Do people still create Original Charatcters in this game?

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  1. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Out of my umpteen toons, only 2 are 'iconic' clones...both of which were created to join leagues with iconic themes they are no longer in. Granted, many of my alt toons are farmers with garbage names...BUT....none are iconic copies like xxxxxxxxsupermanxxxxxxx or whatever. Only original garbage names like asdfasfasfdasdfa for me.
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  2. Ughitsjaylon Active Player

    i have a bunch of Original characters. my main is a Vampire the name is “Misaki D” u may see me standing around here and there lol
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  3. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I have made originals in the past but i prefer to make iconics. These days i pretty much just play my main character (superman) and just play the odd alt on weekends when i have time for them.
  4. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I’m an all original girl meow!
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  5. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I'm in a sort of interesting spot on this. Most of my characters are OCs but a few are.... what I think of semi-OCs or semi-original characters. What I mean is toons who are existing DC characters but are my own twists and elseworld versions of them rather than recreating the existing, canon versions. Like I have a Damian from a world where Talia sorta backed him into a corner and made him the world ruling figure she wants him to be (though she's the one REALLY in control), so think Injustice or the Justice Lords or the Titans of Tomorrow or so on. I have a Jon that goes with him as a sort of Enkidu figure (actually that's the name he uses in this world). I also have a Stephanie Brown that's part of the resistance as Flamebird in a tech suit with pyrotechnics and a massive hammer. Also have a Babs and Jon from a world where Bruce died with his parents, meaning no Batfamily, meaning a lot of butterfly effect changes to the rest of the Batfamily's backstories including Babs and Tim being sort of Punisher type figures in tech suits (Babs also gets paralyzed in this world, hence the tech suit). So they're kind of Iconics but also kind of not.
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  6. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    I have 40 characters across 2 accounts and alot are oc and the rest are iconic but dc also puts names as invalid that they legally don't own like artemis and Diana. One name is in Greek mythology so no one can copyright it and Diana is to common to copy right as a name but I don't bring this issue up often cause dc has it in their user agreement and under names your not supposed to name any characters that are under copyright laws or and political or religious names and dc is letting players do it if the player can get the name. I just happy they are not stickers about their own naming policies
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  7. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    All the characters I’ve made have been original. All my alts are only really for seasonals but I’m starting to level them up a little just to get them atleast to entry level to eg.
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  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I just invented two new ones! I told meself I wasn't gonna. I told meself 16 was enough. I lied. you know how it is. & I strongly suspect that, eventually, I'm going to end up creating at least two more. at least. that story in my head? it just keeps getting bigger.
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  9. Capt Mephisto Active Player

    Let me just post these and let you decide.

    Shayera 1941
    Alan Scott1942
    Hal Jordan1965
    Carcharo Don
    Sanguinary Death
    8Man akaTobor
    Tachyon Dart
    Nyeun ChunTi
    DrSolar ManoftheAtom
    Tor Odinsen
    Johnny Quick1941
    Jor El1950
    The Sandman1942
    Commando Cody
    The Jaguar1961
    Michael Bellamy
    The GreenLama
    TomTroy TheFly
    The RedVengeance
    RickStar SpaceRanger
    Jonn Jonzz1955
    Garth Ranzzz
    Darkwing Dirk
    Myster Mistery
    Altair Red
    Hyper Mass
    Count Yorga
    Clark SavageJr
    TheSpider RWentworth
    NoMan akaDrDunn
    DonDiego ElZorro
    Daimon Hellscorn
    GeorgeKent 1951
    Francois Scaramanga
    Hyperman of Oceania
    Skyboy akaTharn
    The Hellmite
    Composite JLAhomage
    Aero Strike
    Harvey Kent
    RH Benson
    Dan Cassidy
    Another Thing
    Prince RaMan
    Ver Dan
    RWentworth TheSpider
    JLaw The Tarantula
  10. Capt Mephisto Active Player

    Yes, there are a lot based on iconics. I tend to make their own back stories/head canon though, so when you see a name with a year after, it also refers to which alternate universe they hail from.

    I have only a few original characters because I like to pay homage to the writers and artists of the past. After all I've been reading comics since I was 5 and even enjoyed them more when I could really read them. So 65 years of appreciating the modern myths and wanting to keep them "alive" as it were.
  11. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    Most toons are original if you look at their name or style. There are only certain spots where it's a haven for iconics namely Lil Bohemia. Making an iconic toon limits the amount of styles you can use along with if you want to be as ''accurate'' as possible with matching powers/movement speed/etc, I've even been criticized for my ''inaccurate'' choices. I spend more time on my OC but still keep up with one iconic toon but don't mess around with iconic leagues anymore since most that exist are there just to roleplay.
  12. arkhamowl Level 30

    All my characters are originals. I like to think my villain is my hero's arch nemesis and tries to undo what they have accomplished. I like to get lost in the world and the story.
  13. Lovora Liaht Well-Known Player

    I create O.C.'s (Original Characters) for Role-Playing, and all 16 of them have original names.
    Some of my O.C.'s are designed to fit within an existing Iconic's storyline/world. Example: I have an O.C. that is a pupil of Batman and exists in his world and storylines.
    Some are created to exist in the DC Universe with original storylines that still keep to the rules of the DC Universe. Example: I don't create characters that are supposed to be bigger and better than say The Prescence. LOL!
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  14. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I just wish they made more original styles that were not tied to iconics, and I’ll say it again and again.

    I think the last non iconic hero/villain styles added were the 31st century slimlines they aren’t tied to a specific hero or villain and work for a super hero style.

    Prior to that I’d maybe the battle for earth slim lines?

    I don’t count the seasonal stuff since that all is usually looks nothing like what a super hero or super villain would wear I don’t count casual wear even though I know a few heroes and villains do have casual
    Clothes which there isn’t even enough of that in the game either.

    The iconic styles are cool that they make but really I don’t utilize most of the new chests or legs or helmets as it looks too much like the character it’s designed off of the legs to a lesser degree.

    I’d like more original styles not iconic related.