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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Crafty_Crafter, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    Howdy, Crafty Crafter here to discuss DLC8 Sons of Trigon Player Rewards with yall.

    This means loot, feats, collection rewards, base items, R&D items, etc.

    If you have any questions ask away and I will try to answer as much feedback as I can. I ask that you please be civil and constructive, I will not respond to malicious posters.

    If you're posting bugs please be as thorough as you can. The more information you provide the faster turnaround there will be for fixing it generally. Screenshots, what you were doing when the bug happened, or possible reproduction steps if you can reproduce are all very valuable.

    Thank you for your testing time and feedback.
  2. Penryn Well-Known Member

    One question:
    Are the trinkets that drop in the Trigon's Prison alert supposed to have the same trinket activation stat boosts as the vendor trinkets? I haven't won any of the trinkets yet, but I did ask the loot winners about the stat boosts on them. They told me the trinket activation stat boosts were the same. For example, I was told the Might trinket that dropped gave 541 Might for 20 seconds. That was the same as the vendor's Might trinket.

    On the subject of loot, the chances of obtaining gear from the Raven bounties appears to be on the low side. I was in a group with two other people this morning. We replayed the Raven bounty 5 times. One person got a choice of a level 85 item just once. If this is going to be a weekly reset, I was hoping the odds would be better. 1 in 15 doesn't seem very encouraging.
  3. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    I did notice that not many focus element V was dropping from content. Is anyone else?
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  4. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    Not exactly. The controller trinket that drops in the alert is slightly less than the one from the vendor but not by much.

    Demonic Charm (Alert)
    142 Health
    72 Power
    11 Precision
    24 Might
    20 Restoration
    47 Vitalization
    20 Dominance

    Consul's Battle Trinket (Vendor)
    154 Health
    77 Power
    12 Precision
    26 Might
    25 Restoration
    51 Vitalization
    21 Dominance

    Both trinkets effects are the same:

    On use, this item will apply these effects: 343 Vitalization - Self (+20s)
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  5. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    Also are there suppose to be Utility Belts dropping from this content?
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  6. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Member

    A quick question are all weapons eligible to drop from trogon so far seen a couple twice just want to check.
  7. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    On the first point yes they are supposed to have the same trinket activation stat boosts as the vendor trinkets.

    As far as the drop percentages from the Raven Bounties, I will review the drop rates. I will not reveal exact drop percentages, but I will say that what you and your group experienced seems unusually low. I will look in to it.
  8. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    Yes there should be Utility Belts dropping from the content, I will look at the drop tables and verify that they are on there.
  9. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    Yes, all weapon types should have a chance of dropping from the final boss of the alert.
  10. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Member

    I actually did the same thing and I got one after 6 attempts, not sure what the rest of the group got.
  11. Penryn Well-Known Member

    I'm just hoping that my group was having bad luck. I'm expecting something in the 20% range. If the rate is too high, people will just replay their way to full T5 in an hour. I'm kind of wondering what the replay badge cost for the bounty is going to be.
  12. Penryn Well-Known Member

    Regarding the reward boxes you get for completing the 5 missions and duo side boss, are the reward boxes only supposed to give you a chance at earning a piece of IL 85 gear? I earned two of these reward boxes this morning. One gave me a mission that gave me an IL 85 gear piece. The other only gave me a Mark of Reality.
  13. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    This is correct. I submitted a change yesterday to help message this functionality more clearly. The reward boxes, which are having their names changed to "Exalted Reward Box" and "Corrupted Reward Box", grant you one of two rewards. One is a Mark of Reality, and the other reward is a Task granting item that gives you a task that auto completes in your journal and allows you to select an unattuned piece of either the Corrupted or Exalted gear. A new tooltip was added to the boxes as well to help clarify.
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  14. Penryn Well-Known Member

    This is a new way of doing loot. For the Home Turf bounties, you had a low percentage chance of winning a random style gear piece each day. For the new content, you are essentially be given your choice of picking an item piece once you've won the right to claim it. I imagine that lead to some interesting internal discussions about how to tune the reward box rates. Set the odds to high and people will complete the sets too quickly - resulting in some lost revenue from replay badges. Set the odd too low - like the Home Turf bounties - and there won't be too much interest in completing the content.

    Good luck on tuning those numbers.

    The updated descriptions will help clear up some of the confusion surrounding the potential loot drops.
  15. Curse Bringer Well-Known Member

    can you give us a map of the blues and greens ?:) at least in the open world
  16. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    Is the GU still going to include the loot changes in regards to rolling for gear or is that feature coming at a later time?
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  17. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    I know several people that are working on this already. I'm sure something will be posted 'soon.'
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  18. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    I see that the new loot system has been implemented. Seems to be working fine for far.
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  19. Twisted Titan Well-Known Member

    I just completed my mission to fight Julius. When I received my Exalted Reward Box and opened it all I got was a Mark of Reality. I thought these mission were supposed to reward gear similar to the Home Turf missions?
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  20. Crafty_Crafter Developer

    There should have been a tooltip on the reward box that stated you had a chance to receive either a Mark of Reality or a Chit of Corruptions Gifts. The Chit grants you a task that allows you to pick a piece of gear. It's not guaranteed that you get a piece of the Exalted or Corrupted gear every time, you have a chance. It should be a fairly high chance.

    As posted above it is true that with the latest PC Test build our loot dropping changes for DLC7 and DLC8 should be available for testing.

    What this means is every Boss or Subboss for multiplayer PvE content should give each player in the group their own seperate rolls on their treasure tables. Player A might win some controller boots and a R&D plan, and Player B might get the unattuned weapon and a Base item, but they both got their own rolls on the boss's table. Hopefully this brings an end to "ninja'ing" with rolling on loot from bosses.

    It's important to note that drops from the normal MOBs in the dungon (Non-bosses) will still be rolled upon like before.

    As I've stated before, I really appreciate all the feedback from yall testing this and encourage you to post as much as you can. I want to hear your thoughts on the new loot system, and please continue with feedback about the boss and task rewards from DLC8.
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