DLC 8 vendor armor question

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by BomombRook, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. BomombRook New Player

    Well I was wondering something about it, I read somewhere that you need 95cr and the full t5 armor (from the WT/HOD vendor to get access to the dlc 8 vendor armor. Is this true or is 95cr only required to get access?
  2. PachamamaMan Well-Known Player

    yes, you do need 95 cr, but on the good side they have the same mark value as the 85 pieces
  3. BomombRook New Player

    So i don't need the full t5 set from the vendor in the WT? If so then that's good since I can get 95cr today.
  4. BrownMamba New Player

    I'm pretty sure you just need to be CR 95 to buy the gear so you should be fine.
  5. Spindle New Player

    Well this news totally sucks. I was waiting to buy the new gear because WT T5 looks like someones 5 year old designed it. Now I gotta mod what I have and buy that crap? FML :(
  6. One_Man_Army New Player

    LOL One, you don't have to actually wear the style. You can change your style you know. Two, it actually doesn't look that bad if you change the color scheme. You can do that, too, you know. I look pretty good in it when my color scheme is black, white, and red.
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  7. Spindle New Player

    Woah! Really? I don't have to wear it and I can actually change my style? Gee whiz golly, thanks! I had noooo idea!!

    Point is, I was waiting to spend my marks on the new style because I like it. But yeah, thanks for being soooooo helpful. Two years playing this game and I had no idea I could change my style. :rolleyes:
  8. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Rage much?
    You mean you thought to skip T5 save the marks and buy the newer gear with out having to go through progressions and not only do you want to complain about it you get tacky with someone who tries to pass along some advice.

    Well I'm really sorry you could t skip t5 because you didn't like how it looked. FYL
  9. Azrael New Player

    yes you could buy the tier 5 armor., OR just use the drops from the trigon alert and weekly raven bounty. They both have a chance to drop cr 85 gear. and with the new loot style- you will get all the loot . - this is what im planning to do and if i don't get that certain piece than i can always suck it up and buy a piece of that horrid tier 5 gear.
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  10. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Well, I mean it's sad, but good of you to admit.
  11. Spindle New Player

    Not raging at all, but good job on being a typical member of forums and reading a post you don't like in that fashion. It's called sarcasm, get a clue bub.

    I haven't skipped T5 at all, I have four pieces and marks to buy more. Is it really all that difficult of a concept to grasp that I wanted to save my marks for gear styles I'd actually use? I have more than enough CR to do the content, therefor I figured I'd have the CR to get the gear since it's not T6 armour.

    Sorry, but you have to be a pretty big boob to think that anyone who has access to T5 content didn't know they can change their style. smfh
  12. Spindle New Player

    Durr durr fanks! :confused:
  13. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

  14. N4TURALKILLER New Player

  15. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Oh no I get the concept.
    And I caught the sarcasm, bub
    I actually think its smart this close to release to save your marks for the better gear. I just don't mind the requirement that you have to progress through tiers.

    Not so much for you, if you are carrying t5, but for a majority of the community who would burn right last if given the opportunity.

    Also 4 pieces of t5, 2 83 rings, and a 84 weapon with t5 mods (not expert) get you to 85. That's exactly where my alt tank is.

    As far as changing styles, it amazes what people don't know so its entirely possible
  16. Spindle New Player

    I'm with you on how many folks would rather burn right past content. Never been a fan of those folks or replay junkies. I'm definitely not one of those (except on the few alts I run, and only because I know the game and my role well enough to do this and still be good at my role). I'm a firm believer in running the content.

    Like I said, I just hoped that with this not being T6 gear that the CR would be a bit more reasonable. I think 95 is pretty high, considering the dev's have stated that this coming content will be easier than what they gave us in OC.

    As for my gear, I'm CR 91 atm. I was waiting until prices on Expert mods came down from "stupid" to something more reasonable, so I only threw V's in 2 pieces and the others have beta's. Then when I heard this content was dropping so soon, I figured I wait a bit longer before buying more pieces and modding.

    I guess I'll just have to wait and see what's what when the content drops, and keep grinding Daily Solo's and the odd Alert when I can actually get in one for MoR until then.
  17. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    If you need T5 (regular) I don't have all expert plans. Ill be more than happy to help you mod them to get to 95.


    Grey beard
    Kaktus Jaxx Darrows
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  18. Spindle New Player

    I appreciate that, very much. What I actually did when the ring mod update was implemented, was to sell all my bits, bytes, and complex's to be able to afford the Experts for my T5. So that won't work at this point because I haven't been farming much since. It was easier this way since I had no access to Expert plans and don't trust the community for making mods (present company excluded). :)

    I'll likely just wait at this point, and see what kinds of drops and amounts of marks are handed out in the new content. I'll also start buying some expert mods now when I see a good price, and just save them until next week when we get early access.

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