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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by SuperCooper513, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. SuperCooper513 New Player

    I've just reached level 12 and was given the Dive Hideout Theme, i assumed right clicking would continue with the quest and take me to the hideout but nothing is happening. I am using the free version of the game and have only purchased the Fight For Light pack. Do I have to upgrade or download Home Turf to use the Dive Hideout?
  2. Sophittia New Player

    No, you should be able to access your hideout even though you are a premium player.
    Try looking in your missions to see if it's there.
  3. The Kitsune New Player

    You have to right click on the themes to enable them. then when told to do so right click on the deed and then pick a location and that should be good.
  4. Forum Name New Player

    I've got the same problem. Free player. Hit level 12. I can't right click on the dive hideout item to collect it in my inventory to further the quest and get rewarded with the deed.

    E: I also cannot right click on a few other things to collect them. As far as I know there is nothing significant about them, they were from random gold things you find in town.
  5. TheDarkSilencer New Player

    I have the exact same problem and I don't know how to add that to my themes.
  6. Lita Prince New Player

    Again, same here. Can't right click on the Theme.
  7. Kandamo New Player

    Plz any help? any answer? i right click on Dive hideout and nothing happens :S
  8. Joshua_7000 New Player

    Hey, you need to get the Home Turf DLC or update if you haven't then try
  9. SoluminiaOG New Player

    I'm having this same issue. So we need to buy the DLC in order for this to work?
  10. Notangie New Player

    I have home turf dlc and couldn't click on my deed yesterday when my new toon reached lvl12. I had to relog.
  11. Minnion Loyal Player

    I remember getting the Dive theme before getting Home Turf, you just couldn't upgrade your mainframe at all(You'd get a message asking if you wanted to buy home turf if you tried.) I think all you could do is decorate it....
  12. Fluffy New Player

    its clear you just have to relogg just take the one where you pick your chars that worked for me
  13. Jafin Loyal Player

    You don't. Dives are for Free to Play and Premium players.
  14. Vulmyss New Player

    You do NOT need to buy the dlc. Once you get the dive from the quest, right click. Then , most importantly you will get an item called DEED. RIGHT CLICK the deed to choose where your base is and them you can go there. Report back and tell if it works
  15. TE5LA New Player

    If it helps anyone, this is what just happened in my case:

    I right-clicked the Dive item and a mission completed, rewarding me with the Deed. It popped up automatically.

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