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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by iLLusion, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. iLLusion New Player

    We had a Marketplace update today/tonight, and amongst new Lair theme and Sorcery weapon style pack, we (finally) got a Gadgets one as well! Before I post some pics, let me just tell you that they were well worth the wait and they are, hands down, best looking weapon styles released so far. Enjoy!



    Martial Arts

    Dual Wield



    Dual Pistols




    Hand Blasters

    Thanks SoE, you did an outstanding job with these new styles!
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  2. Anhur New Player

    Very cool - presumably the colours are editable?
  3. MercPony Loyal Player

    I like, I like. May actually buy this set considering my toon is Gadgets. I like the pistols a lot :D
  4. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    If it's like the other weapon packs, no it's not editable.

    On a side note, some of the styles actually look better than the Prime weapons.
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  5. Brice Allen Loyal Player

  6. Infernale New Player

    Yes, unfortunately the colours are preset :(

    However, they do look sweet.

    Honestly, the sorc ones look like garbage compared to these.
  7. Anhur New Player

    That blows - the other weapon packs were solid animated textures (such as the shimmering effects), but these don't have that!
  8. Infernale New Player

    These ones are more like the nature weapon pack (and i think earth was the same).

    The sorc ones are the same kind of crappy reskin jobs as fire/elec.
  9. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Very nice. Will be picking those up tnite!
  10. Apostate Rising Dedicated Player

    omg i wanna see the Spellbound Weapon Style Pack. :(
  11. Karmapolice Well-Known Player

    Digital has some good styles, it's the only weapons pack I've bought and hopefully it sells well enough that the devs will do more quality original weapon style packs. After they do Light, I hope they make some more. Maybe based on DC characters? A Joker pack, a Batman pack with little bat symbols on the weapons would probably sell. I'd like a Speed force pack that has a vibration effect like Paradox reapers.
  12. M15TER ROBOT0 New Player

    I don't see them in the marketplace on ps3.
  13. Cadens New Player

    Any pictures of the sorcery weapons?
  14. Jason_X22 New Player

    I just logged in on the PS3 game and went to the vendor machine. they were there and when I switched to the market place to see if they were in the there as well to no avail...but went back to the vendor machine they disappeared!! whats up with that?
  15. Cadens New Player

    Gadgets should really be called "Tech"
  16. Owl Loyal Player

    The PSN store may not have updated yet.

    This site typically posts when all the new PSN items are available:
  17. Nitemare Kosmos New Player

    I cant even see the pics. The images come up like this



  18. M15TER ROBOT0 New Player

    These fit my personal color palette perfectly for my gadget loadouts. So happy, when they are finally available in market.
  19. LazarusFX Level 30

    Getting these tonight for sure. The pistols and ma look sweet...:D
  20. Drathmor Devoted Player

    great pics illusion +1

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