Do Not be afraid to be a Leader

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  1. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    This isn't anyones invention. The styles were created by the developers. I haven't seen her even take credit here. Who the heck cares. Seriously. Why do you care? If your friend was the first to create that style combination..kudos. Imitation is flattery. If someone took my newest style that I created. I've never seen anyone with it...but I couldn't say...hey I had that style first. Why? Because its a combination of in game styles that are available to anyone. I'd either think hey they liked my style or...maybe great minds think alike.

    It's just a massive waste of energy and unnecessary toxicity.
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Players don't own any of the characters they create. They can't copywrite any of the style combinations in the game. (Megzilla had pointed this out a few times on the forums.) Even if there was a player that did it first, they hold no rights to that style.

    I'm not even sure what the problem is. They weren't trying to impersonate anyone and the Violet Lanterns is a Corps, ie Many. There are multiple "Impassioned" iconics in the game.

    What is the problem?
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  3. Jaelia Committed Player

    Never all my armories are different and I constantly change my style you can ask anyone I ever played with and my league you’re delusional and just want attention but all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself your whole league. We’re laughing at you :D
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  4. iceman 11 New Player

    Obviously you don't read well. Because I used that as an example. The fact that she literally changed to mimic the other Impassioned and lie about it is the problem.
  5. iceman 11 New Player

    No actually the league is laughing at you and how pathetic you are. So since you constantly change styles why not change again? Shouldn't hurt right? That's what you do?
  6. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Wait, I thought this was some kind of a rolling joke between the two of you. Are you seriously incensed that Jaelia?
  7. Jaelia Committed Player

    What am I gaining from lying about a video game style and name. I legit pray for people like you. You need professional help. No one is lying you’re going based off false information. I said what I said. Just please do me a favor and leave me alone stop publicly bullying me. I’ve been playing this game for years out of enjoyment. You’re the one that’s pathetic hiding behind a fake forum account just to try to belittle me and bully me. That’s PATHETIC
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  8. Jaelia Committed Player

    No that person is literally harassing me through inbox as well.
  9. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    This is preposterous. I can’t believe someone is actually going this far to harass you! You have your own style that you added your own unique touches too. I don’t know you but you seem to be a very creative person. I mean it’s not like you wore the exact same outfit to the club as another girl did lol. Happened to me once and I wore it better :)
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  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I use push-to-talk for DCUO chat.

    And you've made a fine and valid argument for muting individuals.

    But it's no argument against sound in the game in general.

    It just isn't, given the mute-player option.

    I point this out not only to suggest that it's extremely problematic to not have sound when your teammates are trying to talk to people and give direction, but also because the game is full of sound cues and they're not there to be decorative; they're key to following what mechanisms are being triggered or give other warnings. Instances frequently give voice instructions; be ignorant of that at your peril.

    Or to use a simpler example: it's much harder to find exos in the wild with no sound to home in on.

    Also, I've been in plenty of groups where we get sick of that one player who clearly isn't listening and said oblivious person gets kicked (for good cause).

    But, naturally, you should play as you please. But claiming to be forced to listen to open mikes is not a valid reason itself to turn off sound entirely given that you can just mute annoying players. Which I often do, myself, because I find all that stuff as annoying as you do. People with open mikes and noise are effing rude. Push-to-talk works fine.
  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Yet there are always plenty of people doing exactly that.

    It only takes about two weeks at a very leisurely pace, these days. One week if you're determined. It's hardly a big deal.

    You have to actively try not to raise your CR below the endgame to succeed at not leapfrogging ahead in CR in big jumps, multiple times a day, the way the game is currently structured.
  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Sup Ringz,

    I here what your saying. Biggest problem I see trying to educate folks IS their ego. People get pissed when you point out their faults, or to be nicer. How they are hindering the group.

    Example, couple nights ago we had a dude that is from way back tank ISe. It was so bad. He was fire, which made us all wonder what the heck was going on. Basically, he kept jump pulling all the NPCs. Making them fly all over the room. Killing peopl and making the raid longer for no other reason than that's how he tanks. Ran with a couple of special folks in the current alert. No healer. Just a tank and three dps. Should have been no issue. The two other dps morans were using their suicide artifacts. After both of their 6th death. I told them I'm not picking them up unless they stop with the artifact crap. They didn't. They were butt hurt that I even suggested such a thing.

    Instances like this is what keeps the circle I run with together. Pugs are pugs. My advice, run with leagues. :)
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

    if it is something that requires any sort of team work or coordination, i think group chat should be utilized at least by answering if it's just a harmless message about the instance , and or says hi, how's it going, its very rare in the last 16 years of mmo playing, i have never been scared of what someone is going to say to me. if you feel like that, that sucks, but at the same time, i guess online gaming has become alot more popular and mmo games are not exempt from being weary, about voice chat in game that is automatic or turning it on i prefer using TeamSpeak 3 , Ventrilo , now its all about discord... :/ for DCUO in game voice, after i know the people i have guilded with or grouped with before, i usually have voice chat off / muted in game cause I'm use to mmos not having chat in game/ never used it really, unless the league really only uses it.

    so yea the voice chat screening if you will, is pretty much always been kind of second nature, common sense, that's why playing avengers on PS5 sucks when it comes to in game chat, its all voice only, and there are some annoying rude people. having IN GAME voice chat turned on default. is not appealing, its more of a thing i have to check , but ps5 has some good mute options that are automatic.
    especially to a multiplayer game user, that is use to using voice chat. but another reason why i play mmo alot more then other online type games.

    hope you have better experiences CHEERS
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  14. Canadian Justice Committed Player

    You know Geoff Johns or Ethan Van Sciver*? And they play this game? That is so cool! Can't believe they'd rip off poor John's and Sciver's work!

    Or you know, they could just be following the in game naming convention for Star Sapphires and using the styles that follow suit.

    * I realise that they might not be the original creators but this is what Wikipedia tells me. The joke stands either way.
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  15. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    I read quite well. Your continued insistence changes nothing about it. Its a complete nothingburger. I don't know you, I don't know her. All I know is that its petty and pointless.
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  16. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    A true leader is the person in the back of the group. So if a tank is behind everyone, that wouldn’t make much sense. The tank would be the one who is at the front who leads the group by starting the fights, but not the group leader.

    I would say the true group leader is the healer as they should be in the back being protected and they make sure the group doesn’t die via heals and shields. Like when you start a fight, the healer provides a shield to protect their teammates as a good leader should do. As a tank upfront, they can call the shots for what they are gonna do such as pull ads here or there, tank boss over there, and call out attacks. Tanks are more so the communications person for telling the group what they gonna be doing.

    Trolls be second in line as they help cc the enemies.

    Dps be third as they get rid of said enemies.

    Healers be fourth as they do not fight, are a prime target, and group relies on the healer to be ready to engage in the next battle.

    It is a bit confusing as we are not taught this way.
  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    the problem with text, either Discord texting or on PS4/5 (and I'd guess switch and xbox if using controller) is it takes too damn long to type out. I get the whole noise factor, but if I get chompy mc-kidscreaming in voice, I just down their volume...problem solved. 90% of the time if I ask someone to come to chat it's not so I can hear them anyway, it's so they can listen (or as close to listening as some people's ability allows). I hate typing anything longer than 'gg' or 'gratz' if in a mission.

    And I know mic protocols. I've run with people for years and I'm not sure they know I have kids or a wife. The mute button works wonders.

    And there's people who PAY to have someone lick a microphone....ick.
  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It's a clamping problem only in the fact that before if a whole group died due to a skill problem (as you say) the solo skilled player could have finished it up without the worry of getting kicked. Ran into this in FOS3 the other day. I was DPSing(I offered to tank but the tank had no DPS gear) and people were dropping like flies ( FOS3), we wiped a few times where I also took a knee to get the fight restarted, but on the 3rd time after too many had fallen, I switched to battle tank and go through Ursa and Non. I was asked to wipe again and I said 'no, I'm just finishing it' and after Ursa and Non died, I said 'on zod now'. 1/2 way through Zod I was far as I know that group was in there till shutdown.... It was my omni mission so I just wanted it done for the journal, so no skin off my nose really, but still...if no clamp Zod would have been dead before they could have finished the vote.
  19. Hraesvelg Always Right

    Ha, yeah, I can get why console people don't want to type stuff out. I imagine it's a pain. However, to be perfectly blunt...I doubt there's anything a console player is going to tell me I don't already know. If I'm in "learning new stuff" territory, I don't mind turning my ears on and that's usually in-league, where we're all on Discord....which at least has a voice threshold, which some of our PS members have found is fine to leave on their phones/laptops while they're on the console. I can knock out about 110 wpm, so I usually don't mind typing out the instructions.

    I realize how that might come across, but I've been a more or less daily player for a decade. A new raid/mechanic usually takes about 15 minutes of beating my head against something on the first day. These kids can get off my lawn, I'd rather be listening to my playlist, LOL.
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  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, I wasn't specifically referring to you, but IF (big IF) you were in a run, and were biffing a mechanic and IF (again...big IF) it was costing us finishing the run...come to chat...respond in text...or face the boot.

    Again, I doubt any of that would apply to you personally, and yes...if I'm running a PC account toon, I generally don't go to chat either as with the KB I can do much more effective typing...and yeah, sometimes it's more effective. I'm with you on the 'don't tell me how to play, Sonny' camp. I was throwing my hat in on a Fam Reg run via LFG on an alt the other day and was asked 'what's your sp'. "enough" was my reply...I ended up queueing in instead and saw these same guys in the open world portion of CC....enjoyed watching them get stomped by the destroyer probably because they skipped a tank or heal in favor of moar burn! We swooped in and finished it up for them waved and went inside.
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