DLC 11: drop rate ridiculous

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  1. Fools Fire Loyal Player

    As opposed to the Vengeance/Dawn splitting of the styles. Where people ended up running one or the other many times more to get that one last piece. At least this way you have multiple chances over multiple raids.
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  2. ermike Committed Player

    They should havr split up the gear.. jewelry back waist hands in necro. Feet shoulders belt/trinket in artifacts.. chest legs head and weapons in lockdown.. last boss guaranteed drop other bosses same chance we have now.. I think this is more practical solution so u know where to find ur item and increase people playing lockdown.
  3. Chilog Well-Known Player

    I think it's just your unluckiness because I have gotten 7 our more unattuned 93 pieces and extra 93 weapons. I just need unattuned waist and chest.. I have done about 3 raids total since DLC came out and just daily alert runs and this gear drops
  4. krimzonk Committed Player

    Well, thing is players wanted unattuned drops. We got them. And I for one love it! Now, if the best gear was to drop like flies, the DLC would have hardly any longevity. You also have to remember that there are THREE raids which share the same loot table (only Lock-down has the Necklace of OP), if the 'best gear' was to drop more frequently then in a week, by just running these new raids just once, I could quite possibly have half the best gear in the game the or more! By the way, the raid CR94 drop gear is only slightly better than the vendor equivalent.
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  5. krimzonk Committed Player

    Hilarious! :D But so true!
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  6. Smart Bomb Well-Known Player

    I'd like a slight adjustment, I've finished necropolis twice and both times the loot I got from the last boss was a turbo soda :(
  7. Bamf 7 New Player

    This is the cost of a community that complains about raid drops being OP. Now we have unattuned gear that has the same drop rate as the gear we used to have to roll on. Play the game and stop the complaining. If you are upset about using replay badges and not getting what you want (Stop replaying the content). I find it hilarious that the people who come on here and complain about drop rates are resetting a raid while they are typing their complaint. These are also the same people that will scream for new content after they have all of the gear within one week. Here is my takeaways from this forum community.

    1. I want everything now!
    2. Nerf the power that beat me on the scoreboard.
    3, I want something for free that others have earned.
    4. Our raid group wiped so the raids are to hard.
    4. It is not the players fault we cannot beat content.

    If you disagree then I would go out on a limb and say that you are part of the problem. End Rant
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  8. Smart Bomb Well-Known Player

    I haven't used a replay myself, the dlc dropped on weds so some completed it then, it reset the following day and many have had the opportunity to run it twice in the first week it was launched.

    Personally I wouldn't use replays on large group content. The cost is too high and the rewards aren't guaranteed. But I understand how annoying it must be to spend money on them and feel its been wasted (especially if you only get marks and soda colas lol)
  9. Notangie New Player

    The way to prevent that is, don't play with under geared/sucky people you'd resent if they get a drop, I.e. don't pug.
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  10. Sapphire Melody Well-Known Player

    I used replays for Lockdown yesterday because my league wanted to go again (some with their alts) but I actually didn't expect to get anything nor was I disappointed when I indeed didn't get anything. With the current droprate the gearing up slowed down naturally and I'm really glad about this. The raids are easy enough as they are, I can't even imagine how fast we'll burn through them in full 94-gear. (For the record, I resetted because I don't like running content locked and a good troll was needed :p)

    Only thing I would have loved is a higher chance of the bosses dropping furniture when not dropping gear.
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  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    20 minutes are too long for you, really?
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  12. Bast10n Committed Player

    I have now completed 12raids. 1 neck and 1 utility belt... To put that into perspective, that is one whole months worth of content...

    It is incredibly frustrating seeing others having better luck.

    If the Dev's intention with this loot system is to draw out the amount of time it takes to get geared, I think they accomplished that. What is the side effect of that decision, they lost almost all replay ability. In other words, they are going to loose out on people resetting the content. The same thing that happened in Nexus and Paradox. If you want to keep the hamsters on the wheel you have to give them something to chase. If it seems like there is no hope in sight, people will get discourage and get off the wheel.

    I will no longer be spending on these Raids. The juice just isn't worth the squeeze.
  13. Zisxin New Player

    Okay I have run Artifacts 3 times dc'd 2 times at the split and got Marks of fury and a industriel crane. Necro 2 twice and got only marks... Really??? Is that even remotely right?
    Alerts 3 SB 1 duel weild 93

    If luck plays a hand then you should maybe put a LUCK stat in the game so we could raise our chances of getting more then marks cause these raids are LONGER and quite frankly more frustrating, but when you get nothing in your inventory except marks its very hard not to rage quit
  14. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    I know someone that has received only 94 weapons from the Raids...now other gear...my wife who plays has only received gear...She is almost full 93/94 due to this...She surpassed my primary with gear...She is now a 105/106 troller while I only sit at 103...I only get the same items over and over...
  15. Elusian Crowd Control

    I've replayed 6 of each Lockdowns, Artifacts and Necropolis raids (18 raids in total).

    My loot turned out to be:
    1 Ring
    2 Back
    2 Hands
    1 Waist
    1 Shoulders
    1 Neck
    1 Neck of OP

    Can't complain, sounds pretty fair to me. I'm at a point where I have a lot left to get from them while I was fully geared in DLC9 at that point in both roles and quitted the game for 2-3 months. Atm. I feel the opposite with DLC11.

    Someone else in our league got 8 Faces and the same amount of Rings its basically easy for him to predict his upcoming loot now lol
  16. Delta795 New Player

    And how exactly do you qualify and undergeared person? If they meet the CR requirement then they should be able to play it.
    I see just as many so called OP people get carried by lesser geared players with skill.

    Random is random dude...you are not that special
  17. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    I dnt mind the loot tables so much...well I should say as of now...because there is always some hinged issue we aren't aware of yet (ie PW). The loot system seems to make sense though since its all unattuned. Thus far I have net quite a few usable drops ( Maybe its not just me but the game really wants me to use DW because I have been getting multiples on every1). Anyway, after finishing lockdown & getting nothing but marks it was a HUGE let down. The reward was no where near the effort required. IMO lockdown should at least be the 1 raid that has a guaranteed drop for completion.
  18. FuryX New Player

    Loot table is perfect as is imo.

    I'm gearing up 3 characters and if I don't get a drop the gear you buy is so close to tbe best that it works out fine.
  19. savageprime New Player

    How quickly you all forget nexus and dox.

    Its a game but first its a business and with that comes a desire for money and enticement to keep playing the game; IE: replay badges and lackluster drops.

    This same group crying for better drops are the ones also crying about getting through content to quickly and getting bored and playing devs for more stuff to do.
    The only thing I can get behind with drop rates is ensuring that lock down drops loot guaranteed as its the hardest and requires the most work and it ensures people play it vs necro spamming for gear. But dont expect necro and artifacts to drop everything you need in chronological order everytime you replay it.
  20. Oleandis Well-Known Player

    This is just their solution to making the DLC relevant for kore than a week to the people who burn thru replay badges. Think about it from a business perspective:
    - WotL Pt1 was relevant for about 2 weeks- people just replayed AnB and in a week or two they were full raid drop gear. At that point, they stop playing and stop buying replay badges.
    - People that purchase replay badges are typically those that want the BEST of everything as quickly as possible
    - By lowering the drop rate, it not only lengthens the relevancy of the DLC, but it also increases profit because people will purchase more replay badges.

    Personally, its frustrating as I've run the new raids about 8 times, and all Ive received is a Ring. But- it keeps me playing, and the content is GREAT! It requires strategy- not just tank n spank.