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    That analogy would be accurate if you had evidence of the featherweight boxer you defeated was not training for those past years like you were, which points back to the point of how do you know the Brainiacs thats was defeated hasn't improved it's A.I? and as for WW or any other Iconics needing our help, could possibly mean that they wanted to include us as helpers, like in various Supergirl episodes when she pretended to be weak so that her friends like The Guardian or The Dreamer could help her in certain situations. Even Clark did the same with Martian Manhunter....

    Theorically Improving, doesn't always mean that the past should be a walk in the park, but to remind you of something you once feared, motivated you.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I think long term it'll help the players improve, that'll just happen, because its forced. What I think is happening right now is an adjustment period, it will take some time for players to adjust and also realise there was more to this game than just 'pew pew pew' DPS.

    As for the membership loss and think they've built the system around expecting some people to drop, it's why they're clearly going down the path of micro-transactions where membership is actually somewhat more of a "discounted" micro-transaction in terms of what it provides you. it's realistically you paying $15 for a certain some of "virtual goods", they say $80, I say that's theoretically true, but also practically not, because some of those items of value are redundant to players further through their individual progression path i.e. they have the vault rewards done etc.

    Either way, even if you cancel your membership, they're still likely to get your money if you continue to play on any serious level, because of the systems they've put in place.
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    Actually, i remember playing Evander Holyfields Boxing on the Sega, and once you beat the opponent, it was fun to fight them a second time and stomp them, especially Evander, since usually the first time you would lose, but the next time he got a little weaker and you could beat him :)

    as for the "lore of DC comics" the devs actually just messed up the entire games story. now you no longer enjoy the episodes in order or continuity. that is actually one thing i am finding out that i am disliking. i often enjoyed doing older content in order to re-enjoy the story that was there. i think new players wont even know why they are in the instance in the first place. that's a part of the game that i know i loved personally and i know others have too from talking with them. now so much content is lumped in a tier and the stories have no flow when played in random orders.

    also they removed episodes from the ingame store,and pretty much the game imo. so unless i missed something, a new player wouldnt even know what the episodes are/were without a 3rd party outside source. so if a new player buys an augment from teen titans island, the augment says you get extra stats while in "the judas contract content" <----what is that to a new player? again, unless i am missing something, you wont find that name/information ingame anymore.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    I see them potentially looking at FOS3 and in fairness, despite the fact I don't want to play "Whack-A-mole" like I said, it probably should be a lot more like Prime Battleground, which I believe rewards a lot less.

    I DON'T think the bounties should reward less because they're on a weekly lockout, they can only be run once a week, so they should continue to reward the 10 marks per week.
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    That's because the game was very dated and not so much based on logic but just fun, even Streetfighter defies logic but it was fun on sega well lol.

    The Monitor distorts reality with his godlike powers all the time, so what is stopping him from doing it to us when it comes to story and pattern sequences, that is where the fun lies imo, that we're now covering the The Monitors and possibly Perpetua, also every year The Anti-monitor attacks us with his Reality bending powers, whose to say he hasn't play any role in Stats clamps as well lol.

    But I do agree with better navigation to episode vendors and zones for newer players.
  7. Apollo Starr Level 30

    Yeah, I have to disagree. My money is mostly membership, I am not a micro transaction guy. I also don’t need to be a top player to feel better about myself. Time capsule feats, I know how to get them without spending any money, I have 83 stabilizers. Artifacts. 2 at 200 one at 187. Replay badges I’m good. This is a video game, not a job. So,if that’s the way they move, good luck to them. There are other games and new systems out there. I said it before, if they change FOS3 that is an admittance of failure. Because if this is what the community wants that wouldn’t be happening. However it was predicted.
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm not sure I see why that would be an admittance of failure? I just think it would be seen as them saying "ok we're going to just stop you spamming, this one, just a little and you'll have to run something that takes a little bit longer if you want 10 marks instead of 4".

    That's not an admittance of failure? It won't stop them just spamming whatever they think is next seen as optimal, however.

    I don't have an issue with nerfing the marks received from FOS3 either actually, I just don't want to see the nerf hammer continue to chase players who are insistent on spamming whatever instance takes the least amount of time.

    In terms of your micro transactions, they're inevitable, if you're going to chase the meta or even at times something that you just "want".

    Let's say you like an artifact, whether it's meta or not, that's $25 right there on seals, or you could sub for $15 and get the seals over the monthly daily rewards and monthly benefit.

    If you're buying replays, those will eventually run out and you'll have to buy more. If you want a "golden ally" when they come out, you're going to have to pay for it, that's just the reality, again you can do so either outright or you could buy a sub and obtain any benefit to help you that way as well.

    At this point, in various circumstances, whether you actually permanently retain the sub or whether you buy it periodically as it suits, not buying the sub, given what it provides you and the money it saves you, is actually just economically stupid, I'm not saying it that way to offend by any means.

    It's just if you say want an artifact and you know you're going to need $25 worth of seals just as the easy example, if you spend the $25 instead of just subbing a month and paying $15 instead, that's just a little bit silly.
  9. Apollo Starr Level 30

    I appreciate your attempt to spend my money. I don’t need to be a top player. I am fine with where I am. So arts and allies, whatever. I don’t need to stroke my ego by being a beast in a video game. Key word game. Replays, yeah I got 3000. There literally is no reason to replay anymore. Oh that’s right I need to progress, just to be clamped. I get you are a fan of this update, but I am not. DCUO has been a part of my life for 10 years, and it’s been a fun ride. If I move forward without it, so be it. I don’t spend my money on something I don’t feel is worth it. In this state, it is not worth it. People may feel otherwise and that’s their opinion. I hope there are enough new players who will take the place of people like me, which it seems there may be more than some realize. I doubt there will, it’s a 10 Year old game. Younger players like quick and fast, thus the Fortnite popularity (yikes). That is not DCUO. Keep banging the drum supporting everything the devs do, I am routing for you.

    As far as FOS3, if they change something that has been one way since it was introduced because people aren’t playing the way they want, that is a failure. The Omnibus was touted as a way to garner feats, compete content, and progress. If players avoid it to play one instance, FOS3 or another, it completely shows that the route chosen is not what was wanted. My opinion, but since the devs chose it I am sure it’s not yours. Best of luck, I feel our difference of opinion will not be resolved through the forums.
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  10. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    Is there any proof that you did any of this?
  11. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

  12. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Why would they nerf rewards and not just buff the difficulty? Lol It’s obviously too easy if people are getting rewards like that.
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  13. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Don't give your stuff to Solowing because he's already announced his exit as well.
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  14. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    Yes they are and the few that do show up to read the forums are EXTREMELY aware that these usual suspects post on every thread and go after anyone critiquing the game.
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  15. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    YOU are not the one trolling or arguing. The usual suspects do this to everyone just look at the other threads and their replies to anyone daring to critique the game. Your not alone in your views and based on the current actual in game many, many, many others are right there with you.
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  16. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Dont use omnibus, problem solved
    Seriously, im not even joking. Shout for an FOS3 group, walk in, not even 2 min later u walk out with source. Rinse an repeat, stay in endgame content where your not clamped a ln stick to the easy/fast source farming when u need it.
    Omnibus is a fools errand that was meant to force us into running that stuff but you dont have to, at all, ever :)
    Your welcome ;)
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    Reminds me of that meme

    You either die forum complainer or you stay long enough to become a brown noser.

    But seriously you have no idea what you’re talking about……but I just don’t have enough cares right now to properly argue with any of yourreally. You should see literally every pro stat clamping thread before this update. Judging by how much everyone seems to care about respecting opinions atm it’s a real shame none of you were around back then, could have really used that attitude back then. This last few days has been like living in bizarro world. The forums are a funny place, with the shortest memory lol
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Wait so you're complaining about the clamp, but then want to make something 'harder', to stop people running it. oh dear, I've heard it all now...


    I can run the Mannheim solo in ~1:20 by the way, which means I'm also getting 10 source marks in 12minutes, without having to deal with queues, without having to deal with others, without having to wait while groups form in LFG.

    Perhaps instead of crying about FOS3 groups, which aren't even a problem and railing against this change on the forums, you could get to farming solo's in the same time frame.

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  19. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I'm still trying to gauge how much source marks I will need.

    Did they raise the rent for the base generator, utility belt or something...

    Am I missing something here?
  20. Proxystar #Perception

    What has people in a panic is the villain/hero styles now available, the allies system catalysts, the artifact catalysts and the 700 source mark tier 3 pets.

    It is those things that has these people bent out of shape.

    the generator hasn't gone up in price it is still 35 marks every 60 days, of which you're pretty much granted that sum for free or only requires you to run a solo every second day.

    Actually let's break something down as well, let's say you're on the last artifact breakthrough and have no source marks left, at all.

    You need 10 Dionesium (7 marks), 9 Quantum Field (10 marks) and 8 Paradox Energy (15 marks)

    You would need 280 marks, previously, given the locks on relevancy it'd probably have taken you a week to earn that sum, running everything every day. You'd with absolute certainty be waiting for several daily loot locks

    Now you could at worst run 1 solo every 2 minutes (it's less than that for some, but let's use 2 minutes) it would take you 280 solos at a time of 560 minutes or 9.33 hours of running solos.

    Let's say instead you wanted to run 28 raids and each raid took 10-15 minutes that's 420 minutes or 7 hours (based on 15)

    Let's say you did find a raid that was 10 minutes that would reduce it to 280 minutes or only 4.6 hours.

    The trouble here, I think is this player mentality that things should be achieved instantly, previously players were restricted by relevancy, that restriction to relevancy was far worse than this restriction to time when you actually look at the math, because you're not having to wait for daily/weekly loot lock resets.

    You're actually more in control of your progress under this new system

    This is seemingly what some people aren't realising yet, I'm sure they will in time, but they're at this stage still absorbing the changes.

    I'm also not by any means advocating for the developers, I'm simply spelling out why this system is actually better when giving it some more thought after cutting through the noise and emotion involved with all the changes that have taken place.
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