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  1. JayJay2515 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna be honest and say I find none of these good, ill get them for stats but will probably not wear any of them, I do like the Huntress arms and legs but I'm not really a fan of looking like other heroes/villains
  2. Agnetta Well-Known Member

    thats the martial arts stance
  3. Captain Liberty Executive Producer

    Thanks for the all the constructive feedback. I know that most people realize it's impossible to please all people at all times, but what we're trying to do with this gear that's different than previous DLCs is to fill holes in our character customization portfolio, as well as give some love to DC characters that haven't received it in DCUO to date. While we're unlikely to devote a DLC to Blue Beetle anytime soon, we could offer an inspired-by gear set in a future DLC - assuming that this basic concept works. All I can say to the naysayers is give this a chance, see the items, play with color schemes, mix and match them with other gear. I think you just might be surprised. This is all about expanding DCUO’s creative palette. Otherwise, we’d be stuck with one theme for all gear in a DLC – which can easily become derivative.
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  4. General Powers Active Member

    Well, he does have point. You can always mix-match the armor styles and set the color schemes to your liking. Thanks for the reply Captain Liberty.
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  5. Laff Riot Well-Known Member

    Yeah the female is in flirty stance like you said. No worries though, I just wanted to show you that I was right even though we both were talking about something different! lol
  6. willflynne Well-Known Member

    Mixing and matching is half the fun of outfit creation for me. :D
  7. VANTIX Member

    What the heck is everyone on? These new sets look fresh! They all look really unique and many of these pieces have been in my wishlist for quite some time! Booster Gold looks awesome.
  8. PrimedKrypton Active Member

    They look really cool specially that manta one...!
  9. La Chupacabra Well-Known Member

    Any chance we can get you guys to relinquish faction specific styles?

    The way the games been progressing, It feels less and less alt friendly, and it's genuinely upsetting so much of the hard-work (from a style PoV) isn't available to everyone.

    P.S. Though I don't agree with the styles, you guys have really sought out to please us, so, Thank you. I'll be throwing around my station cash like it's nobody's business once the DLC drops.

    EDIT: I can't spell.
  10. Spytle Executive Creative Director


    Thank you. That was very cathartic for me. :)
  11. Palus Active Member

    Thank you Captain Liberty for taking the time to comment on this post, I am a big fan of this DLC and love the amount of effort you guys put into developing origin crisis.I know as fans of Dc it is hard to satisfy the masses and i understand that. Its great that the devs are taking the time and listening to people on the forums thoughts of having more iconic inspired gear. However since the release of the fracture future trailer in 2011 the dev team has been advertising this whole new story line to take place after the defeat of brainiac.

    And i as a fan of the game and of the is storyline, it got me excited because i saw this story being pitch to me as well as the community and im thinking wow t5 is going to rock because were going to get some future batman/lex inspired gear and its going to be awesome. Im a little disappointed with the iconic styles the team chose because with all that advertising of future lex and batman i feel that why advertise these two iconic characters if we won't be able to wear inspired gear from them?

    Its like going to a restaurant that has been advertising a special dish and when you go to order it you are then told that they don't sell that dish there, but yet you see the advertisements of the dish displayed all over the walls. Like i said its great you guys are making more iconic inspired gear but i think the dish that everyone was looking forward to was of that of future lex and batman.
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  12. snowcow New Member

    I've been playing DC for a while now but have never posted on the forums. I've decided to start here because I feel very strongly on this topic.

    First off, I would like to express my gratitude and admiration to the developers for responding and working with us fans. It means a lot to me. But now to what I came here to say...

    I think these styles, while different, are not done well at all. I don't like to be so negative, but they really look poorly done to me. They look very plain and generic to me-am I alone in this? I think there is a strong vocal dislike on these new styles from what I'm seeing-but maybe I'm wrong.

    I understand the need to get a fresh style in and a different look, but I just don't think these are it. BUT the good news is this is the only thing that disappoints me about the coming DLC. I'm very excited about everything else! : )

    You'll get my money with this but honestly if you add some future batman and lex styles this will be a home run! Please consider this, even if it is to be added with an update on the marketplace. I just don't see how those wouldn't be added to this dlc.
  13. King Atom Active Member

    I love the BLACK MANTA set wow I have been wanting a style inspired by this villain,thank you devs! Also digging the Booster Gold style as well.

    I like the Harley Quinn style too but its nothing too dramatically different from what you can do now with mixing with certain styles....
    This is what my character used to wear.

    I guess what I DO like about the Harley style is the spikey brass knuckles.
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  14. Gassius_Spray Well-Known Member


    Of the hero and Booster Gold pieces. I can make due with some of the pieces and the feat points, of course.

    The Huntress Style - I think the cape is cool. I can can rock that cape. I like the hands, the feet and the waist. They work well with my look. I pretty much like the whole style. Aqua Man - maybe the boots. Booster Gold - maybe the feet, hands, waist, maybe shoulders.

    They are what they are. I think a lot of players got the notion that the Batman and Lex reveals were the T5 armor, or something better than whats shown (subjective to taste of course) in the pic above. Minus Black Manta. They nailed a hell of a style there, even its villain style. There can be some wacky put togethers with the Harley Gear.

    I do hope that the reveal of the mix of T5 and PvP gear and there is a few more styles to collect, few more T5 armors to end up buying with marks.

    I dont think its too late... But I would like to have them add some Sherlock Holmes style pieces.

    Preferably the cape - WE NEED MORE CAPES- and [profanity] where are the popped collar capes? Mys gosh.. Popped. Collar. Capes. Srsly Yo.

    You can have the cape and coat combo and then just the cape thats a back style that fits over the chest style. Example Guy Gardner chest + Sherlock cape. Or Abra Chest + Sherlock cape.


    Add some new steampunk styles. Add some Gas Light inspired styles

    I mean Look at this... Its like a Sherlock style with cape and cowl combo.


    Thats just a cool style all together. The head, face, hands, chest, the back, waist, legs, boots. The cape/shoulders can be an accessory, Would like to see more accessories.

    Just think you could take that chest piece on Gas light Batman put Supermans S on it... How many Superman Red Son inspired toons would pop up? A ton.

    How well received would something like that be vs Aqua man, or Harley...It would be right up there or better received than Black Manta's style.

    But I digress and finally hit the post reply button. TLNOGAF i guess. Stats over styles right?
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  15. kgghk Active Member

    I wish this was a T5 style.

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  16. Fredgerd New Member

    That's the thing though. these are nice simple styles. I got really excited for that reason when I saw these. Nothing like Fate's Faith which is the equivalent of putting blinking marquee tags on your character (please stop wearing those wings everyone).
  17. Hard Night Active Member

    They've been winning with faction exclusive styles for a while now. :(
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  18. ShadowSubzero91 New Member

    Is having the armor styles shared between factions too much to ask? :)

    In T4, you have 4 styles to choose from. With this, we have 3 per faction, less if the pic include both PVE and PVP styles.

    Make Lady Shiva sell them. She's in both places anyway :p
  19. Conduit Active Member

    I see very little that I like in these. But from what I've been seeing in the past two tiers I was expecting these to be Tech-based. I was really looking forward to these styles being over-the-top mainly because of Tier4's styles being unappealing to me.
    But it looks like I'm sticking with my usual outfit.
    Can't wait for the Quantum Powers, though! Already working on a name LOL
  20. Pingvinozavr Well-Known Member

    Wasn't there any way to add this styles other than making them T5 vendor gear? Like fill holes with the drop gear, instead of making this styles T5 which is kinda supposed to be ultimate reward and representation of that content. For example T3 was a meta kryptonian gear that was reflecting FOS raids, T4 was magic amazonian which was reflecting amazons from the Gates of Tartarus raid. Following that logic, T5 is supposed to be something tech and since we've got Council that are Lexes and Batmen, they gonna totally fit "inspired by" theme - for example there was so many options to make alternative realities versions of that armor, or you can just go with some future tech gear. Instead all of a sudden we get random characters inspired gear.

    "booster is there for time travel reasons. Aquaman has an origin artifact in the raid. Manta was added to oppose him." It's not like Booster was traveling with Bats and Lex through time, he is just done kinda the same thing some other day for a completely different reasons from the completely different future which as far as I know have nothing to do with the game plot - for example it's like making T3 gear inspired by some medieval knights, because the raid you get them from called Fortress, for the Aquaman - I think good example for this gonna be T3 inspired by Krypto since we've got him somewhere in the FOS raids and thats why he is supposed to be main target for the armor design.

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