DLC9: Vendor Gear vs AB Drops Issues

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by UltraElite, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    going from 90cr vendor DPS waist to 90cr AB DPS waist drop has a difference of
    15 health
    5 precision
    32 Might

    which makes sense, we were told a slight better stat increase btw the 2

    But i dont understand going from a 90cr Vendor Healer Shoulders to 90cr AB Healer Shoulders has a difference of
    65 Health
    54 Power

    Shouldnt there be some Restoration Increase also?

    DPS main stats go up from 90cr Vendor to 90cr AB drops

    So why is the Healer set different?

    Anyone know the changes from 90cr vendor to 90cr AB drops for Controller and Tank?
  2. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Our resto is far too high already. I hope they give us more power and precision in T6 unless the health bonus from that gear puts us over 10k health which I doubt.
  3. UltraElite Dedicated Player

  4. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    ok, it just seems like less of an incentive to replace the healer vendor gear, compared to the dps set

    like if i was going to replace something, i would be a little disappointed if my main stat didnt go up

    im not sure how the troller and tank gear is
  5. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Really the belt only gives us 32 might? Is this the prec based or the might based gear you are looking at? I am pretty sure the might chest gives us 82 more might. (don't know the exact numbers)
  6. MercPony Devoted Player

    The Controller set from AB does give a slightly higher Vit boost than the vendor. Overall its like 200-300 (haven't really counted) more than vendor gear. I think Tank gear gives a slight boost too but cannot confirm this. Only healer gear does without a main stat boost which is fine in my opinion as we get enough Resto as it is.
  7. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    ya they are both the might set comparison
  8. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    ya, its not needed and
    im not a healer, so it really doesnt effect me, but in terms of balance (which everyone knows im an advocate for), it seems weird the other roles gets main stat upgrades
  9. MercPony Devoted Player

    I had thought it was weird myself and even my boyfriend (who loves healing in any game he plays) and other healers I know feel the same. I guess it makes sense though since the devs said the 8 man drops were just marginal.