Do Not be afraid to be a Leader

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  1. Ringz Dedicated Player

    You're cosplaying a villain very well lol.

    I can see that. You have people like that, but theres also lovely people like you who are more enjoyable to play with. Although discord is tight, ps4 players are not going to go all they way through that (unless ps5 hurry up and adds discord as a service already).

    At the end, you have to play it by ear and read the room. Some groups are solid, some groups are deform.
  2. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Expect better but be prepared for the worst.
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  3. L T Devoted Player

    I concur. Unless you get 300SP, don't sell a skip-to-300 token. Better artifacts should also be bundled with the CR skip. It's a bit disingenuous to say "here-- buy this CR skip token and you can play end-game content" when said CR skip really doesn't prepare you to play end-game content.
    Well, to be fair the current thinking of the Dev team seems to be "we'll get everyone playing all that old content so it will be way easier to get those skill points". I was shrugging as I typed that. We'll see how it pans out.

    I'll say that so far, stat clamped content has been more enjoyable for me than I thought it would be.
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  4. Jaelia Committed Player

    True to an extent, the raid I ran went super smoothly and they didn’t say anything at all to me about them being in there they just expected me to go in the chat he didn’t mention he was in instance until we beat last boss lol
  5. Jaelia Committed Player

    That’s the terrifying part :eek:
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  6. kiramon2 New Player

    While I appreciate the game's lateral evolution of Stats, there's a huge difference in WoW (ergh) where a boosted char is literally only behind by gear, vs something like this game or EQ2 - where you "appear" to be as strong as an equivalent character based on gear, but you are not, due to stats on the back-end.

    Obviously based on these changes, nobody would be happy if their character they spent years making stronger suddenly is as strong as a character (in equivalent gear, even if not max gear) that was made yesterday... but this game has both a Scaling CR AND a back-end stat leveling system that just fights against one another.

    Dump skill points. Bake 'em into gear, is my true fix. IDK why anyone would think Skill Points is fun - it creates the "have" and the "have-nots." And there are way more have-nots.

    GW2 has the same issue in my mind - except it's much easier to get Hero Points there (via Trains) than it is here; you can get caught up in 2 hours, vs 2 years.
  7. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

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  8. the solowing Steadfast Player

    You know you can get paid for eating chips if you do it the right way now lol
  9. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Sure...if it's coming from people you know. From strangers you're running with for the first time...HELL NO. If you're not paying me and we share no DNA you don't get that privilege just because. You want better results, explain shiZZ like a decent human being. If that fails, you have the option to boot.

    To the topic at hand....i've learned over the years that you don't have to speak or be heard in order to listen to instructions. Whenever i'm in new instances with people i've never run with I switch to instance or group chat and stay on mute. Nobody needs to hear my sniffles or munching on chips or listening to my music. I can hear the instructions just fine.
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  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    "Tough Love" from strangers is a heaping load of BS that needs to shoved violently right up the pie hole it came from. If you can't explain what I need to hear in a calm rational manner, just do me the favor and kick me from the instance. I don't even get chewed out at work...and they pay me.

    No one needs that from a group of strangers trying to supposedly trying to have fun playing a game. There's NOTHING fun about that. Now if it's your people and that's how you get down with each other, its all good. I never talk to people I don't know in that matter how annoyed I may be. I'm not thin skinned or anything like that, I just don't tolerate unnecessary bs from people that don't know me. I'm sure as you get older your mindset will change. ;)
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  11. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I'm just old and set in my ways, heh. We all used Teamspeak and Ventrilo back before the PS/PC merge and had a culture of PTT and clear communication. Went down the tubes after merge and so many console players think we want to hear every little sound going on around them. Get 8 people together and the various background noises, food noises, and baby screaming noises just drive me up a wall. Some people can't enunciate for anything. I can usually decipher some typos, but I won't be able to review and try to parse "You should mummurblembleu when he murblellelebmumble". Probably why I don't PUG unless absolutely necessary these days. I don't mind the hard raids, even typing out the mechanics and answering questions...but nearly every time someone gets insistent on getting in instance chat it has next to zero value to completing a raid.
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  12. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    If someone keeps making the same mistake after being spoken to in a decent manner, boot them. It is not necessary to yell at them. Anyone who feels it is necessary either needs therapy or an actual punching bag to get their aggression out. I'm not paying a sub, buying replays and stabilizer keys or seals to be yelled at by someone who doesn't know me. Someone has a need to yell at people, find a willing sure as F**k ain't me, and it shouldn't be you unless you enjoy getting yelled at.

    This is the reason why some players have a hard time playing with others, because they don't want to get yelled at by people who can't control themselves. I don't know anyone who enjoys that. There's enough crap on a day to day basis, why should we have to deal with that in a co-operative game? If people really want that crap there are plenty of First Person Shooters where people get off on that unnecessary behaviour. That's not needed here.
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  13. Dev72 Committed Player

    DM me your in game name so I can add you to my ignore list....however, I do have a suspicious feeling you may already be on there...but, let's be on the safe side....ok?
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  14. Shalayah Committed Player

    Yeah I remember tanking DME a few weeks back. Never tanked DME before because I’ve mainly always healed but I decided to fire tank for a few months. Anyways I mainly came in to DPS because someone left during the Hawkman fight. We beat the fight and the barbatos fight we lose first time because our tank couldn’t stay alive when kiting barbatos. I change to tank and get assigned Barbatos role. My objective being to keep him away from the group while the other tank gets the other bosses.

    This healer kept trying to instruct me where to go and complained because I wasn’t in the exact spot he wanted me to go, and everybody is telling him to shut up because the fight is progressing the way it’s supposed to progress. I did my job and kept him away from the group yet this dude was still chewing me out like I had no idea of what I was doing. We beat the raid my first try tanking Barbatos and despite all of that. I was getting chewed out most of it even though I did what I was assigned to do.

    It was actually really annoying not gonna lie.
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  15. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Nothing to serious about what im about to reply, just me reminiscing.

    Ima be honest, I do have a pet peeve of someone eating on the mic. Now I was not part of the era of 'xbox live 360 days of COD' that most gamers can relate to as their first time dealing with a toxic bunch. If anything I believe this became a habit due to me playing dcuo. So I know I dealt with my fair share of groups like that in early dcuo as well lmao.

    To the point I remember a former league mate of mines was eating in chat. I responded
    "Hey X... are you eating right now?",
    they replied "Yeah",
    I reply "Ok cool" *set voice volume all the way down*.

    Till one day X type in league chat " I think Ringz is ignoring me -sad face-"? I told him "My bad man, you was eating 2months ago and I turned you down and I forgot to unmute you" lol. Just good memories.
  16. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    IKR I was in a duo before stat clamp and this player tells me to go DPS and all I can think about was EWW noooo don't talk to me.... :oops::eek:o_O
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  17. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Stat Clamping has made some major issues.
    Sadly I have had this sort of thing happen several time in the last two days: I got raged at for refusing to die with the same group for the tenth time (literally the tenth,) at one of the bosses. "Just die and lets do it again," "BOOT THIS GUY!", "Just die already!!!!!!!!!!!," etc. etc. etc. they rage posted.
    The toxicity was insane as was the time it took. Years of maxing out everything just to have it ripped away sucked and now we have a whole new problem with being stuck with the players that refuse to cooperate or get better, and because we are depowered down so much we either cant beat the content boss single handed like we earned or the boss fight takes forever soloing because the rest the team keeps dying.
    You can be polite, kind, helpful, and try to be a leader but toxic players will be toxic. The problem now is your stuck with them, you cant just solo through like before to just get done and move on. Even quitting and trying again doesn't save you because I got thrown back in with the same people many times. Ugh.
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  18. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Considering that these days that climb takes maybe ten days of gaming at the very most -- four if you're really dedicated -- it's not exactly a long or tedious climb.

    If it took years for noobs to get to endgame as it did for those of us who are old-timers, your claim would be valid. But since it takes only days, or weeks if you're completely lazy, the idea that you're pushing (it takes too long for a noob to get to endgame) just doesn't hold water.

    If we were talking about collecting SP you'd be making a reasonable claim. But not when we're talking about CR. Ten days isn't ten years or even ten months or even ten weeks. And it's not hard to go from level 3 to level 300 in ten days.

    [QUOTE. But because the majority of people coming to play the game DO use boosts][/QUOTE] Do you have any actual... oh, what's the word, it's such an old-fashioned concept... oh, yeah, any evidence? Or are you just Arguing By Assertion? Also known as "making up my own facts."
  19. Ntwydimela Active Player

    Ringz I'm not sure I understand your definition of Leadership, can you elaborate?
  20. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    I think the hope is people will learn and change. I remember a time when people would have patiently waiting outside for you then thanked you for finishing the instance. The hope is that attitude and behaviours will hopefully change. This update is only a few days old. There will be hot fixes, tweaks and probably even more features added to make it more bearable for people who are currently not enjoying themselves. Charon (one of the devs) even mentioned that making it optional wasn’t entirely out of the realms of possibility, it just wasn’t possible to include with this update.

    Toxicity is fleeting, it’s an emotional response and generally once people compose themselves what you’re left with is a decent (albeit, disgruntled) human being. Give it time if you can. The devs are likely keenly listening to feedback, making your feedback as constructive and informative as possible is far more productive than adding to the toxicity.
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