Didn't want to jump on the bandwagon but.........

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Psyanyde1, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    This DLC/GU has, over the last few days, made me delete 6 CR 300+ toons, give away loads of stuff, and cancel my membership. I know it cant be just me, but i really dont see the point in building my main character to End Game with SP's/Gear, to have to Queue into Area 51 to see my health bar going down quicker than a cheap pros.........you finish the analogy. This game has just gone from my No1 source of entertainment to the bottom of the barrel in one fell swoop. I know there will be people who say " But were helping new players" etc. But i call BS. If new players want help, then ask. Dont expect me or anyone else to put the time/money in to feel just as weak as a F2P player who Dowloaded DCUO because Fortnite was offline for an hour. I've invested a lot into this game, some would say too much, and, yes, godamn it, i want to be able to roll over earlier content. Why put all the effort in to beat the content, to just fell lacklustre later? Nobody spends money and time to take a driving test to have to have to wear green "P"'s for the rest of their life.

    Anyway, for all those who disagree, i wish you well and enjoy your game.......for those that agree, cancel your Sub, speak with your wallets and move on. Thankyou for reading.
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  2. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Can i have your stuff?
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Can you finish the analogy for me? I don't understand, could be my innocence I guess.

    P.s. Got any stuff left?
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  4. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    To someone whose in touch with reality, would understand why their health would drop after visiting old content, for starters look at it this way, if you have defeated someone in a boxing match, does that mean you're guaranteed to defeat them again after a rematch? Not at all, Are you all of a suddenly just as strong as Trigon because you ko him at one point?heck no, if you understand the lore of DC comics than you would be much more forgiving of the stats clamp/update.
  5. mtv8r New Player

    I don't post to the forum much, in fact can't remember the last time I did. I would say this, capping our CR definitely makes it interesting and at the same time annoying. I see both sides of the argument. I will be the first to admit, most pugs I run I am not the top DPS, usually come around 3rd or 4th. Kind of scary when now I am the top DPS for most pugs LOL.

    Instead of capping our CR why didn't they just increase the difficulty of the old and new content to match the CR of the player's in the group? Just a thought.
  6. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    But then again. If they are stuck at 1 point in time time, eg armour, then over time my armour has got better, therefore, i should in face take more damage than them ( think caveman v robocop, lol ). All i was saying was is its not worth the time/cash investment for 0 rewards.
  7. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    Wow, so many typos there,
  8. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Let me get this straight, are you comparing Trigon to a caveman lol?, If so that is no where near accurate, it's just like saying Dr Manhattan is more stronger than Perpetua the creator of the multiverse, my point with all of this is give it more thought before throwing in the towel.
  9. Apollo Starr Level 30

    Don’t worry you are not alone in your feelings. Don’t let the usual posters that have to make you feel lesser bother you. I did the same thing and got tutorials on the game I played for 10 years. Just go premium, I am. I got unlimited content and episodes, plus who cares about feats anymore. The narrative about “teaching” is misguided in my opinion. I haven’t seen too many new players in the instances I have run. The new update saves me time and money. That may be a win in the long run. But hey what do I know, I am not a regular poster. Keep your stuff and just go premium.

    And by the way welcome to FOS3 Universe Online.
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  10. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    Let me point out, im not a DC fanboy, i just enjoyed this game. I didnt realise an extensive knowledge of Dc Lore was needed. My bad
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  11. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Not really but it helps, as well as having a logical perspective and outlook but my bad.
  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Are we going to keep complaining about FOS3 until its rewards are nerfed in to the ground? I'm just curious
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  13. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    I'll try a different analogy. In football, a team ( eg Man City ) buy the best players and win the title easily. In the next season they buy better Players and win the title again. The season after they buy better players again, but FIFA step in and introduce new rules that state that the Left Foot Freekick taking superstar you just bought is now not allowed to use his left foot. He has been disabled instantly through no fault of his own and his club that have to try rectify it. Is that the clubs fault or FIFA's ( DimInk) ?
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  14. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    Anyway this is becoming a No-Win situation for both of us. I obviously dont enjoy the new concept, and you dont mind it. If that is indeed the case, i wish you well. Im not here to argue or troll, i'm stating my opinion. And my opinion, like everyone elses on here is not wrong, its just my opinion
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  15. Apollo Starr Level 30

    Are we going to try and belittle everyone who doesn’t like the clamp? Just curious.
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  16. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    FIFA's but rules is rules, i would suggest for You use to find a better team that can still score victory withing that limitation, a team that can adapt, seems to your first winners were great but they weren't as flexible as they thought. If there's a will, there's a way. Fun is earn not given.
  17. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    My point is this. Anyone who has been legendary like my myself for the last 10 years, has been forced into time wasting alerts, duos, etc for no reason. I had no issue on my alts shouting in LFG for lower tier content runs. There were always people there to run it, because it was fast. Now, its more of an effort. Now we blind Q, and people leave instantly, because the alert chosen at random is too long etc, or one they cba'ed running. Which i understand. Im beginning to think that you are just arguing with out of boredom because there are no alerts popping that you want to run. lol. Again, i say this, if you are happy with the game that you ( presumably ) for then all power to you, i however think it could be a lot better and am taking my cash elsewhere!
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Which raid is next on the bandwagon? Just curious
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  19. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    You can still play the game without spending a dime, no need to totally leave, things just may change if you stick around, voice your disappointments like others around here, it may be a bit annoying seeing others be against stats clamps but it is needed so the developers can find a middle ground. Just because I enjoy it, it doesn't mean I don't understand you and few other's points.
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  20. Psyanyde1 Active Player

    No idea. Ive not mentioned raids :)