Did the DEVS remove the OP drops?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by FALLEN-ONE, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    RwC=hundreds of instances ran with leaguemates=0 DlC collections dropped
    AoJ=hundreds and 999 instances ran and nothing ever drops except Wanted: Per Degaton and Savage.

    Yes, everyone has the feat for getting the gear. Yes it could be bad luck but really?? Just put all the old crap irrelevant OP collections on the vendor just so we could get those feats!
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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm not sure they're removed it's just they were always rare and with fewer people now playing the content they're even rarer.

    I wouldn't be opposed to the collections or items going on something like the quark vendor as a "second chance" item as well, in a non tradeable form.

    I think having an alternate method is a great idea at a certain point when the items are of no value apart from the feat is then dated by a year or two.
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  3. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Unless it was very recent, I've gotten Nabu Essence from War Crimes about a month and a half ago.
  4. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Question, Did you notice this before or after the Winter Event release? I seen them drop pretty regularly, of course in accordance of how OP Collections drop, but sometimes the Events come in with your Collections and tend to override those Op Collections. Anyone have any confirmation of OP Collections dropping since after the Winter Event release?
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  5. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Got Virgo last night, which was the last 1 I needed, so can confirm (the current ones at least) are still dropping.
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  6. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Would rather see them in the marketplace for $20-$30.

    Not across the account, or some high number as such.

    It is done like that on most of the other MMO'S I have seen with the exception of rare 1 time offered items.

    Makes me think they actually are afraid to make money.
  7. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Shard of the Libra Crystal dropped for me yesterday.
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  8. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Recent stuff drops but haven’t seen a single drop for anyone from AoJ and RwC. Haven’t seen anything from solos, weeklies, duos. Something did drop as I recall now for someone from a raid and that was like a couple of months ago and I do check loot tables pretty frequently and that was like it. I’m sure if the drop rates, that is if they were ever decent are practically nonexistent now with no people running content or having no feat to acquire collections. Either way, I do think it’s pretty broken that something worth 2k of exo material, if that... nowadays, is so difficult to acquire and especially for newer playets who have no idea that you have to have a feat for “time capsules” to drop. They should just put old op stuff on the vendor for currencies but make it cost more, maybe like 100 bills or whatever since nobody is replaying that content anyway. They put a phoenix material and other stuff on the vendor so why not do it with old op collections so people including myself could get the feats and then just consume the xp. Funny; because people who have gotten those older ops don’t if ever run that content and those are the people with feats that can actually get them to drop. Newer players are pretty much robbed since there’s never any supply of that stuff
  9. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Sorry for double post, on my phone. No I would not rather see them on the MP. A second chance vendor for currency or whatever else, some im-game cash? would be a reasonable ask for something as useful as lump of coal from the event aside from a feat. They would still make money from impatient people resetting stuff in order to get the currency quicker if they put it on the vendor.
  10. Trexlight Devoted Player

    OP Items are pretty much the Legendary items in this game. This time a LOT of dedicated time farming and hate of RNG so even as someone who is missing some of the Items, I dont mind them still being a drop only. Also, the "Time Capsule" method was just a shortcut. The other way to do it without spending money is to just complete a Full Vendor Gear set, Reg or Elite, which is now cheaper on the Vendor. I feel putting the OP Collections on the Vendor will kind of "spit on the face" for those who farmed it and spent their in game cash. Those people might be or might not but, Rare is Rare. These Collections are also a reason why folks will or would still play the older content so putting them on a Vendor just kills Older Content even more that a number of people want to resurrect.
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  11. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    you are absolutely sure you have the feats Quantifiable Street Cred/Chronon Active? all i can think of besides bad luck.
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  12. spack2k Steadfast Player

    during the time of events which is basically every 4 weeks, drop rates for op collection become a joke since they decrease the drop rates cause all the event trash is inflating the loot table for collections.
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  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    This is likely the issue if the OP is talking about receiving 0 drops in certain content.
  14. Yvtq8K3n Committed Player

    Naah they dropping, got the Puzzle Cube Remote-Control and boy i run that everyday since deluge. You have no ideia how awful thoose drop rates are, they realy but realy realy bad. I also got a few Nabu's, Alexander the Great and Studys of Julius Ceaser.

    Thoose links will be your best freind in farming thoose, good luck, you will need alot:3 Thanks Torikumu for such amazing work:3
    RWC: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dc...episode-29-riddled-with-crime-rewards.290712/
    AOJ: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dc...cuo-episode-28-age-of-justice-rewards.287154/

    AOJ just need 2 collections from both 1st bosses on WC/SJ;_;
    RWC just need Faded Joker Calling Card and What can romance when read or bring laughter instead?;_;
    But boy, if i were you i would run that ROTB all day long, that Complex Crime-Scene Riddle is so rare that you can sell it for 200mil. If not 295mil, i dont see one in broker for 4 months or so.
  15. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    I’m probably the only one on entire server to run these tbh. Idk how it is on PS or PC though but ques don’t even pop on One even iif you sat t here all day. And thanks, I’m well aware of the drop lists, too bad I’d or a leaguemate still have to get a single drop. Even Riddleman this/that or Detective Bio never drops.
  16. Yvtq8K3n Committed Player

    PC US not that matters:3 even the Dective Bio are rare xd, life sucks bro.
  17. Yvtq8K3n Committed Player

    Also rush that Op cape(buy the collections from broker if needed) From AOJ, that grants you always a rare from collection on elite raids when you kill extra boss(both JFAE and USE)
  18. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    I don't see the point in having stats on the gear anymore because of the augment's. I would just have the old level and increase the level by 10 each dlc, have 1 artifact add all the bonuses from each current artifacts and set each one as a rank.
    Each rank is base on what level you are every 10 level ia 1 rank.

    I don't see the point having defense & toughness anymore as was as resto & dom.
    You could use dom as resto for heal the only thing resto is the instant heal, he'll the controller instant power the the same with the healer instant heal.
    So all the support roles could use dom as each stats base.
    Turn the attack buff into role buffs.

    Damage role- DPS buff
    Tank role- defense buff
    Healer role- health buff
    Controller role- Power buff

    Have Base Stats

    Artifact Rank

    Could add neck styles
    Use the gear UI in the inventory as the style UI, therefore could remove the style UI tap.
  19. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Also to those not aware, Complex Crime-Scene Riddle also drops form either of the two duos available for that content, I bought mine originally then was super lucky to receive it in one of the duo drops the following week. Those are also super-quick runs now so find a friend or even a lower tier player who needs it and just run with them everyday, can't be lucky and one drop if you're only running the raid hoping for a drop, nope run the duos too. I concur it's worth 200-300mil (if not upwards of 350-400mil) but not for the item level anymore, this would be someone who is 430+ sp who just wants to finish that feat for the 50pt feat.
  20. HalfromTynon Well-Known Player

    After the Witching Hour Event, but before the current Seasoning Greedings Event, I was getting one fancy OP item every 15 or so runs of Riddled with Crime content (not including dailies). During the current event, I have not seen any drop for me.