Do Not Remove Holographic Decoy

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  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I know that Gadgets and Fire are going to be looked at around GU 39-40 and I just had one simple request, DO NOT REMOVE HOLOGRAPHIC DECOY and/or REPLACE IT, please leave the power there as is, the only thing that would make it better is a shorter cooldown, even then I would love for the developers to leave it as just so if that can be the case, it's an amazing power and is left for those with an imagination big enough to use it for its diversity. Please and Thank You :)
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  2. Radium Devoted Player

    So I'm guessing that thing with the turret and decoy still work, right?
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  3. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

  4. Predicament Well-Known Player

    HAHA! I know what you're talking about!!!! :) and no I don't use it for no fake damage, self destruct is such a waste of a loadout spot. Just the overall power itself is amazing, not second features for self destruct. Reduce damage intake and tanking abilities, like I said, the creativity behind its usefulness is limitless. I am all for them removing the self destruct feature too or fixing it's fake damage to not show up on scorecards, just leave the power itself alone.
  5. Ava1Spade New Player

    Also, if you need a dance partner and no one will dance with you.

    Works good when trying to skip out on study hall too.
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  6. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    I didn't remember anything about them touching Decoy. But a shorter cool down is nice
  7. Gadget*Switch New Player

    Decoys Damage & CC shouldn't be looked down on. If you make the right loadout you can have decoy the trigger for it and all of your basic powers & not skip a beat.
    But all & all yes please keep decoy within our power set. Most of us gadget players love it !
  8. OGM_Madness New Player

    I would like to put Decoy on my Stealth Loadout. I think it could work to lure Hank into killing the Decoy rather than the furthest mate, but with my already crowded loadout, it would be cool to drop that in the stealth loadout.
  9. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Not only should it be in the stealth load out option but it should also keep you in stealth when used, would be a cool add on
  10. Predicament Well-Known Player

    They didn't change anything, ts just that they announced that there will be changes to gadgets and fire after gu38, just asking for no changes to decoy
  11. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    Oh ok. I think its more on the dps side but if anything, they will definitely post patch notes up. Just keep an eye out towards that. usually if there isn't any complaints, it should be fine.
  12. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Wait, where is all this coming from? Were there any hints decoy was going to be looked at?
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  13. JoshuaBagwell Committed Player

    why would the get ride of it helps in stuff in the city and in groups to take agro off you and the group again I think it should be like stealth with no cooldown or power cost.

    Turret the should let you pick what attacks it does kinda of like fire with meteor where you choose if you want it to drop or be in your hand.
    Turret Grenade, Turret Taser, or Turret Flamethrower

    Energy Matrix I would like for them to have it where you can activate it and it still does what it does but if you press the button again the shield goes around you right then instead of after your health falls below 35%

    Also change that darn healing supercharge to one that is a group shield that does like word of power and other sc power restores do.
    Battle Drone is nice if your dpsing and need an extra hand on the field along with pot.

    So far I love gadgets. cryo-field I think needs a buff to do more damage.
  14. Blue Spectrex New Player

    Can you provide a link? (Not trying to discredit you, just want to know more about it)
  15. Predicament Well-Known Player

  16. Blue Spectrex New Player

  17. Alexonic Committed Player

    decoy it's ok as it is, doesn't need any change...the cool down it's ok

    anyway why would they replace it?
  18. JoshuaBagwell Committed Player

    Actually the change I would love to see to this power is make it where it can be throw into a crowd or that it appears at the enemy you have locked on. Hate that it drops right next to me would give me options when starting a fight to be able to have it appear or throw it at an enemy
  19. NaumNML New Player

    The reason they mighy replace it is tree placement. After seeing Sorcery and Earth reworked to have their awesome mechanic be their pets, its pretty obvious the trend will continue with gadgets pet. Because of where decoy is, it might get replaced or folded into another power, replacing its utilty in order to open up a new power slot for the fortify turret power that is likely to come. My hope is they follow predicaments request and leave decoy aloneand that stealth be the power they adjust, folding thermite mine and sleep dart into it thus opening 2 power slots they can use for the pet buff.
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  20. JoshuaBagwell Committed Player

    yeah decoy is op I used self destruct and it hit for about 9k.

    I can see them lowering the damage but not getting ride of it as its useful