Divine Pantheon is now Recruiting Active members.

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    Greetings fellow games. My league Divine Pantheon is in need of active players. The league has very few rules as far as requirements and has various base accessibility including the league hall.

    The league follows a caste system set around chess pieces or medieval times. Below is the general layout and concept of the league caste system:

    King: Is the leader of the league and therefore can do anything within the league and is the highest degree of authority
    Chancellor: The chancellor is second in command to the king and is usually the one that will take care of the message of the day/week/month. (There may be up to 3 chancellors at a time within the league that take care of different business.)
    Bishop: The bishop works as the enforcer within the league. Most bishops will be responsible for recruitment and putting together instances and level up parties. Bishops also can choose a rook to serve under them, and must be notified of the Rooks choice to make lesser officals. ( Bishops can be up to 5 in the league)
    Rook: Rooks are the backbone of the league. They are more hands on with leaguers and are the ones that usually do the promoting of lesser leaguers. ( one rook per bishop, or otherwise state by the king or chancellor(s).)
    Knight: are like the mods of the league. they are meant to keep the league friendly and respectful. I love having fun and making jokes, but i don't want any leaguers causing hindrance to another leaguer. ( 2 knights per rook)
    Officers: Are basically trust members that have prove their worth. Are promoted by the rooks based on league reports.
    the other member class systems are basically the same as the Officer with less power.

    All league members have access to the league bank and are allowed to use voice chat (appropriately).

    The rules or the league are to be respectful and have fun in the game. Members that are inactive for 2 weeks without notice of the king will be kicked.

    If you are interested in this league or have any question or concerns please message me here.

    Thank you
  2. Loreikonos New Player

    Is the league still active? I was one of your trusted members before and left because of the players inactivity, i hope we can play again Sir King Odin :D
    -AlmostHuman Bakunawa