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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Agreed. The license is what's really in it for me. I'm a comic guy, and I absolutely love this game. Going from Level 1-30 is epic. I remember hitting 30 back in 2011, and forget raiding, Containment, Arkham, and Ace scared people then. Now because we are truly high end game players, there is not much to do or explore, and that has nothing to do with replays. Two new cities, new bounties, leveling missions would be breathe of fresh air. Also, as I said in the past, The Daily Dose of Heroism missions need a complete revamp or should I say, overhaul. I'll give you an example, many moons ago on X-box, there was the game Spiderman 2. The city was so alive. The Dev's have done a great job of populating the city more, however there a really no random events that occur that make sense. The last mission in that spiderman game after completing everything is was called : "The first day of the rest of your life", I believe. That entailed just patrolling the city to stop random acts of crime. Bank robberies, Gang activity, petty crimes, road rage, burning buildings, things like that. They made sense and didn't appear to be manufactured or generic. This is what we should have here. And there should be feats associated with doing those acts as well. We would be more active in the cities.
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  2. Lantern Flash Committed Player

    Buried all the way here on page 17, no one of any real importance is going to read this or respond, but clearly I'm the only one that agrees (as usual) with BumblingB.

    This is going to be a mess. I have ZERO faith that the developers will handle this properly. The many vocal MINORITY who are saying that we need Paradox Wave 2, are unfortunately going to be the ones that Spytle, Mepps, and others are going to listen to. Bumble is right. The correct way to do this, is to use the Gates/Prime way. Whether it was meant to be that way or not, that was the ideal way of doing hard and easy raids. As long as they do not make us wait a year for a new raid, (like they did with Gates/Prime into T5,) we should be okay. THAT was the issue with those T4 raids, we had to wait so incredibly long for T5. With Gates, you could build your toon because it got you ready for Prime. Back then, if you went into Prime with even just the Amazonian gear that dropped in Gates, you were in for trouble. You pretty much needed full T4 to be productive. NOT EVERYONE needed full, modded, T4, but most of the population at that time in this game did. That is what they should do. Not constant one-shots with these garbage mechanics that hardly work on the PS3. As you got more of the T4 and got it modded properly, you could see how the mechanics in Prime worked and learn who to overcome them. At launch, Nexus and PW were unforgiving and at time, just flat out garbage. Unfortunately, that is probably what we will get again.

    Bumble was also correct in his assessment of FOS2. When that raid first launched, it was insanely difficult. But we were at what? T2? So of course now it's simple for those of us in T5 and higher. Everyone forgets that. A game like this NEEDS to have progression. You can't just have these raids that only the chosen few can complete because of they're "skill." (which really is only intelligently button-mashing) Once that wall is hit, you'll see the same drop in players that were seen with OC. How quickly that is forgotten.

    No offense, but JEEBIE even stated that all content in this game should have it's difficulty increased. These are not the type of statements to take under advisement. Things like that will only hurt this game in the long run. This game was originally advertised as being a CASUAL MMO. Unfortunately, everyone wants this to be the next WoW or GW2, or whatever the new thing is. This game will never and should never be like that. And from what I have seen so far, I don't think the people running this game have any clue on how to make this game like those, nor do they have the backing to make this game like those.
  3. Rooted Active Player

    Replays aren't a factor in this at all anymore to be honest. With the current content when we got War of the Light at the end of January, we've been able to earn 288 marks per week without using any replay badges at all. Add that to the 250 that we all sat on waiting for the dlc along with any lockboxes we might have had and do earn every day and the grind for full 90 gear was practically non-existant. Not to mention the fact that the Vestements gear drops like candy in Assault and Battery.

    Your thoughts on daily acts is intreging, but more group based events along those lines would be more tantalizing than just rescuing someone from a fire. Getting an alert that a couple of iconics are robbing a museum and such. Something that is more on par with our high end game levels.

    I want to be challenged, but I don't want to walk into an alert and spend most of the night trying to beat it.
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  4. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    The idea is that it should be enough different kinds of content that should accommodate everyone. So, for example as you are moving about the city you see bank robbers in a shoot out with the police. You have to take them down, and then it culminates in a high speed chase. Another, STAR Labs or Science Police convoy has been ambushed carrying something vital, and you have to fight off mercenaries, who then call in a mech. Random events like this would bring people out into the world more.
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  5. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    The idea is that it should be enough different kinds of content that should accommodate everyone. So, for example as you are moving about the city you see bank robbers in a shoot out with the police. You have to take them down, and then it culminates in a high speed chase. Another, STAR Labs or Science Police convoy has been ambushed carrying something vital, and you have to fight off mercenaries, who then call in a mech. Random events like this would bring people out into the world more.
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  6. oF1RESTARo New Player

    That would be awesome but I think the Devs will tell you the problem with that is the memory it will require isn't available with the PS3 system. But we could hope that something like that could happen if/when PS3 isn't supported anymore.
  7. Minnion Devoted Player

    Why would memory be an issue? Don't they have random events that spawn anyways? Tossing together a few more in different locations couldn't hurt too much... (Like randomly spawning an armored truck that is on the move... (Attacking it makes it drop cash bags that you just pick up by walking into them. The truck speeds along its set way-point path once you hit it but you can still chase after it hitting it more to steal/recover more cash until it's out of HP and it stops and spawns a couple of guards...)

    Or an idea that I like for PvP phase, attacking players that are under level 30 as a player that is level 30 has a random chance of spawning an Iconic hero.(A member of the Bat Family if you're in Gotham, or in Metro Power Girl, Superman, Steel, Supergirl, Wonder woman ect.)
    The chance of course goes up with CR.(And these would be a Raid Level boss designed to challenge a group fully decked out in max CR gear and Expert Mods.)

    That aside I'd love to see a wave survival mode.(Where you see how many waves of Adds you and your team can take down before you wipe.)

    I'd also love to see an open world king of the hill game/event. Revamp of lair permissions.(For instance we should be able to let players into our lair the same way we let players into certain mentor mission instances. By inviting them to join our party, showing them where the entrance is and then walking into our lair. I'd also like to see those who have been granted permission to enter our lair through the mainframe the ability to warp to any lair they have up on base tracking.
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  8. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Feats are a 1 time thing, If the feats are determining preset groups, toss a feat in that makes us REALLY want more tanks, maybe that'll train people if your proposition is true. But, I don't think it will.

    There is no DCUO issue, there is no community issue. it's simply a fact people have to learn to deal with that in an MMO game the rule is stack DPS after you cover the bases. You will have enough tanking, enough healing, and enough support, after that you can't have enough DPS, you can always kill faster.
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  9. Invictus2112 New Player

    You know, I wonder how many times arguments on this forum could suddenly be found to be divided along the lines of people who have played other MMOs, and those who haven't/have and utterly despise the standard themes. I bet we'd find a more solid line than anything to do with "tryhard" or "casual".

    But yeah, it is the same no matter what MMO you go to. You either have enough roles, or you don't. You never have enough dakka.
  10. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    Instead of a feat, what about like increasing the drop rate of rare items (like the omnipotence ring) for running with a standard set up. I'm not really sure how that could be incorporated but if they found a way people would start running like that IMO.
  11. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    ehh, old loot system would have rewarded a more balanced group setup as there would have been less competition for each role having only 2 of each instead of 3 or potentially 4.... but that didn't stop us lol.

    the only real way to get us using a second tank or healer, is to make us need a second tank or healer. As if we don't need it, we won't use it.
  12. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    it still was such a gamble though 8 people rolling for 1 rare item like the omnipotence helm (only a 12.25% chance of getting it even if it drops)... That is why people never did it that way. If everyone gets their own drop but receives maybe a 5% increased rate of seeing the rare item (i.e. the ring), I can see raids becoming a balanced set up.
  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    wow it seems no matter what direction the devs say they r taking the game in some people r just never happy. I actually posted b4 about a template 4 dlcs in the future so there would b solos duos alerts and raids in every dlc and then there would now b content 4 every1 but reading this thread I see people say this is awesome news then others just complaining about everything under the sun and saying how they think things should b on dcuo and making it like their opinion is the only 1 that matters. IMO a big problem is some of the people in the community and seems majority of people r NEVER happy with anything about this game and 2 that I say then y do u play it? Why do u keep spending $ on it? If its so broken or so bad or the devs r so clueless(as I saw a few people say)then I say again, y do u continue 2 play dcuo? You have a choice 2 play this game or not, no1 forces u 2 log on. Deal with how the game is atm and let them fix what they can and take it in whatever direction they want to. Its their game, they own it and created it. I just cant even come on these forums anymore because there is wayyyyy 2 much complaining, yes some of it can b constructive and some people do have great ideas but wow some r just here 2 whine and im sorry but imo that's just sad. They just said they r making content 4 every1 in all dlcs moving forward and there will b stuff for the casual 2 the hardcore. B happy about it and stop the complaining plz, and reply 2 this quote me or whatever cause idc I wont b coming on here anymore. Just wayyyy 2 much negativity when some good news was just announced :)
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  14. Rooted Active Player

    Perhaps is the Ring of OP the only reason you are running A&B?
  15. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    It doesn't really matter to me whether I get it or not. I do know that many people are only running it for the best gear though. I'm fine just obtaining the vestaments of rage gear and buying the 90 CR MOR rings. The stats are good on the Omnipotence rings (no arguments here) but I don't run A&B just for gear. I would buy replay badges if I was.
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  16. Hero of Justice New Player

    I agree with other people that I am a little bit worried about the Duos and Alerts going forward. It's definitely not the loudest part of the playerbase, but there are a lot of people who like Alerts more than anything else in the game. Maybe they could make an Alert that leads into the raids? That way it will retain some of the scope and story that is usually exclusive to the raids. As for duos, I would be in favor of adding more of the leveling instances as Duos going forward, perhaps even put one in a large DLC. There are still a lot of them out there, and they shouldn't be hard or time consuming to put into Duo format. They also give people who like the smaller stuff another avenue of content to make up for the fewer Alerts.
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  17. lukelucky Devoted Player

    well bud i disagree. dox was fun for me as was nexus. more so than fos 2. i have been on the game no breaks since mid year one. i cant see the problem with dox or nexus. kinda simple. in dox when the huge ugly one shotting boss looks in your direction IMMEDIATELY stop whatever you are doing and move. just move. if this is to hard for you well honestly you are stupid. nexus was nothing special. people progressed through it as they did any other raid till the last boss fight. WAIT till the second shield pops then get to your spots. simple but dumbfounded the community. lol thats embarassing.
    t5 showed us alot of the dps were not dps. be honest alot of times the burn was not there.
    going forward it seems they are fixing a ton of complaints so i hope tings are better.
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  18. lukelucky Devoted Player

    WOW now you care about the support roles? good throw away the damn solo content also. since we have to pay to switch roles on the fly this makes ace, strykers missions like the wastelands a pain for support roles. clearly easier for a dps and guys who pay extra.
  19. lukelucky Devoted Player

    how did they ever think t4 ops would work? to me that was totally incompatent and after the loading times slowed to fix t4 i still never want to hear operations again. t5s versions didn't help. in strike who came up with warp in fight two ads then warp again? thanks for the extra loading screens.
  20. lukelucky Devoted Player

    your missing the point i think bud. its a scripted attack and as a tank we are helpless. the boss will run away. if in doing so he wipes someone or alot of people....... well its on them. they need to do better not us the tanks. all you can do is keep the taunt up and do your job. yup stupid people will cry and some will blame the tank. thing is we cant advoid stupid people so i hope they leave it as is. my only tanking complaint is i hope they never put out content where we are like squishy dps again. tanking dox was not "tanking" as usual to me. this dance around kiteing the boss as people like to call it was a huge turn off to tanking.
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