Didn't want to jump on the bandwagon but.........

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Psyanyde1, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    You can still play the game without spending a dime, no need to totally leave, things just may change if you stick around, voice your disappointments like others around here, it may be a bit annoying seeing others be against stats clamps but it is needed so the developers can find a middle ground. Just because I enjoy it, it doesn't mean I don't understand you and few other's points.

    I actuall gave this one a thumbs up :)
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  2. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Likewise, and that's the spirit.;)
  3. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    Wow. Never see this on the forums. 2 players agreeing to disagree. MentalDope40, enjoy your evening :)
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  4. Apollo Starr Level 30

    Not sure but I am sure this community will find one. If FOS3 is nerfed I think that will show this update is a fail. If most of the players wanted to play this way, why is has my LFG said the same thing all weekend. BTW I haven’t done that. Spamming something over and over again is extremely boring, just like WV and legion bounties were.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Because the sweaties that want heaps of source marks are just going to farm the most time efficient raid they can find, they always have, they always will.

    If it isn't FOS3 it'll be something else, apologies for the sarcasm earlier, it's just, nerfing FOS3 will just create a game of Whack-A-Mole, even if you nerf it.

    Some other raid might take 6-7 minutes instead of 5 minutes and they'll just move to that one and you'll be forever chasing it, and the community as a whole will be who suffers in the end when every raid only rewards 4-5 marks instead of 10, while all the source mark pricing on rewards remains the same.
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  6. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    After Throne of the Dead, I would like a 6-7 minute raid lol
  7. Apollo Starr Level 30

    No problem on the sarcasm, I am that way myself. My belief is that it won’t help new players, most people are running in league runs. Lower alts used to have to do raids to get to the next tier. Now you can just run the quick and easy instances. Can’t beat a certain tier just spam your way past it. I don’t make my point because it is too hard, just too long. I feel we are being clamped for a pipe dream. If it improves the player base great. I just personally don’t see it happening. So if it doesn’t happen , is losing more than a few long time subs worth it. Those loyal from the beginning will be there, until they feel the are taken for granted. New players may stay, but typically jump to the game flavor of the month. With new consoles and more games coming, it will be hard to retain. Why throw out what you have for a hope of something new? Not a good business model, in my opinion.

    I do respect the clampers position, I just respectfully disagree.

    (Now back to FOS3) jk
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  8. Neb153 Level 30

    I have my own frustrations with this update but deleting your characters before any changes in response to feedback can even be made is insane
  9. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    I think deleting you toons was a bit over the top. You could have just put them on the back burner. I agree with you to a point, I DESPISE this update (calling it a DLC is a lie, because we already downloaded this content before, years ago). Its just yet another example of Daybreak listening to the very small, very vocal minority.
  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club


    Setting that aside, as to what happened there? There could be a problem with that instance (I'm guessing you aren't talking about the Time Torn open world version from Age of Justice) where the NPCs are hitting too hard. If that's the case then report it so that the devs can take a look and fix any problems that might be taking place.

    Again, guessing that you're talking about the alert and that maybe it was a PUG, perhaps your healer (if you had one) wasn't performing up to standard. Bit of a risk that is run if a player PUGs and all that.

    Or it could just be you didn't think the clamp would be as is (even though it was on test for a decent chunk of time and there was plenty of feedback left about it) and took a beating because, well, you weren't ready.

    You did leave out a lot of info, so all possibilities do need to be addressed or explored.

    Whatever the case, I think it's pretty apparent that you've learned that the days of running older content in what was effectively god mode are done. Personally I think you overreacted a bit in your response to the changes, but it's your account to do with as you please.
  11. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    I want to thank all those who replied for their time. Ive enjoyed this game for many years, all the ups and downs, and ive gone along with it. But this update has killed it for me and many others. I dont want to invite arguments/trolls etc. I really do wish DCUO Longevity, but in this current form, i think many people are gonna switch games. This latest version is horrible on all levels. I cannot think of 1 redeeming feature. And i know ia, its sad, but i am gonna miss my daily shenannigans with my main toon. Oh well, onwards and upwards, hopefully i can revisit DCUO in a few years time. :)
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  12. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Start by asking for a brain/mentality so you don't have to be so stupid to leave such a childish and useless comment!
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  13. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    As for the subject, I must admit that since this update, I have this question that keeps turning in my head, "do I continue or not?" this maj has just ruined all the efforts made by HL players to go and get the biggest stuff/ omnipotent xp, SP and so on, it's to wonder if it's still worth wasting so much time to farm all that in the coming episodes. So, some will say it's not, but one thing is for sure, that's what it feels like since the implementation of this maj
  14. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    In response to Willflynne, i did say earlier i personally feel that is i have experience need from older content, eg feats etc, i shouldnt be punished because a ce 40 heal cant cope with Area 51. My point was ive dealt with and beat all this conent, so why as a paying subscriber shoule i now be penalised?
  15. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Cheap Prospector....they 'went down' a lot when panning for gold.

    Gotta be it.
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Let me fix that analogy for you.

    If you are in the featherweight division in a boxing match and beat that other person, you are indeed not guaranteed to beat them on a rematch. However, if you spend a year training and body building and taking steroids and become a heavyweight with even better boxing skills THEN go back for a rematch...assuming that opponent is the same as he was the previous year...yeah...I'd say you will kill him.

    And if we were worried about the lore of DC comics at what point would we need to bail out Superman as a fresh off the ship noob? Why are we taking out Brainiac when the Iconic heros repeatedly fail (like once a week...every Thursday or Friday after reset)? Why does WW need our help beating up the sub boss in the WV solo...and then 2 WW need us to beat up Grail?
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  17. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    That is not why they did it… if you paid attention they were very open with the reasoning behind it. They were short staffed so they had to make a choice. Push back the date for a new dlc or give us something to bridge is over until they were able to release a new dlc. They even said it themselves that it’s not a full dlc. That’s why the last 3 dlcs that are considered endgame are wonderverse, legion, and flashpoint. They have been very open with why they did it. Yet you try to say it’s cause they were listening to a few players?

    You literally spend days making post one something new to complain about and you call someone childish? Ironic
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I don't think it was a complaint as much as it was stating a fact. FOS3 is about the quickest marks in the game(outside bounties) if that is what you are after. Like it or not a lot of the push for this change was to get marks in old content. Why would people not spam it for quick marks? DD is a bit quicker (IMHO) but FOS3 seems to be the general favorite in LFG.

    BTW. I can totally see them removing or changing rewards on FOS3 and OW bounties. Once they realize that's what's being used to get marks they assumed would be farmed via Omni...you know "Smash that Quick play button" - Mepps. They are obviously not above making changes specifically designed to force us to use the new systems. The Omni only rewards are proof enough of that.
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  19. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    Everything is seasonal level? So you haven’t tried fose by the looks of it.

    Every new episode has its own currency. Regardless of this being a full episode or an upscale you would’ve received a new currency regardless.

    No one is forcing you to use allies

    So you’re saying that’s stats clamp does make everything hard and people have been over reacting?
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  20. Apollo Starr Level 30

    I believe he was talking about early end game not the newest elite raid. Comparing FOSe to anything else isn’t a true comparison, we are clamped in one and not in the other. I get that there are some people who like the clamp, but why must we always jump on those who are not having the same experience. If the goal is to grow players, making some want to leave isn’t the answer. Hopefully, a compromise can be reached, but until then he has just as much of a right to his opinion as you do yours.
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