest tank in the game but I get the job done. Not sure how I would tank all 4 bosses. I can't face tank so I would have to constantly kite roll and troll has to be on point with all the lunges. Maybe 4 top tier dpses can melt them and healers with pinpoint heals. I don't see this happening with a random pug group as it requires synergy.

    Is your reg group from LFG or queue? I've only seen LFG groups run 1 tank 1 heal.
    In the queue, I usually runs with whatever they are comfortable with. It can be 2 tanks, 3 heals but I will make an exception to kick the troll if the tanks and and healers need power. I'm sure there is another troll in the queue during prime hours. I'm pro-tank as I want to see more tanks in the game so I just leave them alone. If healers don't speak up overcompensating for rookie tanks, then I'll just play as is. Usually I've only seen these group get hostile if there is a high CR player in the group shouting nonsense and can't identify the underlying cause from a group wipe.
  15. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    tanks also get some pretty boring artifacts. DPS get cool blue laser eyes and healers got purple healing ray, trolls got birds of prey and a amazing art that debuffs multiple enemies.. what's a cool art that tanks have gotten? lasso of truth? if your a power with a good pull why would you use it?
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  16. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Yeah, there’s no way to face tank all 4. One, sure. 2 is doable. 3, nope. 4 god no haha. It was just a tank rolling and running in circles and one player assigned to each boss for lunging. But it turned way too hectic for anyone to do their job well.

    For regular, mostly just blind que and get what I get. Will run with friends but if we’re all on, we just do elite instead. If there’s one or 2 of us, we go into regular together. All of us dual role for every role so we try to have the roles covered even if we only que as dps in case the randoms can’t get the job done. I think we’ve only landed in a 2 heal group once and definitely have never been in a group with 2 tanks unless one of us switches after a wipe or 2. But none of us need help so we try to teach vs replace. No one learns anything if we just do it for them so gotta try to let them grow their toons. That’s another reason to only que as dps, no one knows you could make it a smoother run. If someone starts a vote to kick, we usually try to squash it unless it’s just a terrible toon that shouldn’t be doing that role or anything else anyway.
  17. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    I'v tank in this game since day 1 and main as a tank in other games my issue is to many stuff stopping me from doing my role. Used to be oh the boss is gonna do a control affect here in a group breakouts or I have my trinket. there's a big hit coming I'll put up my oh **** shield nope alot of skull attacks ignore shield now and hit for a hp% so your defense is sqaut.

    Then after ffe they start introducing adds that have 1 shot mechanics so now I have to worry about getting killed by a adds reflection attacks that can kill me or there is a sniper add that the dps didn't kill fast enough or better yet a sniper with a add that takes away your power tray 2 then we add a vatwing drone that's sucks you in. All this going on while you trying to fight a elite boss.

    This new raid has 4 bosses plus adds that 1 shot and instance mechanics that 1 shot. Elite raids used to have 2 maybe 3 mechanics that 1shot now you have 10 things that can doit. So yes tanks role is dying and its elitist fault cause they complain to devs on forums about how easy elite is so now we have this ******** new raid that casual player are getting stuck in.
    Q I have 7 tanks and I have been ninja or asked to help so much from friends that end up with a new tank in reg and can't handle regular. I haven't even beaten elite and last attempt I had me and 2 tanks from unholy shadows but we failed cause its not about if something happens it when it will happen.
    Tanks are hard to come by but there is only a small amount of players that can tank this new raid maybe 15% of the current tanks. I can rage about this raid for hours I hope who ever design this raid never touches a piece of code again cause this raid sucks!!!
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  18. Bubbla Active Player

    I have seen a fire tank solo it. I have done about half of proma (other tank got folded and not revived) and the other bosses so not quite the full thing, so it is doable if not exactly ideal. It’s rougher on the group than the tank imo. We are dodging rolling and pulling for our lives. You all got the positioning and lunges. I can see rage and fire doing it. Not sure if any other power could.
    Also, I’m a villain so the earlier poster that asked.
  19. Brit Loyal Player

    I have said for years that the single biggest problem with DCUO tanks is that they just don't "feel Tanky".

    Superhero Tanks getting destroyed by mundane unpowered goons.

    Superhero Tanks getting knocked down, knocked up, knocked back, jerked forward, frozen, encased, stunned, feared, etc. etc. etc. Tanks being slowed because some random schmuck 200 levels under them throws a rock at them, that doesn't make you FEEL tanky.

    In other MMOs I've played, as a Tank, I felt practically immortal against trash. The question was chiefly about my low damage output and inability to actually kill stuff.

    One simple but important change to make Tanks actually FUN. Dominance grants Impulse Resistance against Control Effects. Do that one thing. Make Tanks getting less jerked around and less stunned and less knocked-on-their-butt, at least by the non-bosses, and they might actually feel FUN.
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  20. Solarbound Committed Player

    Mentality of the players. There's your answer. Tanks get scapegoated for everything that goes wrong in a raid instance and they're simply just sick of it. Good job guys, you pushed them away -_-