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    Recently came back to the game and am looking for a friendly league that will help me with feat grinding, and all of the other stuff that came out while I was away (artifacts, allies, augments... etc.). I joined a league (and have one of my own complete with a league hall but no active members, lol) but while they aren't toxic in any way there are crickets when I ask for help or groups to do things.

    I am a day one player who quit for real life reasons in 2013. I come back every now and again but get discouraged by the amount of toxicity I receive when I ask basic questions.

    I am 45, live in the midwest and would like to be semi-active in the game again. 3-4 days a week in the afternoon times.

    I have a mic but am reluctant to talk at times.
    I have an active sub to the game.
    My main is Quantum, I like to play controller
    CR 395 and climbing... only 175+ sp... they added so many while I was gone!!

    Thanks for your time.
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    Message Riptide or Commander Sparro in game for an invite!
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    Hey I'm a 402cr Light DPS looking for a new league. Only want to find a new league because the one I'm in now is very inactive