Do the Pit seeds NEED to change?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JEEBIE, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. JEEBIE New Player

    It's great fun, and makes me laugh. I realize it's not strait PVP, but of all the "not strait pvp" maps, it's the one I'm getting the most enjoyment out of right now.

    I know some folks that went full cheetahs to jump around and smash seeds, laughing the entire time in TS.

    I've always felt PIT was pretty lame with the buffs, but this makes it just strait funny. People with seeds chasing those without, people racing to other seeds person to get it nearly insta killing the person that lost. Just very funny right now.

    Combined with the unintended impacts that the fix caused (was reading it's making the smash powers weak) personally I'd like to just see it stay.

    It's not as if one team is on uneven ground, plenty of seeds to go around and get smashed :p
  2. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    Seeds FTW!!!
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  3. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    Five cheetahs + seeds = fun!
  4. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    Noooo you're giving away all the secrets. Now everyone's gonna queue the pit with the SS character and smash seeds. Who needs powers? All aboot the seeds, yo.
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  5. Earworm New Player

    As of right now, pit is my favorite pvp map because of this. I hope it stays this way and if not, they create a pvp map with a similar mechanic. It creates a new and fun dynamic to pvp.
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  6. shiny mackerel Committed Player

    I love the Pit seeds too and they aren't even as reliable as FoS crystals or red plasma barrels. But nothing even happened to the Pit seeds. What actually changed was the weaponization rating of legends chars so crates, rocks, barrels, the batmobile, Bane, Harley, WW all got nerfed the same :(
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