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    I had a ton of issues with him during his time but looking back now at least the dude truly cared about the game for the game
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    they were just pushing that because of DC when they launched the metal story line in the comics. they have to follow along with what DC parent company pushes to some existent as they are tied to increase sales in both realms. Im betting the same holds true going forward. what ever movie or comic line is being rolled out will impact what we are given in game also as far as story lines go
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    even a mediocre old school player tends to wipe the floor with most of the player base I think you'll be fine. all the truly try hards in game have their own issues you don't want to be one of them anyway ;)
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    Well i was not speaking in terms of our player interest/ expectation to shareholders wants, , what we as players are getting is what the shareholders think is popular it can be beneficial for both parties is all i meant, cause the fortnite goggles like beer goggles can cause miss interpretations of mmorpgs, and all other Multiplayer games, and games as a service.

    like you just said, "I want the game to flourish," maybe not dance flourish but a nice sword strike flourish, and speaking as a veteran of this companies past games, which are mainly mmo most of them have tons of inventive, innovation that was years before it's time. didn't get the credit or following in the past do to the gaming community in a whole not being overjoyed by mmos,
    Choose any of the MMO RPGs, SOE developed, took over as well. that shut down due to popularity, there really isn't one, SWG and Matrix shut down, due to licensing for matrix i believe, and for SWG "star wars galaxies" the real star wars mmo, was only shut down, SOE to daybreak to D.I , all their games have had something very unique and very special about that to make players stick around for over a decade in most to all of them. due to EA whining to Lucas arts / soe that people would be "confused" at 2 online star wars MMO at the same time "cringe" even though, the mmos were totally different styles, would have probably done better for both if they kept swg live, and did all the cool experimental stuff like atmospheric flight introduced in the last update of the game , we got it in some of the Private servers but i dont even think it made it to live, but for a week. "flight while on the planet you have entered orbit and usually do ground missions, the crafting, the pvp, the stat builds, the combat, specially in DCUO the combat pace, style, the way they went with the skill point system like swg, but separated it from the main powerset tree was very cool.

    DCUO's COMBAT and MOVEMENT innovation is a feat overlooked in most to all gaming circles of development for mmos.

    DCUO is heavily influenced by SWG in the NGE combat, but it is perfected "for the time being developed" and what they built it off of, " the fast paced que-less combat system, was added in swg in its last few years, benefited this game cause we tested all the bugs for it in that game heh, but the movement system created for DCUO is immensely amazing, the housing/base system,
    The Location feats, decorating houses, was more interactive and customizable items, like being able to drop anything u loot in your.


    having a seat in chairs and couches / other , DCUO needs this bad, SWG had it perfect. i only would think because the console required loss of some little emote style things back on the ps3. there is no other reason to downgrade from what was in SWG, to the very loose / lazy emotes and / commands we have in DCUO, the sitting and other activities in swg Along with being to hold left click, get a "sit" option examine on chairs and different selection choices for mission terminals and conversating u can all like in DCUO /sit and sit or type /sit after targeting a chair/seat or person to type a /emote like /slap "dcuo has some good /commands, but again not directed at anyone, and without chat bubbles the context and who we are trying to emote with doesn't work as it could., was a very very good to have in a player housing/crafting world mmo.

    DCUO used a lot of the Everquest 2 Housing decoration types, and UI mechanics for item, Furniture deco placement. same as the way houses are instanced, so the house isnt actualy taking up any land on the planet you are on, which is a SWG sandbox style to the Everquest 2 and DCUO way which is nothing wrong with that, dcuo is not a sandbox mmo, and never tried to be anything it wasn't, "when it comes to the marketplace, i am not speaking about this as related to ps5 update a P.S if u will. , or how they sell style items, have loot capsules with RNG, while having a 15 Dollar sub price a month fee which is taken from how the company did all it's mmos in the past, i think that has overstayed it's welcome, we can be honest, i will say the "legendary mode" offers good stuff, same as a battlepass does, now with the login calendor specially. it being 15 dollars by way of being grandfathered in due to the game being the previous sub to play style mmo at first. but has now kept the price at 15 instead of 7 to 10 dollars, MAX, this needs to be brought up in another fasion but i had to mention it.

    P.s you buy a full price game at best buy or w/here ever, its a mmo, 49, to 59.99, and pay 15 $ a month and no more to play, and get everything/piece of content,/style in way of just playing the game and earning it, without the f2p aspect, trials are only temporary and not year round. is how the 15 dollar price is used and how it was designed to be used. it is no longer that.


    i think only good things can come with the game being updated to run and be updated on the ps5 making the game, be open to lots of possibilities with Retextures, virtual Memory loads, world sizes, in layman , How much can be loaded at once on the screen or in the client, cause the number is HUGE compaired to what the cap in ps3 and 4 are. no the graphics can't be turned into unreal 5, they can use more asset retexture due to more overall memory to work with to polish things up a bit more , just like they did with the ps4 version update a couple pictures below, anyway CHEERS GOING AWAY NOW

    Constantine from pre 94 update retexture "gotham wasteland" to Post 94,
    Wonderwoman post update 94 in both the blue aura one is after birds of pray..... batman from pre 94 to post
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    At least from what I've seen(granted I do not live on these forums) the vast majority of people complaining about the clamp now are those arguing that they want the power fantasy or feats from running older content unclamped.

    I mean just in this thread alone basically all the posts talking about wanting to be able to go in unclamped said exactly this.

    These are the types I mostly see nowadays. I think they would be perfectly content with leaving the clamp as is, with the ability to do older que ups unclamped, by themselves(or with a group) without omnibus loot. I don't see a problem in having this exist so long as it is not providing currency/items that would alter the in game economy. This is what exists in FFXIV, they call it undersized party or unsynced.

    Personally though I wish we had the minimum IL(full clamp) que option from FF. Being able to run old content at near original difficulty for the fun of it. Could slowly roll this out too as more raids get balanced out each StU event. When clamping was first getting talked about this was what I was actually hoping for. For me personally current omnibus is just easy enough for it to be mind numbingly boring.

    Affecting que times by splitting the population would be a potential problem, but at the same time most people I know who hate clamped stuff just don't run omnibus at all anyway.

    All this is kind of what I meant by that post though. People are so busy arguing over the current iteration/balance/fairness/not wackness of the clamp and its rewards that they miss that there are solutions without having to modify the clamp/omnibus. This isn't just from one side either, I see a lot of lack of imagination on proposed solutions from the unclamped side. Granted, whether there is enough devtime and how difficult implementing a solution would be is another question.
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    I think most of us in general (or the reasonable ones among us) accept there are options that provide better compromise and solutions, it's just when the reality of restricted dev time/resources becomes apparent, the only viable options become the extremities at each end, being either on or off, which unfortunately pushes people into either camp.

    What I will say about feats in omnibus though and this I think is important, a lot of people that complain about them, don't even try to get them, they simply complain about not being able to do so.

    They're never in LFG forming groups, they're never joining or participating in leagues, they're never asking for feats, they're not researching to get the feats, they're not building their characters properly, they're just blind queuing, banging their head against the wall and expecting it'll happen by itself.

    As we both know, with these feats, it gets to a point where the feats that happen by themselves run out and the only ones left to get are the ones you have to actually try for :)
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    Yeah the lack of dev time is extremely apparent, i'm worried about it getting worse too with experienced people like TLantern leaving. My hope is that however they designed the system, its at least easy to make changes to. With how quick they seem to be able to adjust things with it, i'm hopeful it was designed well enough that they could make seperate ques for different levels without too much hassle.

    Still haven't heard back from Mepps yet on what happened to the custom que ui revamp that dissapeared from dev updates, but if thats still getting worked on then maybe a custom difficulty ui could be worked into that. I would not be surprised if that was permanently shelved though.

    With feats, yeah its all a balancing act of how much people should actually have to do to earn them. I try to take people at their word when they say they want to do them unclamped and would do them then, but who knows. Could also have a system like time capsules where where unclamped/feats que only exists when the content is one or two years old. I guess even if they didn't do the feats after a new que difficulty, at least it couldn't be complained about as much.

    Part of my worry on this is that if the difficulty/quantity of old feats remains as is and complaints about it keep popping up, something far worse is going to happen. Something along the lines of "Character SP Skip" or just outright buying old feats with replays. Wouldn't have thought it possible years ago, but with time capsules being a step in that direction, its not that far fetched anymore.
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    Well yeah, I mean when we're getting heavily recycled assets and DLC's one can only surmise features like this are pretty low on their priority list.

    With the omnibus feats as well they're not really as hard as people suggest they are, they just require you to still progress, build the items in game that pierce the clamp, particularly and co-ordinate and communicate with your group. I've done a bunch of feats recently in omnibus that I couldn't be be bothered with some time ago.

    I do not doubt for a moment, numerous people here would assert they're impossible but that couldn't really be further from the truth. They do however require you to have at least an optimal load out, rotation or be playing properly, what's changed I guess is that someone can't go in with some cosplay iconic load out and expect to get the feat because of how overpowered they've become irrespective of what they're trying to use.

    I guess an imperative question is should they really be able too? The answer to that question being entirely subjective, those types of players will no doubt tell you they should be able too of course, but yeah I don't know.

    I agree though there is probably a good chance they might just start selling feats eventually, not sure about that idea either lol. I mean on the one hand it sounds horrible but on the other, if we're letting them go in and get feats un-clamped, what difference does it make? Maybe the game should let them pay and take their money instead of just giving it away un-clamped? At least its financially supporting the game then? Although the question gets raised, when do you sell them, after what duration and what does that mean for the wider consequences of people just no longer bothering with feats at all knowing they can just eventually buy them.

    Quite the conundrum :D
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    Where's the money? We get 50 million from the cancellation of the Marvel MMO. 50 million dollars is being split between LOTR and DCUO. HOW MUCH of that money do we get? Does DCUO get 25 million? What will be absorbed into other games? A lot of money information is being thrown around, and a lot of employment vacancies. EG7 can move around large amounts of money. They're worth so much, and we can't even have regular base items. LOL We argue with developers about base items they can't even make because there is no money, because no money......

    SOMEONE find the money please, because it is everywhere but in this game.
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    That’s the thing thou. Why should anyone be allowed to one shot things for feats? There’s a reason why most games have a clamp system built into the game? And the clamp has been adjust so much that players will never have a static difficulty. Players will still be stronger in content compared to when it was relevant. Any more adjustments will end up breaking the content again.

    Again, there are a lot of reasons why they added a clamp. The players saying they should be allowed yo go in unclamped for feats will just never be happy until it’s removed. So again, why should the devs continue to make adjustments for these people if they will always keep asking until it’s gone. Instead they should listen to the people actually providing feedback and trying to find the outliners that truly need ti be adjusted.
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    Yea its really good. it’s one of the reasons I still play DCUO, or Atleast get tempted to log on even though I don’t play nearly as much as I used/want too. I finally got my Wayne manor/cave base & shoulder covering cape in game and I don’t even play a lot to enjoy looking at it. Would’ve been cool to have those 2 things at the peak of my play time with raids & when I had a lot of in game friends playing.

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    People need to stop saying this as an excuse. Most of the feats you needed to know mechanics to get. Think of bombshell paradox. You had to bring you DPS to damn near a crawl to get those feats and it was STILL hard. Probably much easier to get with the clamp, yes, but nowhere near this "one shot" b.s. people keep saying because I've never seen people 1 shot bosses other than tier frickin 1. Choose your words better, I know you're good for it.
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    I did choose my words carefully and that’s exactly what I wanted to say. Under no clamp it would’ve gotten to the point where every new dlc you’d get more bosses you could one shot. Look at feats like the proma feat. Should someone be allowed to just burn it while putting 0 thought into your loadout and rotation? No. It’s a feat designed to test your burn. Why should people be allowed to get feats like this just by waiting? What about on the other spectrum. Why should people be forced to have feats ruined over a troll? Feats that require players to kill one enemy and not the other? What if one person got their feelings hurt and decided to ruin the feat?

    What about the complications that no clamp was causing? Devs had to keep going back to patch bosses that would get glitched because of them getting burned to fast? Why should they be forced to spend resources because some people don’t want to improve and be handed feats?

    You are not entitled to anything other than what you have
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    Here the press release from last August of the replacement, and a news story about it. Robin Floodin started the company with other guys in 2013, turned it into EG7 in 2018.


    The takeover article refferred to, and the last sentence of which applies to us specifically:

    " While EG7 has continued acquiring businesses to make its revenue output look good, the company has repeatedly stalled on increasing revenue through releasing new products."

    So we got some data dumps in terms of playabilty of current content with member and non-member rewards--im-balanced with peppered base items costing DLC marks, STU now once a year replacing an entire DLC, and as a finale the last FIVE DLC's had one raid, not two. And the servers are worse, after being told better were purchased. We play the game. We know.

    And yet, the company cites profit records every single quarter. Fancy that.
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    I'm glad you are finally starting to understanding my point of view. I hope to be motivated to improve again. I just want my effort to matter for something.
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    DUO/RAIDS/ALERTS non solo esk--------SOLO content IMO and DUOs -------------As Needed, for all

    - TANK-------------------------------------------------------------------- DPS/tank-- ---------------------------------DPS---------
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DPS/Troll -------------------------------------------------

    i look at a Battle tank, or a player using there Stance role , like a tank, Troll, or healer, on my mains i play i troll, and i will i dont have armories , other then the 1, they free offered, i make my controller loadout for my Controller roll in groups and such, my dps loadout, i have for dpsing with what i have, without changing my build, it works great, by just having dps armor and troller armor, when it comes to mixing armor meaning, wearing some dps or some control armor, i dont usually unless a ring or something i have isn't better or higher level then my controll one, but i do pretty good in my dps roll, if i have to switch to controller and switch armor fast, u get that innate boost of might/precision when you press T aka switch from controller stance to DPS, and your vit/dom goes down a bit as well.

    if i get into a instance where, i Que up in a alert, its relatively known by most of the group, if i go in as a controller, and another person is a controller, if they are higher CR then me i am better off going into DPS stance, cause ill be more help anyway, over the years of using controller, i have ran into ques where, someone is a very low level troll while im trolling , and letting them know it only helps the group to go into dps mode, if we are doing fine , it won't hurt anything to go dps, just gain Precision and might, innately . due to my POT over riding, and throwing the Debuffs, it's pointless to have 2 trolls in a instance, as a tank i would think the same, and it is the same as a tank too, two tanks, 1 is lower in a alert, even without dps gear, go into dps stance, have a loadout on your UI, cause you will do more good being a dps with tank armor, other then not taking agro / not doing higher dps even when your able to not lose anything but gain Might/prec.
    my point is why not go into dps roll, as a tank or controller, if soloing, or if your tank or controller roll is not needed in the specific instance of play. it wont do anything but help more from my experiences

    Cheers yal
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    Trying to Color code and Add arrows without images is wierd on the forums, MORE WORK THEN WORTH
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    batman who laughs