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Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by N7GearSpartan, Mar 31, 2014.

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    hi guys, i am having trouble with some dlc, i am a free to play member and ages ago i brought the green lantern power and the electric power to use and it was working great but then i had to reboot my computer from scratch, and start all over again but when i got dc universe again i don't have the two dlc's i brought, and it says i have to pay for them again? and i dont understand why? please can someone help me with this problem im having.
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    The DLCs (and your characters) are tied to your account and are stored on Sony's servers. They don't get deleted just because you reinstall your computer.

    The most common reason people have this is that they are not logging in with the right account. Since the launcher saves your details it is easy to forget exactly which credentials you use to log in with, especially if you have more than one account.

    Another related issue is that if you have both a ProSiebenSat account and a Sony account - many people used the same account details for both - you do need to make sure that you are using the correct launcher. If you normally use the .eu version of the site for billing then you need the ProSiebenSat launcher, whereas if you normally see the .com version of the site you need the Sony version. You can use the setup for each version to repair your current launcher to an alternative one if this is the case.

    Sony launcher:
    ProSiebenSat launcher:

    If you still can't work out what's happened then you will need to contact support so they can work out what's happened to your content:
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  3. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    I've seen many players log into the wrong account only to realize their purchase was on another. Please double check your spelling. One letter can make a difference ;)

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