Dimensional Ink has the power: Now give us fair time capsules

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by dresserball, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. dresserball Dedicated Player

    You guys made a big deal about your freedom, now can we finally get a player friendly time capsule? All it takes is better drop rates. So that people may stand a good chance of actually getting the items they want.

    I won't spend extra money on them with the way they are now. I hope more of the player base will vote with their wallets too.
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  2. Draconiano Committed Player

    They just did their first step, now you know what to expect.
  3. Magician Dedicated Player

    I have to agree with Draconiano. They need a money maker. Time Capsules are the big money grab. You are asking them to change their influx of cash to compensate for your own desires. This simply will not happen because it is a proven model that works for them. I myself feel screwed every Time Capsule comes out when some people get the Ultra Rare after 5 capsules, and I've spent hundreds already. That being said, I don't think we will really see much change from previous modes of operation because ..it makes them money.

    My concerns though, are that I haven't seen any recent Booster Bundle updates. Which concerns me that we may not get any of the current drops in the future like we used to.

    Change takes time. It may be a good year or so before we see any direct improvements form Daybreak to Dimensional Ink. Unless you want to take away what they did with this current Time Capsule being lackluster.
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  4. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    Just so I understand correctly: What is wanted and what would make this game better would be if there was nothing in time capsules that is rare or unique. Am I right on that? Drop rates should be increased so it’s easier for everyone to have everything. Correct?
  5. dresserball Dedicated Player

    Nope you missed it. Just increase drop rates so players have a real chance at items. Also removing feats would help as well.
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  6. Trexlight Loyal Player

    The real answer is to add the TC Items to the Marketplace and just put a price on them. No more of the gambling, no more of the chances. You want it, pay out right for it. Increasing drop rates wont change. They never do.
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  7. Brit Dedicated Player

    Rarity is a sliding scale.

    If rarity is too low, then the players get everything they want. Once they get everything they want, they don't need anything else and don't have a reason to do it. Look toward examples like the Vault drops or Promethium Lunchboxes. Since the drops are all so common, nothing is significantly rare, we fine ourselves quickly no longer needing these things. People do not subscribe for the purpose of the lockboxes now, the way they used to when the lockboxes contained the very best rings in the game. Many players don't even bother with running the Vault at all, simply because it's not worth the 60 seconds that it takes to run through and delete all the junk they already had.

    In contrast, if rarity is too high, then the players never get what they want and end up giving up. Take for example the Metal I Necklace of Omnipotence. It required the completion of not just one, but three, separate collections. Each of those collections have their own respective rare piece. You didn't just need one impossible rare; you needed three. Now I can't pretend to know the exact metrics; I can only gauge the pulse of the forums, the broker, and my in-game acquaintances, but I don't know anybody who was using Replay Badges to try and farm for those collections. I know people who used Replay Badges to farm for Reputation. I know people who used Replay Badges to farm for Marks. But those things were guaranteed. I do not know anybody who was spending money to reset an instance solely so that they could roll an impossibly bad RNG for a collect that was definitely not going to drop.

    Everyone I know who finished that OP Neck ended up buying at least once piece off the broker. Stuff that was likely being sold on the broker by players who didn't have the OP Neck, but gave up without even trying, knowing that they could do more with some in-game cash than what they could with 1 of the 3 collections completed. If something becomes too rare, players simply will not spend money on it, because they realize that they aren't going to get it either way.

    Daybreak/Dimensional Ink needs to be able to monetize the game. It costs money to make this stuff. They are not some sort of terrible people for wanting paid for doing their job. We get paychecks from our jobs too. Getting paid for your work is both fair and appropriate. There is nothing wrong with Daybreak/Dimensional Ink wanting to monetize.

    It's a matter of the balancing act of rarity. If they make things too common, we get it all too fast and then we stop paying, and they lose money. If they make things too rare, we give up on it too fast and then we stop paying, and they lose money. It's about finding this sweet spot right there in the middle.

    Sadly, since the majority of the monetization seems to come from a very small number of whales, skewing things on the idea of higher rarity seems to be the most profitable way. If the whales get their stuff too quick, they stop spending. And there just aren't enough of the casual or small spenders to balance that out.

    But if you don't spend any money on Time Capsules at all, you can't really complain about the drop rates. Your own decisions helped to shape them. It would be unrealistic for anyone to expect that the rarest, most desirable items should be given drop rates so common that they can reliably be obtained in the handful of free Time Capsules the game awards each player. If that were the case, then nobody, not even the Whales, would have any reason to spend anything.

    So long as the largest percentage of purchases are being made by the smallest percentage of players, the rarities will have to be awful to keep those customers making those purchases. We will not see a change until the purchases start spreading around more. If thousands of players are buying 10ish extra Time Capsules, instead of 10ish players buying 1000, then the rarities can be pushed more common to incentive those small buyers to raise their buying to 15 or 20. The effort becomes to encourage the people who are buying to spend a little bit more. That's what the drop rates are based off of. And until we have more payment coming from the casual players instead of the whales, those drop rates are built and customized to the whales.
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  8. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    The realest of answers but for some reason in the gaming community....(or maybe just this one) we live in this matrix where buying something at a set price is being cheap or not supporting the game. I just don't understand why people beg for rng items like booster bundles or new time capsules additions rather than here's 10 dollars I want (insert name) style. I wonder if people would accept this in real life, like going to a restaurant and being handed a box of paper cut outs rather than a menu. And whatever you pull out you pay for it regardless of whether you wanted it or not.
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  9. Kuno Loyal Player

    At least give us the two options: put every style from TCs in the marketplace for straight purchase too. With TCs the marketplace was absolutely neglected from almost any cosmetic item.
    Its dead, the membership stipend is useless because there are nothing to buy aside artifact crap (but that is another issue).

    The dev team just made their first step as "new studio" and both the content of the capsule as the low kick to the PC players is done.
    They need to do better from now on.
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  10. PolishEagle Committed Player

    I didnt buy a single collection off the broker for the neck. I ran multiple toons everyday. It actually helped me finish the tc set, because I kept running the solo even after I got the neck piece and sold the items. Much like I am currently farming monitor energy when I dont need it anymore.
  11. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    Very smart. That monitor energy is going to make you very wealthy.
  12. Lantern_AdamK4 Well-Known Player

    Very well said.
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  13. Brit Dedicated Player

    If they actually broken down the metrics so that it cost the same amount of money you would normally pay for Time Capsules, would that still be acceptable?

    Because it wouldn't be $10 purchases. It would probably be more like the normal Style set cost $20. The enhanced version cost $40. And each of the reward pieces from the Collections costs $100 or more. "Here's the Neon Chroma Material, direct on the Marketplace, only $250".

    If you want to look at what things are actually being priced at for direct purchase, look at the Quarks vendor. You can buy 100 Source Marks, and turn that into 25 Qwarks. So for the low, low price of 20,000 Source Marks, you can get yourself a Void Material or Wings of Sin. Now how much does 20,000 Source Marks cost on the Marketplace... about $250.

    I'm fine with direct purchase, but if you think direct purchase is going to have prices set in a way that everything becomes massively cheaper and Daybreak makes less money, then that's an unrealistic request. The reason why they release Time Capsules instead of adding more of those $5 and $10 purchases in the Marketplace is because those $5-10 purchases don't make as much money.

    And they will not kill off their largest source of revenue so that they can do the exact same amount of work, but still it at a fraction of the cost.

    Like I said, I'm cool with direct purchase. I hate that we have to wait for years for things to make it to the Qwarks vendor. I hate the RNG that you can spend thousands of dollars and not get what you wanted. In Marvel Heroes, I bought plenty of those $95 Fortune Card costumes. But I think you'll find that when you're talking about the really big prices like this, even a bad RNG makes it more available than a direct purchase at a price unaffordable for most people.
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  14. Magician Dedicated Player

    Brit makes sense in this regard.
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  15. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Or just throw them in the marketplace.
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  16. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    There is even precedent. I can't remember any style, like the Batman cowl, being released without some people complaining that the price was too high. The population was larger, overall, as well. They have metrics for how well they sold vs. how well the TCs do. The TCs are still around, the marketplace styles aren't really around. I think we can see which one makes more cash.
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  17. inferno Dedicated Player

    I was just discussing the very same option with another member on a different post. He had mentioned that there are a total of 68 items in the TC to choose from that completes everything except the rare drop. So, I assume if RNG was not involved, it would take around $70 to collect everything.

    My suggestion was: Offer a TC package for $70. That package will contain everything you get from the TC + Harley Orbital + Harley Chroma.
    In addition, the original TC could still be opened individually with stabilizers, for those players who feel they may get a better chance of completing everything for less than 70 capsules or for those that may not want everything in the TC.
  18. BackintheSaddle Active Player

    This I would pay for. As is, I don’t spend a penny on dc.
  19. Balton hero Committed Player

    Given that it takes time to make the styles, do the coding, and all the other things involved in the production of a new capsule, should this be seen as a reflection of Dimensional Ink's allegedly new and improved practices or does it fall under the (again) alleged old/Daybreak way of doing things?
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  20. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    $100 for the Minotaur helmet.....
    $100 for the robot arm........
    $100 for the red green and yellow lantern auras
    For my sanity I'm checking out of this conversation. Idk what quick maths you calculated but I know it had a line of coke before computing if you telling me hades crown is 100 dollars. Crazy thing is we're talking about cosmetics ..........COSMETICS, virtual clothing for a character. They look wonderful but your telling me that we've moved so far beyond the point of selling cosmetics for reasonable pricing. (Of course reasonable is subjective because no one will always agree on pricing). A void material which is essentially black filter on your clothes is 200 dollars.......

    Whats funny is when you say "The reason why they release Time Capsules instead of adding more of those $5 and $10 purchases in the Marketplace is because those $5-10 purchases don't make as much money. And they will not kill off their largest source of revenue so that they can do the exact same amount of work, but still it at a fraction of the cost." Crazy how the other games I frequent have no problem releasing full set styles for $15 - $20. Mounts for $10 - $25. But on Dc nooooo a PIECE of a style $100. The same way idk how much revenue cosmetic generate how do you know them selling direct wouldn't get them a substantial return, of course Capsules would generate more money for them but would selling direct HURT them.
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