Dev Discussion DLC13: Throne of the Dead (Elite) Raid - Official Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Quixotic, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    Whew....we finally beat Hades Elite on USPC.... Wiped once with him at 2% and then finally got it down. I would still say that the difficulty should be reduced and give more people a chance at completing it. Maybe three waves of adds between banishments? The key to the fight is getting some luck and not getting too many add waves but rather totem masters. You really need to keep one dps on Hades the whole time and have the other one rotate between adds and Hades. The tanks we had did a really awesome job of controlling the fight. It was very impressive. I'd post a scorecard or list of people involved but that might be construed as bragging.
  2. HazeTA New Player

    Yh, their should NEVER be any kind of luck element when it comes to beating content.

    I'v lost faith in the devs after all these AM's if I'm honest, we are in a worse state than we were before them, not played anything but 1v1 PVP for the last 3-4 weeks, not sure their capable of balance at this point.

    Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?... Looks like that is already the case anyway tbh.

    There's already multiple videos from each server all over the forums now beating (no-so) 'Elite' since the latest round of 'fixes'.
  3. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    There's only been a handful of people beating and it can take over an hour to get a lucky run. I wouldn't say the raid as been nerfed and isn't "Elite" anymore. Not sure you even know what you are talking about.
  4. HazeTA New Player

    It's alot more than a handful, multiple on each server would suggest at least 8, and in a matter of days since the last hot fix... How many more before the week is out? How many groups beat round 10 on the last 2 SMs? 2? 3? And Elite is supposed to be comparable to that? Yh right, it's no longer Elite, fact. Not sure you should be making assumptions about what complete strangers know.
  5. Saybro Committed Player

    Or maybe this DLC forced players to get better?

    I will edit this with some lol
  6. ForumJunky New Player

    115 cr rage tank who has not beat hades on elite hmmmmm well all I have to say is get good thanks :)
  7. Lightws Dedicated Player

    We got 2 bowmaster's, Our group was pretty unlucky when it came to add phases. We had more adds then totems so it took longer to actually kill him.
  8. RealGODofWar New Player

    How many of the Beat hades groups had a Fire/Earth/Mental player in it? Honestly curious
  9. Lightws Dedicated Player

    Our solo troller was a mental to be honest. And if she wasn't a leaguemate probably wouldn't have been brought in there lol.
  10. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    I would harbor to guess that you have run this raid zero times and so your opinions on it are coming from a place of ignorance. It sounds good to dismiss the difficulty of the raid based on the fact that someone has actually beat it but in reality it is still quite difficult. TBH Trigon was a much easier fight than Hades is. If progress points had been implemented sooner a lot more people would have gotten platinum shirts. I personally beat Trigon four times in the last weekend it was out with four different groups so multiply that across servers and actually plenty of people beat it. Instead of trying to diminish the accomplishments of others you could find something constructive to post about this raid, but I'm guessing you have no actual feedback to contribute.
  11. SugarHill Well-Known Player

    Ive already beat it on elite so get over yourself and please use some other word to try and insult me you sound like an adolescent who knows no better ....
  12. BigBabyGeezuz Dedicated Player

    We had a Mental solo troller that did great. You could definitely tank Hades with Earth. Not as confident about Fire but I have seen some great Fire tanks that probably could pull it off.
  13. Lightws Dedicated Player

    I would just start with the fact that they didn't beat it to be honest. But oh well....
  14. ForumJunky New Player

    If I wanted to insult you I might get band lol. Where is your proof you beat it? I'm pretty sure 4 groups have best it.........
  15. Elusian Crowd Control

    There is more than that. Not everyone runs to the forums and post what they have accomplished.
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  16. ForumJunky New Player

    I agree with you on that, but when he coming in here and telling select few the eu league that beat it and our league that is cheese the way we beat it, like what other way is there to beat it and if he beat it with doing so called "CHEESE TATICS" then show proof you beat it and didn't use "CHEESE TATICS"
  17. HunterThe1st Well-Known Player

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  18. Arctic Beam New Player

    Like BBG says, we defeat elite hades on USPC server. I think the key to beat him is a team with good communication and coordination. Is important have good timing on the transition between hades and the adds, so that way you can control when the banishment is going to happen (and a little bit of luck on the adds phases). After having made some mistakes, the group did some minor adjustments and we were able to finish it.

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  19. Requake Dedicated Player

    The luck factor is what bothers me the most. Get a couple of totem masters and a few well timed shadeforms and the adds are nothing but slowing you, just a little. Get several punishers or get a shaded tank while banishment is present, expect a wipe. That's what I love celestial for; consecrated grounds can make the most undergeared dps a tank lol.

    But even on the release date of this DLC, I already hated last boss just for the luck factor. Look at Paradox, a good group wouldn't wipe even though the solo healer would get jailed.
    Maybe shade form should only happen to dpses when there's a banishment going on, if no banishment anyone can get shaded.
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  20. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    Bug: Hades done his reflection ability ( white shields ), then I got banished, but when i went to kill my ad i was getting hades reflection damage and stuns.

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